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Jacqueline Collen (Actress, The Adventures of Sinbad (1996))
Jacqueline Collins (III)
Jacqueline Collins (II)
Jacqueline Collins (IV) (Actress, Dragged Up (2017))
Jacqueline Collins (V)
Jacqueline Courtney (Actress, One Life to Live (1968))
Jacqueline Collard (Actress, Mai ti scorderò (1956))
Jacqueline Collado (Actor, The Whisper (2012))
Jacqueline Colline
Jacqueline Coleman (I) (Actress, Star 80 (1983))
Jacqueline Colombat (Miscellaneous, Robinson et compagnie (1991))
Jacqueline Colvett (Actress, The Whistle (2012))
Jacqueline Colson (Actress, Romaine (1997))
Jacqueline Coleman (II)
Jacqueline Cole (Miscellaneous, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008))
Jacqueline Guillen (Actress, Get My Gun (2017))
Jacqueline Corado (Actress, La cage dorée (2013))
Jacqueline Centolle (Make Up Department, Ce coquin d'Anatole (1951))
Jacqueline Cooper (III) (Visual Effects, Iron Man Three (2013))
Jacqueline Cochran (Self, Brains Can Be Beautiful (1947))
Jacqueline Cook (I) (Actress, Look Both Ways (2005))
Jacqueline Bollen (Actress, Thomas est amoureux (2000))
Jacqueline Correa (Actress, Planet X: The Frozen Moon (2011))
Jacqueline Corot (Actress, Vol 272 (1964))
Jacqueline Cotter (Actress, Deceit (2000))
Jacqueline Noëlle (Actress, La chèvre (1981))
Jacqueline Conroy (II) (Self, I Wanna Marry 'Harry' (2014))
Jacqueline Cooper (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Price of Honor (2014))
Jacqueline Cordeiro (Actress, As Feras (1995))
Jacqueline Y. Collins
Jacqueline Cooke
Jacqueline Coombs (Actress, The Snare )
Jacqueline Corbett (Editorial Department, TeenNick Top 10 (2012))
Jacqueline Corum (Make Up Department, The Lost Princess (2012))
Jacqueline Cooper (V)
Jacqueline Coslow (Actress, All My Children (1970))
Jacqueline Counor (Editorial Department, Sincerely Charlotte (1985))
Jacqueline Cohen (V)
Jacqueline Coffin (Actress, Letting Go (2017))
Jacqueline Cooper (I) (Miscellaneous, Shallow Hal (2001))
Jacqueline Connor (Actress, The Last Man in Vegas )
Jacqueline Coats (Actress, Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984))
Jacqueline Cohen (III) (Miscellaneous, Primary Colors (1998))
Jacqueline Cover (Actor, Boost (2014))
Jacqueline Corbelli (Producer, Echo Park (2014))
Jacqueline Cohen (VI) (Self, Bouillon de culture (1991))
Jacqueline Connors (Actress, Altar (2016))
Jacqueline Cox (Actress, The Secret of the Forest (1956))
Jacqueline Coussen (Actress, Comment passer son permis de conduire (1980))
Jacqueline Condous (Actress, Event Zero (2017))
Jacqueline Cook (V)
Jacqueline Cook (IV) (Actor, The Tooth Man Cometh (2016))
Jacqueline Conroy (I) (Make Up Department, Jack & Sarah (1995))
Jacqueline Copper
Jacqueline Cormier (Costume Designer, Au théâtre ce soir (1966))
Jacqueline Cook (II) (Writer, Undertow (2012))
Jacqueline Coulon (Music Department, Incompresa (2014))
Jacqueline Coulombe (Actress, La donation (2009))
Jacqueline Conway (Assistant Director, Voyeur.com (2000))
Jacqueline Cody (Art Department, The Crucible (1996))
Jacqueline Coppola (Self, Powered by Story (2016))
Jacqueline Cook (III) (Miscellaneous, The First Great Escape (2014))
Jacqueline Cooper (II) (Actress, G.P. (1989))
Jacqueline Cori (Actress, Patrol Car (1954))
Jacqueline Cohen (IV) (Actor, Pole Position (1984))
Jacqueline Cohen (II) (Art Department, Reunion (1989))
Jacqueline Cortez (Actress, Good Grief (2016))
Jacqueline Corso (Production Manager, Breaking Vegas (2004))
Jacqueline Coué (Actress, I. You. They. (1969))
Jacqueline Cordero (II) (Producer, Succumb (2015))
Jacqueline Cohen (I) (Actress, Extras (2005))
Jacqueline Cordero (I) (Actress, Canadá (2007))
Jacqueline Conrad (Actress, My American Cousin (1985))
Jacqueline Conard (Casting Department, The Rise and Fall of Miss Thang (2007))
Jacqueline Corkery (Director, India Reborn (2009))
Jacqueline Carroll (II) (Casting Department, There's Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000))
Jacqueline Carroll (III) (Miscellaneous, Cracks (2009))
Jacqueline Carroll (I) (Actress, Surveillance (2000))
Jacqueline Allen (I) (Actress, Here's the Gang (1935))
Jacqueline Callejas (Actress, Flores Ímpares (1996))
Jacqueline Allen (III) (Actress, High Feather (1980))
Jacqueline Soller (Sound Department, Going Local (2012))
Jacqueline Roller (Actress, Hallows Point (2007))
Jacqueline Golledge (Miscellaneous, Welcome to Essex (2017))
Jacqueline Woolley (Thanks, Beware the Slenderman (2016))
Jacqueline Gallendo (Art Department, Altered Reality (2016))
Jacqueline Allen (V) (Miscellaneous, Zombies What Would You Do (2014))
Jacqueline M. Allen (Actress, Man Trouble (1992))
Jacqueline Mullen (Actress, Not So Amazing (2012))
Jacqueline Allen (IV) (Actress, Date of Loss (2011))
Jacqueline Verellen
Jacqueline Allen (II) (Art Department, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012))
Jacqueline Pullen (Actress, Melody (1971))
Jacqueline Courtemanche (Actress, Le météore (2013))
Jacqueline Contreras (Miscellaneous, Guinevere (1999))
Jacqueline Covington (Actress, As I Die Slowly (2011))
Jacqueline Costa-Lascoux (Self, Cahiers De Doléances (2014))
Jacqueline Corpataux (Actress, Rebelote (2014))
Jacqueline Canterelle (Actress, Casque d'Or (1952))
Jacqueline Moellendorf (Actress, Honigfrauen (2017))
Jacqueline Allen-Clarke (Actress, Try to Survive (2011))
Jacqueline van Kollenburg (Producer, Loenatik (1997))
Jacqueline Correia Brandao (Actor, Philco Fiction: Oh Future (2013))
Jacqueline Couppe de Ker Martin
Jeanne Jacqueline Coppola (Production Designer, Date with a Narcissist (2018))
Jacqueline de Guillenchmidt (Self, Vivement dimanche (1998))