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James Cameron (I) (Writer, Aliens (1986))
James Cameron (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Crash (2004))
James Cameron (VII) (Writer, Cameron Country (1968))
James Cameron (XXIV) (Actor, Mad Dad (2007))
James Cameron (VIII) (Actor, Saving Christmas (2014))
James Cameron (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (2011))
James Cameron (X) (Actor, High Heels and Low Lifes (2001))
James Cameron (XII) (Self, Super League Show (1999))
James Cameron (XI) (Actor, Mau Mau (1970))
James Cameron (XVI) (Self, Parkinson (1971))
James Cameron (XIX) (Producer, Daylight (2013))
James Cameron (XXII) (Art Department, Fear of Clowns (2004))
James Cameron (XXI) (Self, Twin Towns (2014))
James Cameron (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Clayman (2012))
James Cameron (XXV)
James Cameron (XXIII) (Producer, BBC Inside Out: London (2003))
James Cameron (II) (Actor, Stir (1980))
James Cameron (V) (Self, Marion (1998))
James Cameron (VI) (Miscellaneous, Return to Waterloo (1984))
James Cameron (III) (Art Director, Remembrance (2001))
James Cameron (XX)
James Cameron (XV) (Actor, Au Revoir Rockstar (2010))
James Cameron (IX) (Camera Department, Kaleidoscope (1990))
James Cameron (IV) (Art Department, Bitter Sugar (1998))
Karis Cameron (Actress, Open Heart (2015))
James Cameron Stewart (Actor, Jericho (2016))
Ian James Cameron (Actor, Parkarma (2013))
Sean James Cameron (Producer, Singing from the Heart: The Story of Treorchy Male Choir (2005))
Jaymes Camery (Director, Guys and Girls Can't Be Friends (2014))
Yves Cameron (Stunts, Watchmen (2009))
Elaine Ives-Cameron (Actress, The Message (1976))
Stuart James Cameron (Cinematographer, Come Dine with Me Canada (2010))
James Camali (Producer, A Fatal Obsession (2015))
James Cameron Joiner (Actor, Spontaneous Human Combustion (2013))
Michael James Cameron (Actor, One Night at Dante's (2014))
Cameron James (IV) (Actor, Jinxed (2016))
Cameron Escalante (Actress, Special Agent Oso (2009))
James Cambron (Actor, Elephants (2013))
James Cameran (II)
Jacques Cameron
Ryles Cameron (Actor, Uwan init pista sa langit (2009))
Des Cameron (Art Department, The Interview (1998))
Myles Cameron
James Camp (II) (Art Department, RoboCop 2 (1990))
James Camp (I) (Actor, Deep Blood (1990))
Chris Cameron (III) (Miscellaneous, Cloud Atlas (2012))
Cameron James (V) (Writer, Nearly Thirty (2012))
Cameron James (II) (Miscellaneous, Accepting Days (2009))
Cameron James (VI) (Actor, Mom School (2016))
James E. Cameron (Actor, Gangster Report (2014))
Cameron James (III) (Producer, The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, BONE and the Changing Face of Comics (2009))
James O. Cameron (Art Department, Class of 1984 (1982))
James Camden (Actor, Life Support (2001))
Cameron Beames (Actor, Allied (2016))
Cameron James Khan (Miscellaneous, Captain America: Civil War (2016))
Ryan Calais Cameron (Actor, Cocktail (2012))
Cameron James McIntyre (Actor, Cristela (2014))
James Camacho (Visual Effects, The Smurfs (2011))
Aaron James Cash (Actor, Titanic (1997))
James Cambell (Actor, Decision To Ask Why (2004))
Angus Cameron (I) (Visual Effects, Gravity (2013))
Jamie Cameron (I) (Actor, Trauma (2004))
James Campo (Actor, September 31st: By Reason of Insanity (2007))
James Campen (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
James Campos (Actor, Wannabe Champion (2007))
James Campolo (Art Department, After.Life (2009))
James Camino (Actor, The Next Step Beyond (1978))
James Campion (Actor, The Killing of John Lennon (2006))
James Camilli (Actor, Sasqua (1975))
James Cammack (Self, Return to Gorée (2007))
James Campana (Camera Department, Top Gun (1986))
James Camblin (Actor, Bartender (2011))
Miss Cameron (Actress, My Ain Folk (1973))
David James Campbell (Actor, Scarecrows (1988))
James Carone (Miscellaneous, The Simpsons: Wrestling (2001))
James Caron (I) (Producer, Ice Blue (2004))
James Caron (II) (Self, 88 Days in the Mother Lode: Mark Twain Finds His Voice (2015))
James Cawdron
James Cachero (Camera Department, Passing Through (2007))
James Callero (Camera Department, The Globe World Cup Skateboarding (2005))
Jameka Cameron (Self, Big Brother (2000))
Denis Cameron (Camera Department, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962))
Chris Cameron (XVII) (Sound Department, Speak (2004))
Burns Cameron (Self, Super Jeopardy! (1990))
Jesus Cameron (Production Designer, Smoke & Ash (2015))
Chris Cameron (XV)
Jess Cameron (Miscellaneous, 3 News (1989))
Chris Cameron (VIII) (Visual Effects, Project Potemkin: Archway (2013))
Chris Cameron (XIII)
Chris Cameron (I) (Self, Ambition Withdraw (2003))
Angus Cameron (V) (Art Department, Confessor Caressor (1989))
Chris Cameron (XVI)
Ross Cameron (VII) (Actor, Airport In (1996))
Russ Cameron (Producer, America's Outdoor Journal (2000))
Louis Cameron (Actor, The Jack Benny Program (1950))
Chris Cameron (XIV) (Transportation Department, Citadel (2012))
Ross Cameron (II) (Miscellaneous, Money Movers (1978))
Ross Cameron (IX)
Chris Cameron (XIX) (Miscellaneous, George Michael: Live in London (2009))
Lucas Cameron (Self, Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes (2015))
Chris Cameron (X) (Actor, Masturbation Constipation (2006))
Oscar Cameron (Actor, The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (2014))
Chris Cameron (VII) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Chris Cameron (V) (Miscellaneous, Bedtime Stories (1974))
Chris Cameron (IV) (Sound Department, Mimmo & Paulie (2004))
Angus Cameron (III) (Actor, Review with Myles Barlow (2008))
Lewis Cameron (Actor, Three Thousand (2015))
Chris Cameron (XI)
Chris Cameron (XII) (Director, Summertime Girls (2006))
Chris Cameron (IX) (Producer, Business Is Booming (2007))
Chris Cameron (VI)
Ross Cameron (V) (Self, The Bolt Report (2011))
Iris Cameron (Cinematographer, Continuum (2014))
Alexs Cameron
Angus Cameron (II) (Self, The Block (2005))
Nevis Cameron
Angus Cameron (IV) (Director, The Capercaillie Collection: 1990-1996 (2000))
Ross Cameron (I) (Producer, Best of Bowie (2002))
Ross Cameron (IV) (Miscellaneous, As You Like It (2011))
Ross Cameron (III) (Writer, The Perfect Burger (2010))
Chris Cameron (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Star Trek Reliant: Stalemate (2014))
Ross Cameron (VIII) (Self, Let's Dance: Bowie Down Under (2015))
Ross Cameron (VI) (Editor, Howl (2013))
C. Douglas Cameron (Sound Department, Ant-Man (2015))
Cameron Jamie (Director, Massage the History (2010))
Jamie Cameron (IV) (Actor, The Jaquie Brown Diaries (2008))
Jamie Cameron (V) (Actor, Dog Mask (2011))
Jamie Cameron (II) (Sound Department, Tortoise in Love (2012))
James Campbell (VI) (Animation Department, Ice Age (2002))
Cameron Mesa (Actor, Video Game High School (2012))
Charles Cameron (IV) (Miscellaneous, Silhouette City (2008))
Charles Cameron (III) (Miscellaneous, Labou (2008))
Joanne S. Cameron
Catories Cameron (Actor, The Inspiration of Barack (2008))
Charles Cameron (I) (Actor, Riders in the Sky (1968))
James Campbell (I) (Actor, The Passenger (1975))
Cameron James Miller (Actor, Groomless Bride (2014))
Cameron James Matthews (Actor, Trattoria (2012))
James Andrew Cameron (Producer, Drunkboat (2010))
James Drew Cameron
Cameron James Price
Cameron Jamarr Davis (Actor, Fenced Off (2011))
James Campbell (VII) (Actor, Bread & Roses (1994))
Travis Cameron (IV) (Camera Department, Studio C (2012))
Travis James Campbell (Actor, Seeing Red (2011))
Jess Cameron-Lewis (Editorial Department, Ashes to Ashes (2008))
James Campbell (X) (Camera Department, A Question of Sport (1970))
James Chris Campbell (II) (Sound Department, Twelve Bar Blues (2010))
James Campbell (XXX)
James Campbell Malan (Visual Effects, Jungle Beat (2003))
James Campbell (XXXVI)
James Campbell (XLIX) (Miscellaneous, 8 July 1947 (2016))
James Campbell (XXXIX)
James Camblos III (Self, 48 Hours (1988))
James Chris Campbell (I)
James Camouche (Make Up Department, In Passing (2011))
James Campbell (XIX) (Special Effects, 117 (1999))
James Campbell (XXXI) (Actor, Wild River (1960))
James Campbell (XLIV) (Actor, Robin Hoodie (2014))
James Campbell (XXXIII) (Actor, Doors (2011))
James Campbell (XLII)
James Campbell (XVI) (Actor, Tally Ho! (1901))
James Campbell (XVII) (Actor, Death of an Ally (2007))
James Campbell (XLVIII) (Actor, 227 (1985))
James Campbell (XV) (Actor, The Simpsons (1989))
James Campbell (XIII)
Jesse James Camou (Actor, Flicker of Light (2014))
James Camilleri
James Campbell II (Director, Fight!!! (2016))
James Campbell (XL) (Actor, The Tagger (2013))
James Campanella (Production Designer, Family Bonds (2012))
Sir James Campos (Actor, That's Fashionz! (2012))
James Campbell (XIV) (Writer, Secrets of a Chambermaid (1998))
James Campbell (L) (Self, WGN Morning News (1994))
James Campbell (XXXIV) (Actor, Super Knocked Up (2012))
James Cambourne (Director, Good Morning Rachel (2009))
James Campbell (XLI) (Director, Induction (2014))
James Campbell (LI) (Actor, Insurmountable (2016))
James Campbell (XXXVIII) (Actor, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005))
James Campbell (XXIII) (Sound Department, Taking on Tomorrow (2007))
James Campbell (XXVII) (Cinematographer, Hillbilly Cannibal Bloodline (2009))
James Campbell (XXVI) (Cinematographer, Beware: The Children (2009))
James Camberlain (Writer, Lamia (2011))
James Campbell (XLV) (Production Manager, Camp (2015))
James Campbell (XLVII) (Actor, Shelter (2015))
James Campbell (XXV) (Cinematographer, Manson Kilmore: The Night Caller of Coal Miners Holler Part1 (1999))
James Campbell (XXII)
James Campbell (XLVI) (Actor, Casey and the Death Pool )
James Campbell (XXXII)
James Campbell (XXXV) (Music Department, Celtic Woman: Believe (2012))
James Campbell (XX) (Camera Department, Eating Levi (2007))
James Campbell (XXI) (Camera Department, Le retour (2007))
James Campbell (XI) (Miscellaneous, Around the World in Eighty Days (1956))
James Campbell (XXIV) (Casting Department, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006))
James Campbell (XXVIII) (Sound Department, North Star (2010))
James Campbell (VIII) (Writer, Fools for Luck (1917))
James Campbell (XVIII) (Self, Pritzker Military Library Presents (2006))
James Campbell III (Writer, Quarter Century (2013))
James Campbell (IV) (Costume Department, Death Match (1994))
James Campbell (IX) (Location Management, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005))