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Jack Holt (I) (Actor, Cat People (1942))
Jack Holt (VI) (Actor, The 954 (2007))
Jack Holt (II) (Stunts, Behind the Action: Stuntmen in the Movies (2002))
Jack Holt (III) (Writer, Stormy, the Thoroughbred (1954))
Jack Holt (VII) (Composer, Fall in Love All Over Again (2013))
Jack Holt (V) (Actor, American Prisons, Foreign & Domestic (2011))
Jack Holton (Camera Department, A Dream for Christmas (1973))
Jack Holtz (Actor, The Road Killer )
Jack Hogan (I) (Actor, Combat! (1962))
Jack Hollington (Actor, The Go-Between (2015))
Jack Holt (VIII) (Actor, Book of Secrets (2016))
Jack Horan (I) (Actor, Code 8 (2016))
Jack Hoar (I) (Actor, To Live and Die in L.A. (1985))
Jack Holmes (IV) (Actor, Cesar Chavez (2014))
Patrick Holt (III) (Actor, Cherry Pop (2016))
Patrick Holt (I) (Actor, Ivanhoe (1952))
Jack Holden (V) (Actor, The Levelling (2016))
Nick Holt (II) (Director, The Murder Trial (2013))
Jack Hoxie (Actor, The White Outlaw (1925))
Jack Hollander (I) (Actor, Rocky (1976))
Jack Holz (Art Department, The Buddy Holly Story (1978))
Nick Holt (I) (Actor, Invasion from Inner Earth (1974))
Jack Howard (IX) (Actor, Jack and Dean of All Trades (2016))
Jack Horner (II) (Miscellaneous, Jurassic Park (1993))
Jack Holmes (I) (Actor, Thunder River Feud (1942))
Jack Holden Marsden (Self, E! Live from the Red Carpet (1995))
Jack Hoffman (IX) (Self, Gold Rush: Alaska (2010))
Jack Holliman (Miscellaneous, The Limehouse Golem (2016))
Jack Ho (IV) (Actor, Rebellion (2011))
Jack Ho (V) (Music Department, Seven Days (2010))
Jack Ho (II) (Actor, An Unbearable Day (2007))
Jack Ho (I) (Visual Effects, Kung Fu Hustle (2004))
Jack Ho (VI) (Producer, Where the Trail Ends (2012))
Jack Ho (III) (Camera Department, Throwdown (2014))
Jack Hoke (Actor, Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009))
Jack Hope (Producer, The Bob Hope Show (1952))
Jack Horn (I) (Actor, Het zoekgeraakte boek (1968))
Jack Hogan (IX) (Producer, Sia: Elastic Heart (2015))
Warwick Holt (Writer, Good News Week (1996))
Nick Holt (III) (Actor, The Wanderer (2011))
Jack Horsley (Actor, Puberty Blues (2012))
Jack Houston (I) (Actor, America bangmungaeg (1976))
Jack Howarth (I) (Actor, Coronation Street (1960))
Jack Holland (III) (Actor, Dance Band (1935))
Jack Hou (II) (Self, King of the Nerds (2013))
Jack Hoy (I) (Camera Department, Spring and Port Wine (1970))
Jack Hoo (Cinematographer, My Name Is Nick (2016))
Jack Hou (I) (Miscellaneous, The American Dream (2011))
Jack Hoe
Jack Hoy (II)
Jack Hourigan (Actress, Christmas at Maxwell's (2006))
Dick Holt (Actor, Spoken van Viggo (2014))
Rick Holtz (Costume Department, The Burning (1981))
Nick Holt (VI) (Self, 2016 Boca Raton Bowl (2016))
Nick Holt (V) (Camera Department, The Complex (2011))
Brock Holt (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Nick Holt (IV)
Rick Holts
Jack Hobbs (I) (Actor, Beware of Women (1933))
Jack Hollis (I) (Location Management, Shadows on the Wall (1986))
Jack Holloway (II) (Director, Airborne (2010))
Jack Holahan (I)
Jack Holiday (Actor, Vengeance Trail (2006))
Jack Holden (IV)
Jack Holmes (X)
Jack Holmes (VIII) (Actor, Broken Rose (2000))
Jack Holmes (IX) (Producer, The Life of Flowers (2016))
Jack Holden (VIII) (Writer, Parousia (2014))
Jack Holland (II) (Visual Effects, Uprising (2001))
Jack Holbrook (III)
Jack Holland (VI) (Composer, Blueprints for Collapse (2009))
Jack Holdeman (Camera Department, Front Seat Chronicles (2012))
Jack Holmes (III) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Jack Hollahan (Actor, Hobson's Choice (1983))
Jack Holden (VII) (Camera Department, Souls (2016))
Jack Hollander (II) (Self, Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press (1996))
Jack Holden (VI) (Writer, Jupiter's Glare (2014))
Jack Holland (IV) (Actor, The Children's Midsummer Night's Dream (2001))
Jack Holder (II) (Self, Murder by the Book (2006))
Jack Holliday (II) (Art Department, Runestone: Sizzle Reel (2015))
Jack Holden (III) (Editor, Five Seconds of Summer: How Did We End Up Here? Live at Wembley Arena (2015))
Jack Holder (III) (Producer, In an Instant (2016))
Jack Holmes (V) (Cinematographer, Omnibus (1967))
Jack Hollander (III) (Make Up Department, HarVest (2016))
Jack Holmes (II) (Camera Department, Time Team (1994))
Jack Holiard (Actor, Les nouvelles aventures de Chastity Blade (2000))
Jack Holder (I) (Actor, Howling: New Moon Rising (1995))
Jack Holden (II) (Art Department, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968))
Jack Holbrook (I) (Miscellaneous, King Kong (1933))
Jack Holliday (I) (Actor, Comrades (1927))
Jack Holgarth (Sound Department, Titanic (2012))
Jack Holland (I) (Actor, What Goes Around Comes Around (2017))
Jack Hollis (II) (Self, Tanked (2011))
Jack Holley (Actor, The Airmail Mystery (1932))
Jack Holmes (VI) (Camera Department, Showdown (1973))
Jack Hollyday
Jack Holden (I) (Art Director, Murder in the Clouds (1934))
Jack Holltz (Actor, The Impossible Kid of Kung Fu (1982))
Jack Holloway (III)
Jack Holmes (VII) (Actor, King of Offshore, the Reggie Fountain Story (2014))
Jack Holloway (I) (Actor, Qing cheng zhi lian (1984))
Jack Holbrook (II) (Editorial Department, Paris Brothel (2003))
Jack Holden (IX) (Editor, Explorers: Adventures of the Century (2013))
Jack Holahan (II) (Actor, The Meet Cute (2015))
Jack Hofer (II) (Actor, Von neun bis elf (2017))
Jack Hopkins (I) (Actor, The Grip of Jealousy (1913))
Jack Horan (II) (Actor, Summer Promise (2011))
Jack Hoffman (I) (Actor, The Lovely Bones (2009))
Jack Hofsiss (Director, Another World (1964))
Jack Howard (II) (Actor, Lisa Picard Is Famous (2000))
Jack Hopkins (VIII) (Actor, Genius. (2017))
Jack Horn (II) (Actor, Sunset Edge (2015))
Jack Homan (I) (Cinematographer, Circus Trick (2012))
Jack Hogg (I) (Production Manager, The Vicious Years (1950))
Jack Hoel (Actor, Des étoiles plein le ciel (2016))
Jack Horan (III)
Jack Hogan (X)
Jack Hogan (VIII) (Actor, Locked Up Abroad (2007))
Jack Hoey (Actor, Tracy the Outlaw (1928))
Jack Hogan (V) (Visual Effects, Incubus: Look Alive (2007))
Jack House (III) (Actor, Assassin's Creed: Parallel (2012))
Jack Homer (Actor, The Psychic (1968))
Jack Hogg (II) (Actor, Sweetie (2005))
Jack Hobbs (II) (Self, This Is Your Life (1955))
Jack Hodd (Actor, Bookmark (1983))
Jack Homan (II) (Cinematographer, Tergo (2017))
Jack House (I) (Actor, Fightin' Odds (1925))
Jack House (II) (Writer, The Coasts of Clyde (1959))
Jack Horne (Actor, Starfish (2017))
Jack Howey (Actor, Lawless (2004))
Jack Hogan (II) (Camera Department, Practical Uses for a Time Machine (2014))
Jack Hoppe (Special Effects, Up River (2017))
Jack Hogg (IV)
Jack Hooke (Producer, Go, Johnny, Go! (1959))
Jack Hogg (VI)
Jack Hobbs (IV) (Writer, The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It (1977))
Jack Hoyt (Actor, Portrait in Terror (1965))
Jack Howe (I) (Sound Department, Dance Off! (2013))
Jack Honey (Camera Department, Girl (1998))
Jack Hone (Music Department, Circle Track Summer (2005))
Jack Horry (Editorial Department, RI:SE (2002))
Jack Hobbs (III) (Miscellaneous, Bending Light (2005))
Jack Hodge (Miscellaneous, Hype! (1996))
Jack Hoban (II) (Self, Horizon (1964))
Jack Hoyle (I) (Actor, The Dreyfus Case (1931))
Jack Hoyle (II) (Self, Full Throttle Saloon (2009))
Jack Hogg (V)
Jack Hogg (III) (Actor, Peak to Peak (2011))
Jack Hotz
Jack Hobbs (V) (Actor, East End Hustle (1976))
Jack Hogan (III) (Actor, When College Students Play Too Many Video Games (2004))
Jack Hondo (Self, I Dare You (2000))
Jack Hoban (I) (Self, The Tony Danza Show (2004))
Jack Hofer (I) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
Jack Hobbs (X) (Self, Football League Tonight (2015))
Jack Hobbs (VI) (Music Department, O Lucky Malcolm! (2006))
Jack Hobbs (XII) (Actor, Dead Man Working (2011))
Jack Hobbs (VIII) (Editor, The Only Way Is Essex (2010))
Jack Hoar (II) (Self, Highway of Tears (2015))
Jack Honig (Producer, My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception (1999))
Jack Howie (Actor, Derby Dogs (2012))
Jack Hobbs (IX) (Actor, Hobgoblyn (2013))
Jack Hobbs (XI) (Actor, Family, Weekend (2012))
Jack Hogan (VI) (Camera Department, The War Within (2009))
Jack Houck (Self, Something Unknown Is Doing We Don't Know What (2009))
Jack Howe (II) (Camera Department, Perfect Peace (2016))
Jack Hough (Self, After the Bell (2015))
Jack Hoza (Cinematographer, Troopers: Inside the Florida Highway Patrol (2010))
Jack Hoofs (Actor, Zes minuten (2004))
Jack Hobbs (VII) (Actor, Absorbed (2013))
Jack Hoag (Actor, Young Love (2015))
Jack Hogan (IV) (Actor, Blue Heelers (1994))
Jimothy Beckholt (Actor, Will Work 4 Love (2014))
Jack Horowitz (Producer, Le cercle des passions (1983))
Jack Hoffman (XIV) (Actor, Madam Secretary (2014))
Jack Hoffman (XII) (Self, MasterChef Junior (2013))
Jack Hofstra (Editor, The Specialist (1994))
Zack Holmes (Cinematographer, Save Our Souls (2011))
Jack Honeyborne (Actor, Quartet (2012))
Eric Eickholt (VII) (Stunts, Witch (2017))
Bob Eckholt (Transportation Department, Child of Darkness, Child of Light (1991))
Eric Eickholt (I) (Assistant Director, Obituaries (2014))
Patrick Holt (V) (Miscellaneous, Waking David (2016))
Fredrick Holt (Actor, The Happiest Day (2003))
Tom Buckholtz (Camera Department, Twenty-One (1991))
John Eickholt (Animation Department, Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6 (2009))
Tino Eickholt (Stunts, Grimm Love (2006))
Jay Rockholt (Sound Department, American Experience (1988))
Gina Eickholt (Actress, Not About Love (2009))
Patrick Holt (II) (Actor, Blood Oath (2007))
Toby Eckholt (Actor, Company Business (1991))
Bob Buckholt (Music Department, Tango (1998))
Derrick Holt (Actor, Food Shack (2016))
Bob Bockholt
Patrick Holt (IV) (Actor, Day (2013))
Eric Eickholt (VI) (Stunts, Witch (2017))
Victoria Wackholtz (Actress, Blackwood (2012))
Jack Howlett (Actor, Cluff (1964))
Jack Horkheimer (Writer, Star Gazers (1976))
W.J. 'Jack' Howard (Miscellaneous, The Sheriff of Cochise (1956))