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James Horan (Actor, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising (2013))
Jimmie Horan (Actor, Vertigo (1958))
aka "James Horan"
James Horner (Music Department, Titanic (1997))
James Horak (Editor, Cheaters (2000))
James Hornsby (I) (Actor, The Scroll (1992))
James Horne Jr. (Actor, Back Trail (1948))
James Horn (I) (Cinematographer, Zombie Vegetarians (2004))
James Horn (III) (Actor, Final Recourse (2013))
James Hor (Actor, Le rossignol (2005))
James Horn (IV) (Miscellaneous, Final Recourse (2013))
James Horn (II) (Actor, Jamestown Unearthed (2007))
Austin James Horick (Actor, Haven (2015))
James Horsman (I) (Actor, Weekend Dad (2010))
James Horgan (I) (Actor, Outside the Box (2013))
James Hornby (III) (Animation Department, Pip Ahoy! (2014))
James Horton (VIII) (Actor, The Mind of a Murderer (2015))
James Hornsby (IX) (Miscellaneous, My Krazy Ex (2015))
James Horgan (II)
James Hornsby (II) (Art Department, Erotic Confessions (1994))
James Horton (I) (Actor, AIR: The Musical (2010))
James Hornsby (VI) (Producer, Miss Casting (2010))
James Horsler (Actor, ClownFish (2016))
James Horian (Producer, Student Confidential (1987))
James Horlick (Self, Look, Stranger (1970))
James Hornsby (V) (Actor, One Way Ticket (2007))
James Hores (Sound Department, The Tony Danza Show (2004))
James Horton (II) (Self, Voices of Glory (1999))
James Hornby (I) (Actor, All About Me (2002))
James Hornsby (III) (Art Department, Warrior of Justice (1995))
James Horwill (Actor, Pyramid (2009))
James Hornsby (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Red Scare (2013))
James Hornsby (VII) (Miscellaneous, Cru (2014))
James Hornsey (Soundtrack, The Lake House (2006))
James Hornby (II) (Cinematographer, Tikotin - Het fascinerende leven van een kunsthandelaar in tijden van oorlog en vrede (2013))
James Horton (V) (Miscellaneous, Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle (1982))
James Horsman (II) (Editorial Department, I Never Used to Be Like This (2009))
James Horne (Actor, Heavy Weather (1995))
James Horton (VII) (Sound Department, Control (2014))
James Horton (IV) (Producer, Theory of Fear (2006))
James Horton (III)
James Horwood (Actor, Inkheart (2008))
James Hornsby (IV) (Location Management, Happily... (2013))
James B. Horan (Writer, The D.A.'s Man (1959))
James Houran (Self, Weird or What? (2010))
James Hourani (Editor, The-N-word (2012))
Adam James Hortor (Assistant Director, Doctors (2000))
James Hornbeck (Actor, Happy Endings (1983))
Williames Hora (Miscellaneous, Rede de Ações da Defesa Social (2013))
James Hornstein (Miscellaneous, Samsara (2011))
James Horowitz (Camera Department, Colour Blind (2002))
Michael James Horse (Actor, Carly's Web (1987))
James Horrocks (Actor, Dumb & Dumber (1994))
James Hornbeak Jr. (Miscellaneous, The Perfect Game (2009))
James Horscroft (Actor, Strayed (2016))
James Howard Horn (Miscellaneous, Scarecrow (1973))
Man Yan James Hor (Actor, Le jardin du bonheur (1991))
James Hornfischer (Actor, Pritzker Military Library Presents (2006))
James E. Short III (Actor, The White Room (2000))
Philip James Horen (Actor, Bailiwick (2017))
James Halloran (I) (Actor, The Chance Meeting (2012))
James Halloran (II) (Actor, Elliot Goes to School (2009))
Gerard Horan (Actor, Beauty and the Beast (2017))
Michael James Horrocks (Composer, Din (2004))
Mason James Horrocks-Mustard (Self, American Vagabond (2013))
Mike Horan (III) (Self, The 7.30 Report (1986))