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Jack Webb (I) (Writer, Adam-12 (1968))
Jack Webb (IV) (Actor, Capital Punishment (1937))
Jack Webb (V) (Director, Loco (2010))
Eric Sazer (Writer, A Portrait of Discomfiture (2009))
aka "Jack Webber"
Jack Webber (II) (Sound Department, Little Things (2012))
Jack Webb (IX) (Editorial Department, Cable Ze Lingo (2014))
Jack Webber (I) (Actor, Childhood (2009))
Jack Webb (XI) (Cinematographer, The Driver (2015))
Jack Weber (I) (Actor, Brother Bear 2 (2006))
Jack Webb (VII) (Self, Barefoot Adventure (1960))
Jack Webb (VI) (Actor, Baywatch (1989))
Jack Webb (III) (Cinematographer, One Year Road Trip )
Jack Webb (VIII) (Music Department, Joe Smeal's Wheels (2009))
Jack Webb (X) (Sound Department, Scrawl (2015))
Jack Weston (Actor, Dirty Dancing (1987))
Jack Webber (III)
Zack Webb (Cinematographer, Zombie: A Silent Short Film (2011))
Chick Webb (Soundtrack, Bridesmaids (2011))
Jack Welch (III) (Self, The Men Who Built America (2012))
Jack Weber (II) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Jack Weber (III) (Writer, Horizon (1964))
Jack Weber (IV)
Jack Weber (V) (Camera Department, Foxes (2015))
Jack Wetherall (Actor, Santa Barbara (1984))
Jack Rockwell (I) (Actor, The Lawless Frontier (1934))
Jack Webster (I) (Actor, Strictly Ballroom (1992))
Jack West (V) (Stunts, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003))
Nick Webb (VI) (Miscellaneous, Hell or High Water (2016))
Nick Webb (II) (Editor, Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life (2012))
Jack Wells (I) (Actor, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Chuck Webb (III) (Composer, Pieces of a Dream (2005))
Nick Webb (I) (Self, Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams (2005))
Dick Webb (I) (Actor, Comrades (1921))
Rick Webb (II) (Cinematographer, The Pill: History of a Boston Club Night (2007))
Rick Webb (VI) (Actor, Gypsy Cops! (2014))
Rick Webb (V) (Cinematographer, Midnight Show (2016))
Dick Webb (III) (Art Department, Let's Dance (1950))
Rick Webb (III) (Art Department, Have a Little Faith (2011))
Chuck Webb (IV) (Miscellaneous, Million Dollar Baby (2004))
Nick Webb (IV) (Actor, In the Clouds (2014))
Nick Webb (IX) (Actor, Julie and Jack (2003))
Nick Webb (V) (Art Department, Outlaw Justice (2009))
Rick Webb (I) (Actor, Star 80 (1983))
Nick Webb (VII) (Sound Department, The Wright Stuff (2000))
Chuck Webb (V) (Self, 1990 Mobil Cotton Bowl (1990))
Dick Webb (II) (Miscellaneous, Airplane! (1980))
Chuck Webb (II) (Miscellaneous, Blood Work (2002))
Nick Webb (III) (Miscellaneous, Genius (2012))
Jack Weisman (II) (Camera Department, When Two Worlds Collide (2016))
Jack West (VIII) (Actor, The Tudors (2007))
Jack Webster (V) (Director, Kinder Egg Surprise (2013))
Jack Webster (III) (Actor, From Shopgirl to Duchess (1915))
Jack Webster (II) (Actor, This Hour Has Seven Days (1964))
Jack Webster (IV) (Self, After the Catch (2007))
Dedrick Webb (Producer, Hybrid Vigor (2017))
Zack Weber (Actor, Sundown (2013))
Nick Webber (I) (Visual Effects, Lost in Space (1998))
Patrick Webb (I) (Camera Department, Human Nature (2001))
Dick Webber (II) (Self, Greatest Sports Legends (1972))
Patrick Webb (II) (Casting Department, Finding Home (2003))
Patrick Webb (III) (Producer, Invisible Me (2003))
Patrick Webb (IV) (Camera Department, Trunk'd (2014))
Patrick Webb (VII) (Actor, Dead X Chronicles (2016))
Dick Webber (I) (Actor, Goldy: The Last of the Golden Bears (1984))
Renick Webb (Sound Department, Lil Tokyo Reporter (2012))
Fredrick Webb (Actor, Eight Minutes (2009))
Nick Webber (III) (Actor, Drink Tea Ghost Man (2013))
Franck Webber (Sound Department, Voyous (2014))
Nick Webber (IV) (Camera Department, Brain Death (1992))
Patrick Webb (V) (Actor, 1MC: Something of Vengeance (2010))
Patrick Webb (VI) (Location Management, Four Weddings (2009))
Nick Webber (II) (Producer, Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket (2013))
Jacki Webb (Actress, The Death Wheelers (1973))
Jack Rockwell (II) (Actor, The Longest Yard (1974))
Jack Welsh (II) (Miscellaneous, That Start Up Show (2015))
Jack Wells (XI) (Producer, Fired! (2012))
Jack Wells (V) (Miscellaneous, Survivors (1975))
Jack Weir (IV) (Art Department, A Gun for George (2011))
Jack Weir (III) (Self, There Was a Lad (1986))
Jack Weil (I) (Actor, Ich hiess Sabina Spielrein (2002))
Jack Wenta (Actor, Loaded (2007))
Jack West (I)
Jack Wells (II) (Editorial Department, The Grapes of Wrath (1940))
Jack Weast (Actor, The Killer (2014))
Jack Wells (VI) (Visual Effects, Sin City (2005))
Jack Welch (VII) (Actor, First Glance (2014))
Jack West (XI) (Actor, Cannibal Clown Killer (2015))
Jack Weiss (I) (Actor, Hvor er liget, Møller? (1971))
Jack Weir (II) (Location Management, Charles at the Threshold (2006))
Jack Weir (I) (Actor, Madame Sin (1972))
Jack West (IX) (Self, The David Frost Show (1969))
Jack Welch (VI)
Jack Wedge (Director, Balaclava Boy (2014))
Jack Wells (IX) (Actor, The Box Game (2011))
Jack Welsh (I) (Actor, Hollyoaks (1995))
Jack Weiss (IV)
Jack Welch (IX) (Cinematographer, Black Sea (2015))
Jack Wells (IV) (Miscellaneous, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble: Live from Austin, Texas (1995))
Jack West (XII) (Actor, Wanna Believe (2016))
Jack Welch (II) (Visual Effects, Sink the Bismarck! (1960))
Jack Welch (I) (Actor, The Body Snatcher (1945))
Jack West (IV) (Cinematographer, The Nine Road (1976))
Jack Weir (V)
Jack Weeks (II) (Self, CNN Newsroom (1989))
Jack Wells (X) (Producer, Fired! (2012))
Jack Welch (VIII) (Sound Department, Generation Girl (2015))
Jack Welch (XI) (Actor, The Crowning (2012))
Jack Wells (XIV) (Actor, Wyatt Steps Out (2012))
Jack West (X) (Actor, One Man's Terrorist (2012))
Jack Wefso (Actor, Weird Denver (2016))
Jack Welch (IV)
Jack Weeks (I) (Actor, Belle (2014))
Jack Wertz (Camera Department, The Bachelor: Where Are They Now (2003))
Jack Weis (Director, Mardi Gras Massacre (1978))
Jack Wells (XV) (Actress, The Misselthwaite Archives (2015))
Jack West (III) (Actor, Two Colonels (1963))
Jack Wever (Actor, Als de dijken breken (2016))
Jack Wells (XII) (Actor, The Lost Van Gogh (2011))
Jack Wells (III) (Director, The Master Spy (1917))
Jack Weiss (III) (Actor, The Hustler (2009))
Jack Wells (VII) (Actor, Magic Mentah (2009))
Jack West (II) (Miscellaneous, Alaska: Spirit of the Wild (1998))
Jack Weir (VI) (Actor, Killing Time (2010))
Jack Welch (V) (Writer, Sebastiane (1976))
Jack West (VI) (Actor, King Kong (1933))
Jack West (VII)
Jack Wegh (Producer, South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000))
Jack Weil (II) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Jack Welch (X)
Jack Wells (VIII) (Actor, Positive (2010))
Anastasia Blackwebb (Actress, Bloodspit (2008))
Jack Wensley (Sound Department, The Lady in the Van (2015))
Jacklin Webb (Actress, Of Unknown Origin (1983))
Mack Webner (III) (Actor, Reefer Man (2015))
Mack Webner (I) (Actor, Grief (2013))
Mack Webner (II) (Actor, Jupiter's Legacy (2014))
Jack Wetzel (Miscellaneous, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945))
Jack Wendall (Camera Department, Suez (1938))
Jack Wenberg (Actor, Newlywebbed (2003))
Jack Weinstein (II) (Producer, Patient One (2014))
Jack Weatherbe (Actor, Trolls (2009))
Jack Weinstein (I) (Writer, Totally Minnie (1988))
Jack Wegman (Actor, Alaska Highway (1943))
Jack Wendell (Sound Department, In Transit (2012))
Jack Weinberg (I) (Producer, The Uphill Climb (1919))
Jack Wester (Actor, Tom Horn (1980))
Jack Weiler (Actor, 711 Ocean Drive (1950))
Jack Weeden (Actor, What Price Glory (1952))
Jack Westin (Writer, American Horse and Horseman (1973))
Jack Weiner (I) (Actor, Sons and Daughters (1982))
Jack Wettig
Jack Welborn (Actor, Shady Business (2014))
Jack Wesson (Visual Effects, Power Rangers (2015))
Jack Welsby (I) (Miscellaneous, Last Passenger (2013))
Jack Werner (II)
Jack Weiner (II) (Self, I Know a Shortcut! (2011))
Jack Weyland (Writer, Charly (2002))
Jack Weinstein (III) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Jack Welsby (II) (Self, Only Connect (2008))
Jack Weiberg (Actor, The Sand Box (2016))
Jack Weppler
Jack Wetherill
Jack Wells II (Miscellaneous, Family (2008))
Jack Weiner (IV)
Jack Wenman (Director, Working Title (2015))
Jack Westmore (II) (Composer, Bubbles (2010))
Jack Rockwell (III) (Actor, My My Mai (1993))
Jack Weelock (Actor, Future Filmmakers (2012))
Max Jackwerth (Actor, Laterne, Laterne (2003))
Jack Weldon (Actor, In the Dead of Winter (1993))
Jack Weisman (I) (Costume Department, Shockwave Darkside (2014))
Jack Weaver (II) (Self, 1955 Sugar Bowl (1955))
Jack Wensel (Editor, Hey Girl (2010))
Jack Weedon (Actor, Invader (1992))
Jack Werner (I) (Self, WWII in HD (2009))
Jack Weinberg (II) (Self, Berkeley in the Sixties (1990))
Jack Wellon (Actor, Big Women (1998))
Jack Weiner (III) (Self, UFO saigo no shinjitsu: Bei seifu no chikyû gai seibutsu himitsu chôsa (1995))
Jack Weaver (I) (Music Department, The Adventures of Loop & Rhett (2011))
Jack Wesley (Actor, You Are There (1953))
Jack Weprin (Actor, He's the One (2015))
Jack Weidner (Camera Department, Drive (1998))
Jack Wegener (Actor, Unfiltered (2012))
Jack Wenbar (Actor, For Every Year (2004))
Jack Weingart (Producer, 60 Minutes Sports (2013))
Jack Wetere (Actor, The King Is Dead! (2012))
Jack Wessells (Self, What's My Car Worth? (2009))
Jack Westmore (I) (Music Department, New Faces (1963))
Jack Welden (Actor, Born Reckless (1958))
Jack Westlie (Actor, Tester (2011))
Jack Westere (Actor, East West 101 (2007))
Jacky Webbe (Actress, Stars in Their Eyes (1990))
Jackson Webb (Actor, The Old Republic: Rescue Mission (2015))
Jackie Webb (Costume Department, User Friendly (1990))
Dick Webbingkrug (Producer, Rupture (2005))
Patrick Webber (Actor, And Then Came Summer (2000))
Frederick Webber (Actor, The Call of the West (1912))
Jack Weatherwax (Miscellaneous, The Wizard of Oz (1939))
Jack Jimmie Webb (Self, American Street Kid (2017))
Debbi Blackwell-Cook (Make Up Department, Hangin' with the Homeboys (1991))