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James Dean (I) (Actor, Rebel Without a Cause (1955))
James Dean (LI) (Actor, Deadly Lessons (2017))
Ralph Lucas (I) (Actor, The Call of Cthulhu (2005))
aka "James Dean"
Will Kemp (Actor, Reign (2013))
nickname "James Dean of Ballet"
James Parks (I) (Actor, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004))
aka "James Dean Parks"
Dean Cochran (I) (Actor, Phone Booth (2002))
aka "James Dean Cochran"
James DeAngelo (Actor, About Scout (2015))
James Dean Bradfield (Soundtrack, Sweet Sixteen (2002))
James Denton (I) (Actor, Desperate Housewives (2004))
James Dean (XXX)
James Dean (VIII) (Producer, This Is Jinsy (2010))
James DeBello (Actor, Cabin Fever (2002))
James Dearden (I) (Writer, Fatal Attraction (1987))
James Dean (VII) (Actor, I.C.U. (2009))
James Dean (XII) (Producer, Son of a Gun (2014))
James Dean (II) (Actor, One from the Heart (1981))
James Devoti (Actor, Soldado (2017))
James Dean (XLV) (Actor, The Quest (2015))
James Dean (XXXV) (Actor, Open House (2015))
James Dean (XLVII) (Producer, Pete the Cat (2017))
James Dean (XXIII) (Actor, Chomp! (2011))
James Dean (XXI) (Camera Department, Timeserver (2004))
James Dean (III) (Art Department, A Mighty Wind (2003))
James Dean (XV) (Actor, Redneck Carnage (2009))
James Dean (XX) (Writer, West to Eden (2007))
James Dean (XXXVI)
James Dean (XVII) (Sound Department, Where's My Family? (2010))
James Dean (XL) (Actor, Rodney Fickle Online Athlete (2014))
James Dean (IX) (Actor, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (2001))
James Dean (XXV) (Camera Department, Snapdragon (2012))
James Dean (XXVI) (Actor, Scenes from an Unmade Movie: Job (2008))
James Dean (VI) (Camera Department, Letters to a Street Child (1999))
James Dean (LII) (Self, The Uber Experiment (2015))
James Dean (IV) (Camera Department, Getting Straight (1970))
James Dean (L) (Miscellaneous, 3 Ninjas (1992))
James Dean (XLVI)
James Dean (XXIV) (Actor, The Process (2012))
James Dean (XXXVII) (Production Designer, The Girl from Nagasaki (2013))
James Dean (XLI)
James Dean (XLIV) (Actor, Saving Grace (2016))
James Dean (X) (Actor, Masterpiece Theatre: Bleak House (1985))
James Dean (XVI) (Self, Come Dine with Me (2008))
James Dean (XIII) (Cinematographer, Inconceivable (2009))
James Dean (XIX) (Actor, Marbles (2011))
James Dean (XXIX) (Miscellaneous, Dinner Date (2010))
James Dean (XXVII) (Director, The Endless Winter - A Very British Surf Movie (2012))
James Dean (XLIII) (Production Manager, B&B (2016))
James Dean (XI) (Miscellaneous, Sound and Fury (2000))
James Dean (XXXVIII) (Director, Headstones: Been This Way for Years (2014))
James Dean (XXXIV)
James Dean (XXXIII)
James Dean (XXVIII) (Art Department, Prometheus (2012))
James Dean (XXXIX) (Composer, Pounamu (2014))
James Dean (XXXII) (Actor, Losing George (2013))
James Dean (XXXI) (Visual Effects, The Case of Mary Ford (2013))
James Dean (XLIX) (Miscellaneous, Antz (1998))
James Dean (XVIII) (Actor, Super Hero Party Clown (2010))
James Dean (XXII) (Actor, Timeserver (2004))
James Devlin (II) (Actor, Anti-Social (2015))
James Deano (Actor, District 13: Ultimatum (2009))
James DeMonaco (Writer, The Purge: Anarchy (2014))
James DePaiva (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
James DeBarge (Self, Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983))
James Deanes (Costume Department, One Life to Live (1968))
James Deane (II) (Composer, Wally (2006))
James Deane (III) (Cinematographer, You and Only Her (2003))
James Deane (IV) (Actor, The Aaron Spacey Technique (2017))
James DeAnda (Self, A Class Apart (2009))
James Dean Lucé (Actor, Parasitic (2012))
James Deane (I) (Camera Department, Leaving Town (2005))
Jessie James Decker (Self, Eric & Jessie: Game On (2013))
James Deal (I) (Art Department, Masterblaster (1987))
James Dear (Sound Department, Dara O Briain: School of Hard Sums (2012))
James Deal (II) (Special Effects, Darklings (2016))
James Deen (I) (Camera Department, Bloodmoon (1997))
James Deen (IV)
James Dean Conklin (Producer, Black Scorpion (2001))
James De'Val (Actor, True Test (2012))
James Deuter (Actor, Payback (1999))
James Dearden (II) (Director, Technobabylon (2015))
James Degus (Producer, All the Way (2016))
James Degazio (Casting Director, Expiry Date (2005))
James Delaney (I) (Miscellaneous, Babe (1995))
James Devis (Camera Department, Labyrinth (1986))
James DeVore (Sound Department, Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (2016))
James Deen (V) (Location Management, Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1986))
James De Arruda
James Deacon (II) (Actor, A Great Mistake (2010))
James Deacon (III)
James Dealy (Assistant Director, Jim the Penman (1921))
James Deary (Actor, Sleep on It (2003))
James Dearing (Cinematographer, The Raven (2012))
James Dearth (Self, 1999 NFL Draft (1999))
James De Asis (Art Director, The Return of the Long Ranger & Tonton: How the West Was Wrong (1992))
James De'Ath (Actor, The Queen's Nose (1995))
James De Amato
James Deacon (I) (Producer, Head in the Clouds (1998))
Peter James DeLuca (Actor, Grimm (2011))
Michael James Dean (Actor, Cupid (2015))
James Demo (Director, The Peacemaker (2016))
James Ellis Deakins (Miscellaneous, The Shawshank Redemption (1994))
James DeVita (I) (Actor, Greenside (2009))
James Deutch (Producer, The Rules of Attraction (2002))
James DePaul (Actor, The Machinist (2004))
James Dean Moore (Actor, The Outcast of Camelot (2011))
James Dean Simington (Writer, Assassin X (2016))
James Devlin (I) (Editorial Department, Black Book (2006))
James De Jesus (Actor, Woo (1998))
James Dean Drummond (Miscellaneous, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015))
James Dean Wheeler (Actor, Invitation (2003))
James Dean McDaniel (Actor, Desert Wasteland (2016))
James Dean White (Director, Business Is Picking Up (2009))
James Dean Healy (Actor, Death Becomes Them: The Musical! (2008))
James Dean Patten (Make Up Department, The Chronicles of Riddick (2004))
Jesse James Dean (I) (Animation Department, Archer (2009))
James Dean Whitford (Actor, Blackstone (2011))
James Dean Wells (Self, Threesome (2011))
James Dean Bane (Actor, Dead at the Box Office (2005))
James Dean Fisher (Sound Department, Kickboxer (1989))
James Dean Houston (Actor, Crossbreed (2017))
Patrick James Dean (Actor, HorrorCon (2014))
James Dean the Cat (Actor, Christmas Confessional (2008))
James DeAngelis (Producer, And She Was (2002))
James Dean Schulte (Writer, The Naked Eye (1995))
James Dean Lamont (Actor, Station X (1999))
Jesse James Dean (II) (Actor, The Guardian (2015))
James Dean Wagner (Make Up Department, One Way to Drown (2012))
James Dean DeRienzo (Actor, Black Zero: Mercenary Ant (2004))
James Dean Robinson
James Dean Claitor (Producer, The American Standards (2008))
James Dean Beaulieu (Self, Monsterquest (2007))
James Dean Smith (Actor, Making the Grade (2013))
James Dean Hicks (Soundtrack, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000))
James Dee (I) (Actor, Karate Showdown (1969))
James Dew (Miscellaneous, Stuart Little (1999))
James Dee (III) (Visual Effects, Avatar (2009))
James Deke (Actor, A Very Candid Game (2011))
James Dene (Cinematographer, Shakespeare Republic (2015))
James Dee (V) (Actor, Daddy (2016))
James Dee (IV) (Actor, Universum (1987))
James Dehr (Sound Department, The Nines (2007))
James Deno (Miscellaneous, Voices from the High School (2002))
James Dent (II) (Actor, Fist of Fun (1995))
James Delo (Actor, Strings of a Soldier (2016))
James Dent (I) (Production Manager, Indiscreet (1931))
James Dee (II) (Location Management, American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989))
James DeFilippi (Actor, Evil Lives Here (2016))
James Detmar (Actor, Best Man Down (2012))
James DeVoy (Actor, Still Green (2007))
James Dewees (Soundtrack, The Man with the Iron Fists (2012))
James De Frond (Director, Cha'mone Mo'Fo'Selecta! A Tribute to Michael Jackson (2009))
James Delio
James Devine (III) (Actor, The Candidate (1964))
James DeBari (Art Department, Rachael Ray (2006))
James Devney (Actor, Election (1999))
James Denton (III) (Art Department, Interstellar (2014))
James Defalco (Actor, Revolving Girlfriends (2010))
James Dennis (I) (Actor, Clean (2004))
Dean James (I) (Actor, New Best Friend (2002))
James Desmond (I) (Actor, Eight Men Out (1988))
James Debbs (Production Manager, The Kids Are All Right (2010))
James Debono (Costume Department, Assassin's Creed (2016))
Jams Dean (Actor, The Origins of Wit and Humor (2015))
James F. Dean (Actor, Doctor Dolittle (1998))
aka "James Dean"
James De Closs (Actor, Alien Nation (1988))
James Deeth (I) (Actor, Se7en (1995))
James DeMarco (II) (Director, The Stagg Do (2014))
James DeGale (Self, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2008))
James Desir (Camera Department, The Lost Interview (2013))
James DeLorean (Writer, Milkshake Maniac! (2012))
James DePido
Dean James (VII) (Actor, Amoc (2013))
Dean James (VI) (Camera Department, The Hounds (2011))
Dean James (V) (Music Department, The Namesake (2006))
Dean James (III) (Self, Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life (2007))
Dean James (IX) (Director, Heartbreak (2015))
James DeMasi (Producer, Cattle Call (2006))
James DePalma (Director, Body for Hire: Bodyguard Training Videos (1997))
James DeJulio
James DeSimas (Producer, Virgin Territory (2014))
James DeForest Parker (Actor, Big Fish (2003))
James Demetriou (Camera Department, Homeland (2011))
James Demers (II) (Special Effects, Happy Halloween 4 (1992))
James Demler (Actor, Moonrise Kingdom (2012))
James De Haan (Miscellaneous, Fatal Past (1993))
James DeWitt III (Actor, Saving Harper Ross (2017))
James DeWille (Writer, Supergirl (2015))
James DeShazo (Actor, Dancing on the Moon (2003))
James Devin (Actor, Misdirected (2004))
James Devine (IX)
James Demby (Actor, The Raiders of Atlantis (1983))
James Denier (Actor, Split (2006))
James DeRuvo (Writer, Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (2000))
James De Wees (Miscellaneous, Mannequin (1987))
James De La O (I) (Camera Department, Opie Gone Mad (1999))
James Derrick (III) (Miscellaneous, Justin Bieber: The Feeling - Purpose: The Movement (2015))
James de Mello (Cinematographer, Scooter Girl (2012))
James Demitri (Miscellaneous, P.O.V. (1988))
James Dempsey (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Live Room (2012))
James De Groat (Actor, A Little Night Music (1977))