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James Best (I) (Actor, The Dukes of Hazzard (1979))
James Best (VIII) (Actor, The Purge: Election Year (2016))
James Best (V) (Miscellaneous, Royal Pains (2009))
James Best (X) (Actor, River Town (2013))
James Best (VI)
James Best (III)
James Best (IV) (Self, Washes Whiter (1990))
James Best (IX)
James Beck (I) (Actor, Dad's Army (1968))
James Bentley (I) (Actor, The Others (2001))
James Best (VII) (Actor, S. A. D. (2014))
James Best (II) (Camera Department, Boy (2010))
James Bell (I) (Actor, I Walked with a Zombie (1943))
James Beck (VII) (Actor, Little Boxes (2009))
Jacob James Beswick (Actor, A Street Cat Named Bob (2016))
James Benning (Director, 13 Lakes (2004))
James Beck (IV) (Actor, The Outsider (1961))
James Bell (IX) (Actor, The Sleepover Club (2003))
James Benson (I) (Actor, Bert & Dickie (2012))
James Bell (XXIV) (Actor, Nutsack (2016))
James Beach (I) (Actor, Lifeguard (1976))
James Berg (I) (Writer, A Very Brady Sequel (1996))
Michael James Bell (Actor, The Middle (2009))
James Berwick (Actor, Outland (1981))
James Belfer (Producer, Like Crazy (2011))
James Bell (II) (Actor, Mountain Fury (1991))
James Bennett (X) (Visual Effects, Avatar (2009))
James Beshara (Actor, Language of a Broken Heart (2011))
James Be (Camera Department, Canes (2006))
James Bernard (I) (Composer, Nosferatu (1922))
James Bentley (IV) (Art Department, The Intern (2015))
James Beshears (Sound Department, The Fugitive (1993))
James Bean (Actor, Chameleon 3: Dark Angel (2000))
James Benson (VIII) (Actor, Bad Kids (2009))
James Benson (XI) (Actor, Wisdom Teeth (2013))
James Becket (Director, Ulterior Motives (1992))
James Begert (Actor, Project E.1337: ALPHA (2017))
James Belyea (Sound Department, Battles & Brotherhood (2014))
James Beard (I) (Actor, Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (1970))
James Bellamy (I) (Music Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002))
James Berry (IX) (Producer, See You Later (2009))
James Belyeu (Actor, Due Date (2010))
James Bennewith (Self, The Only Way Is Essex (2010))
James Benton (I) (Actor, The Last Tide (1931))
James Beach (V) (Actor, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 (2010))
Michael James Best (Miscellaneous, Terminal City Ricochet (1990))
James Berk (Miscellaneous, A Place at the Table (2012))
James Beke (Cinematographer, The Prince of Portland (2011))
James Bell (XIX) (Actor, Dogstar (2005))
James Bell (XIV) (Actor, The Wedding Enforcer (2010))
James Beck (X) (Director, Green Acres (2012))
James Bell (XVIII) (Self, Wicked Attraction (2008))
James Bell (XXX)
James Bell (III) (Visual Effects, Contact (1997))
James Bell (VI) (Art Department, Mrs. Ashboro's Cat (2004))
James Bell (XVII) (Actor, The Sins of Saints (2011))
James Bell (XXIX) (Camera Department, VPT Commerical (2013))
James Bede (Art Department, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
James Beer (III) (Actor, Folio (1955))
James Beck (III) (Sound Department, Rudy (1993))
James Belz (Editor, The Tyra Banks Show (2005))
James Berg (II) (Miscellaneous, Antiques Roadshow (1997))
James Beck (VI) (Actor, Divine Light: A Frank Mason Perspective (2006))
James Bell (XII) (Actor, Enigma (2009))
James Bell (X) (Director, Polybius (2014))
James Beer (IV) (Composer, Boycott Band: The Return of One More Wish (2016))
James Bell (XX) (Miscellaneous, Advent (2009))
James Bell (XV) (Composer, My Song (2011))
James Ben (I) (Actor, Lol (2012))
James Benn (Sound Department, No Smoking (2011))
James Bell (IV) (Camera Department, To the Victor (1948))
James Betz
James Bell (XXI) (Camera Department, Iron Man Three (2013))
James Beck (II) (Actor, Troll (1986))
James Beer (II) (Actor, East on Alameda (2015))
James Bett (Producer, TimeScapes (2012))
James Beck (XII) (Composer, Unthought Known (2016))
James Bell (XI) (Self, Untamed & Uncut (2008))
James Bell (XVI)
James Ben (II) (Actor, Meng xing xue wei ting (1993))
James Beck (IX) (Actor, The Candy Shop (2010))
James Bell (XXII) (Sound Department, Addict (2013))
James Bell (VII) (Actor, Barely Legal (2003))
James Beare (Actor, Cinta magnetica (2007))
James Bell (XIII) (Actor, So Far and Soar (2009))
James Bell (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Thin Ice (2000))
James Bell (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2 (2016))
James Bezy (Actor, Those Who Go to Hell (2012))
James Beca (Actor, I Am John Wayne (2011))
James Beck (XI) (Self, DJ Roc: Aww Yeah! (2013))
James Beck (VIII) (Sound Department, Expiration (2009))
James Bell (XXVII)
James Bell (XXVIII) (Camera Department, The Field of Dream in Filmmaking (2002))
James Bell (XXVI) (Writer, Simple Twist of Fate (2015))
James Bell (V) (Actor, What a Girl Wants (2003))
James Begg (Music Department, Delirium (2016))
James Beer (I) (Art Department, Ace the Zombie: The Motion Picture (2012))
James Bell (XXV) (Producer, Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011))
James Beck (V) (Actor, Johnny Flynton (2002))
James Bearden (I) (Actor, Police Academy (1984))
James Beresford
James Beihold (Art Department, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005))
James Berkery (II) (Miscellaneous, A Little History of Crime (2016))
James Beaman (I) (Make Up Department, Illusions (2002))
James Benton (V) (Writer, The Trap (2014))
James Berry (II) (Actor, Don't Fall (1924))
James Benson (III) (Visual Effects, Inception (2010))
James Beard (II) (Actor, I Love to Eat (1946))
James Benson (XXIII) (Actor, Mrs. Brown's Boys (2011))
James Belzer (Director, Coming of Age in Cherry Grove: The Invasion (2014))
James Beattie (I) (Actor, Fran (1985))
James Berry (XVII) (Cinematographer, Mommy Loves You (2011))
James Beckett (I) (Actor, Poor Cow (1967))
James Bellamy (II) (Actor, Exorcist: The Beginning (2004))
James Bearb (Casting Department, Act of Valor (2012))
James Belchamber (I) (Actor, Bellweather Nine (1959))
James Berry (IV) (Camera Department, Behind Some Dark Cloud (2015))
James Bednark (Art Department, Get Him to the Greek (2010))
James Berland (Actor, Luminous Motion (1998))
James Benatti (Actor, Blue Valentine (2010))
James Beynon (Editorial Department, Wild & Weird (2015))
James Bedford (I) (Director, The Flirting Club (2010))
James Bennett (II) (Sound Department, Down in the Valley (2005))
James Berish (Music Department, Minions (2015))
James Berberich (Camera Department, Comic Con Workshop (2014))
James Benson (XVI) (Actor, The Debt (2013))
James Bellamy (VI) (Producer, Til Death Do Us Part (2015))
James Bender (I) (Actor, St. Benny the Dip (1951))
James Bethea (I) (Miscellaneous, Star Trek: Voyager (1995))
James Beeton (Transportation Department, Anna Karenina (2012))
James Beach (IV)
James Beard (V) (Visual Effects, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (2011))
James Bentley (X) (Camera Department, Insomnolence (2016))
James Beale (Sound Department, Searching Otto (2012))
James Bealor (Make Up Department, Papi's Story (2015))
James Bennett (XXIII) (Actor, Colors of Freedom (2012))
James Belfi (I) (Director, Our Last Day (2012))
James Bennet (Actor, Yo Mama (2012))
James Beirich
James Bethel
L. James Beales (Actor, The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Starr (2009))
James Berry (III) (Actor, Evil in Clear River (1988))
James Benson (XIII) (Sound Department, The Lost Decade (2012))
James Beach (VI) (Writer, Robert Montgomery Presents (1950))
James Bearzi (Self, Do It for Uncle Graham (2004))
James Bezerra (Writer, Strange Angel (2010))
James Bentley (VI) (Animation Department, The Iron Giant (1999))
James Belardo (Camera Department, Nocturne (2014))
James Belluga (Camera Department, Farmed and Dangerous (2013))
James Beacham (IV) (Actor, Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016))
James Bellini (Self, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 86 (1986))
James Benjamin (I) (Writer, The Twentieth Century (1957))
James Bending (Animation Department, Kinectimals (2010))
James Bennett (XXXIV) (Actor, Saren (2017))
James Becker (III) (Editorial Department, Phantasm (1979))
James Bevan (II) (Actor, Called to Duty: The Civil War Training Camps of New Jersey (2016))
James Benson (XVIII) (Producer, The True Color of Hunger (2015))
James Beaton (I)
James Bellis (Actor, 12 Til Dusk (2014))
James Benjamin (III) (Actor, The Sickness Is Coming or, The Blind Man's Television (2009))
James Benson (IX) (Sound Department, Honeymooner (2010))
James Bernet (Director, Redman, the Fascist (2008))
James Began (Actor, Confidential Agent (1945))
James Beirne (Director, Tangoed Lives (2002))
James Bennett (XXXI) (Sound Department, Chipped (2014))
James Benson (V) (Actor, In the Sunset Country (1915))
James Beatty (VIII)
James Bethea (IV)
James Beatty (VII) (Actor, Tick (2014))
James Bennett (XXVI)
James Beaver (Set Decorator, Lonesome Jim (2005))
James Beals (Camera Department, Moments of Clarity (2016))
James Berek (Sound Department, Nightcrawler (2014))
James Bethea (II)
James Bennett (XI) (Sound Department, Batman Begins (2005))
James Beaghan (Camera Department, The X Factor (2011))
James Berardo (I) (Camera Department, The House of Americans (2011))
James Bennett (XXXVII) (Actor, Tears of Valhalla (2016))
James Bellah (Writer, The Legend of Nigger Charley (1972))
James Benson (XIV) (Sound Department, Sodiq (2013))
James Beacham (III) (Director, Fort Wayne Underground Railroad House New York (2013))
James Belcher (I) (Actor, Without Warning: The James Brady Story (1991))
James Becker (VII) (Camera Department, Haunting Evidence (2005))
James Benjamin (IV) (Music Department, Step Well Pilgrim (2014))
James Beavers (I) (Animation Department, Animeme (2012))
James Beebe (Director, The Return and Redemption of the Sundance Kid! Slideook (2015))
James Belton (Actor, The Highest Honor (1982))
James Beasley (III) (Actor, The Woman in the Window (1944))
James Bennett (XIII) (Composer, Capitan (2010))
James Beard (III) (Art Director, ABC Mantrap (1983))
James Bennett (XII) (Actor, Queen of the Bees (2014))
James Beyer (Actor, Ten Thousand Miles (2016))
James Benson (XXII) (Actor, Rosamunde Pilcher (1993))
James Beard (XII) (Camera Department, The Hostage (2013))
James Bellou (Actor, Mad Bastards (2010))
James Begley (Sound Department, Ragged Isle (2011))
James Beavers (III) (Actor, Winner Takes All (1998))
James Berry (XXI) (Producer, Test Day (2005))
James Beattie (II)
James Beard (VIII)