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J.P. McEvoy (Writer, It's a Gift (1934))
James McEvoy (II) (Actor, Director (2008))
Anne Marie McEvoy (Actress, Children of the Corn (1984))
Jack Mc Evoy (Actor, Treebearer (in development))
Renny McEvoy (Actor, Home Town Story (1951))
Carol McEvoy (Actress, The Towering Inferno (1974))
Niall McEvoy (Visual Effects, The Martian (2015))
Danny McEvoy (Actor, How I Live Now (2013))
Teri McEvoy (Actress, Contagion (2011))
Barry McEvoy (Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006))
Paul McEvoy (I) (Writer, Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five (2008))
Jeff McEvoy (Editor, Nerve (2016))
Mary McEvoy (Actress, Moll Flanders (1996))
Tom McEvoy (I) (Actor, When Cupid Runs Wild (1912))
Tim McEvoy (Actor, Silent Witness (1996))
Ron McEvoy (Producer, Welcome to Greensborough (2005))
Tom Mcevoy (II) (Producer, Letter to Rothko (2009))
Tom Mcevoy (I) (Cinematographer, Precious Memories (2009))
Liz McEvoy
Tom McEvoy (V) (Actor, My Brother's War (1997))
Ash Mcevoy (Camera Department, Hot Property (2016))
Joe McEvoy (Art Department, Kissing a Fool (1998))
Jon McEvoy (Writer, Britain's Cleverest Animal (2003))
Ben McEvoy (III) (Animation Department, Lights Out! (2012))
Ian McEvoy (II) (Actor, One Night in Dublin (2016))
Bob McEvoy (Actor, Silent (2008))
Ben McEvoy (I) (Self, 2010 AFL Grand Final Replay (2010))
Tom McEvoy (IV) (Director, Welcome to Greensborough (2005))
Joy McEvoy (Actress, Taggart (1983))
Ben McEvoy (II) (Producer, Greatest Tank Battles (2010))
Ian McEvoy (I) (Miscellaneous, Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000))
Jo McEvoy (Actress, Square Deal (1988))
Kay McEvoy (Producer, Game Changers (2013))
Tom McEvoy (II) (Self, 50 Years of Keys (2015))
Tom McEvoy (III) (Self, All In: The Poker Movie (2009))
Ken McEvoy (Actor, Sensation (2010))
Dillon McEvoy (Cinematographer, Closing Time (2015))
James McEvoy (I) (Camera Department, Turn the River (2007))
Earl McEvoy (Director, The Killer That Stalked New York (1950))
Trish McEvoy (Miscellaneous, The Twilight of the Golds (1996))
Karin McEvoy (Writer, Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin (2011))
Emily McEvoy (Miscellaneous, The Lunchbox (2013))
James McEvoy (III) (Director, Phase Three (2012))
Bryant McEvoy (II) (Miscellaneous, R&B Divas: Los Angeles (2013))
Lisa McEvoy (Producer, The Bold and the Beautiful (1987))
Robert McEvoy (Sound Department, The Long Shot (2007))
Annie McEvoy (Production Manager, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002))
David McEvoy (I) (Actor, Coney Island Baby (2003))
Susan McEvoy (I) (Miscellaneous, Stop Pepper Palmer (2014))
Doug McEvoy (Actor, Night of Horror (1981))
Kelly McEvoy (Miscellaneous, Today (1952))
Larry McEvoy (II) (Actor, The Big Game (1973))
Brian McEvoy (III) (Self, Xposé (2007))
Keith McEvoy (Actor, Mix Breed (2010))
Jasper McEvoy (Actor, Eco-Man (2013))
Fraser McEvoy (Miscellaneous, Gaming Show (In My Parents Garage) (2014))
Peter McEvoy (II) (Camera Department, Romancing the Stone (1984))
Liam McEvoy (I) (Editorial Department, Le tout nouveau testament (2015))
Jackie McEvoy (Miscellaneous, Brewster's Millions (1985))
Fred McEvoy (II) (Actor, Tempus Tormentum (2017))
Nigel McEvoy (Self, The Diamond Queen (2012))
Rory McEvoy (I)
Ellie McEvoy (II) (Make Up Department, Love & Tolerance (2015))
Nicole McEvoy (Animation Department, The Awesomes (2013))
Greg McEvoy (Art Department, Four Minutes (2005))
Bryant McEvoy (I)
Peter McEvoy (I) (Actor, Against the Innocent (1989))
Brian McEvoy (I) (Art Department, Most Wanted (1997))
Martin McEvoy (I) (Actor, Don Carlo (1985))
Simon McEvoy (Actor, Born Again (2015))
Mike McEvoy (Actor, White Out (2011))
Ceara McEvoy (Cinematographer, Pieces (2012))
Andrew McEvoy (I) (Writer, Scarface: The World Is Yours (2006))
Mark McEvoy (Actor, Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990))
Darren McEvoy (III) (Art Department, Westworld (2016))
Sharon McEvoy (Miscellaneous, Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995))
Ellie McEvoy (I) (Actress, The Librarians (2007))
Stacy McEvoy (Production Designer, Dropping Off Michael (2015))
Cassy McEvoy (Costume Department, Meet Joe Black (1998))
Kate McEvoy (I) (Miscellaneous, The Waitress (2010))
Rhys Mcevoy (Miscellaneous, Keep Digging (2014))
Larry McEvoy (I)
Peter McEvoy (V) (Producer, Portrait of a Distant Land (2008))
Liam McEvoy (II) (Editor, The Golden Horse (2014))
Rory A. McEvoy (Actor, Horatio's Odyssey (2009))
Andrew McEvoy (III) (Camera Department, Postcards (1995))
Cyril McEvoy (Actor, Inseparable (2015))
Ashton McEvoy (Actor, Farewell Calm Days (2010))
John McEvoy (Art Department, War of the Buttons (1994))
Tory McEvoy (Actor, Potpourri (2011))
Megan McEvoy (Actress, Dance Emergency/Damhsa na hEigeandala (2014))
Kerrin McEvoy (Self, Emirates Melbourne Cup Day (2007))
Tommy McEvoy (Self, Best Ever Ads (2005))
Garry McEvoy (Art Department, Moneyball (2011))
Fritz McEvoy (Art Department, Dolores Claiborne (1995))
Terry McEvoy (Writer, Hi-Tech Culture (1996))
James McEvoy (IV) (Cinematographer, Wake (A Dark Comedy) (2012))
Kevin McEvoy (II) (Actor, Day by Day (1988))
Seth McEvoy (Writer, Not Quite Human (1987))
Jenny McEvoy (Producer, Mrs Brown's Boys: The Original Series (2002))
Rory McEvoy (II) (Producer, Good n Screwed (2017))
Aoife McEvoy (II) (Camera Department, Strawberry (2016))
Andrew McEvoy (IV) (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
McEvoy Maeve (Miscellaneous, Blue Heelers (1994))
Maeve McEvoy (Miscellaneous, Iron Man 2 (2010))
Helen McEvoy (Assistant Director, Breaking Down (2014))
Sheila McEvoy (Production Manager, The Jim Henson Hour (1989))
Pierce McEvoy (Actor, The Three Don'ts (2017))
Nicky McEvoy (Actor, Clay (2008))
Dermot McEvoy (III)
Bobby McEvoy (III) (Camera Department, Gary Gulman: In This Economy? (2012))
Daniel McEvoy (Actor, El Cartel de los Sapos (2008))
Peter McEvoy (IV) (Miscellaneous, Strength and Honour (2007))
Clovis McEvoy (Composer, Numb (2016))
Beth McEvoy (Self, University Challenge (1962))
Katie McEvoy (Miscellaneous, Irish Pictorial Weekly (2012))
McEvoy Dave (Writer, Revenant )
Dave McEvoy (IV) (Miscellaneous, A Wound (2015))
Kevin McEvoy (I) (Actor, Superhuman (2014))
Josh McEvoy (Visual Effects, A Real Buzz (2015))
Dave McEvoy (III) (Editor, A Wound (2015))
Colin McEvoy (I)
Colin McEvoy (II) (Visual Effects, Batman Begins (2005))
Paul McEvoy (II) (Producer, Horror Bites (2012))
Andrew McEvoy (II) (Animation Department, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Bobby McEvoy (II)
Cilléin McEvoy (Actor, One Night in Dublin (2016))
Gary McEvoy (Actor, Breaking Away (1980))
Jack McEvoy (Camera Department, The House on 92nd Street (1945))
Brian McEvoy (II) (Camera Department, Seacoal (1985))
Damien McEvoy (Actor, Guilty As Charged (2010))
Karen McEvoy (II) (Editor, Masters of Magic: The World of Chandu (2008))
Louisa McEvoy (II) (Actress, Beat the Bully (2012))
Darren McEvoy (I) (Special Effects, Team America: World Police (2004))
Susan McEvoy (II) (Actress, Riot (2015))
Peter McEvoy (VII) (Miscellaneous, Jack Taylor: The Magdalen Martyrs (2011))
Dave McEvoy (I) (Animation Department, Lockout (2012))
Emer McEvoy (Actress, Deich gCoisceim (2000))
Pete McEvoy (Animation Department, Tríd an Stoirm (2012))
Wendy McEvoy (Miscellaneous, In Fading Light (1992))
Anne McEvoy (Actress, The Yank (2014))
Joey McEvoy (Actor, Choices (2016))
Julie McEvoy (Actress, Cowboys & Angels (2003))
Frank McEvoy (Actor, Synnergist (1996))
Fiona McEvoy (Miscellaneous, My Mum's Hotter Than Me! (2017))
Aoife McEvoy (I) (Actor, Streets of Rage: Redemption (2014))
Lorcan McEvoy (Producer, Timeless (2013))
Conor McEvoy (Actor, Breakfast on Pluto (2005))
Lucas McEvoy (Actor, They Say It's Your Birtday (2017))
Thomas McEvoy
Peter McEvoy (VI) (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Hollie Mcevoy (Actress, Space Dog's (2016))
Nion McEvoy (Producer, Unrest (2017))
Martin McEvoy (III)
Peter McEvoy (III) (Miscellaneous, DDU (1999))
Karen McEvoy (I) (Editorial Department, Big Sky (1997))
Johnny McEvoy (Self, The 1916 Easter Rising: Beneath a Dublin Sky (2006))
Marian McEvoy (Self, Point, Click, Design (2004))
Dermot McEvoy (II) (Self, Searching for Camelot (2014))
Louisa McEvoy (I) (Writer, Beat the Bully (2012))
Dave McEvoy (II) (Actor, One Deep Breath (2014))
Huey McEvoy (Composer, The Houdini Exposure (2011))
Martin McEvoy (II) (Actor, Voyager: The Grand Tour (working title) )
Joseph McEvoy (Actor, Synnergist (1996))
Andrew McEvoy (VI)
Nolan McEvoy (Actor, eScape (2010))
Dermot McEvoy (I) (Music Department, The 9th Meteor Ireland Music Awards (2009))
David McEvoy (II) (Editorial Department, Big Brother Uncut (2001))
Kerrie McEvoy (Producer, Terra Mater (2011))
Lily McEvoy (Actress, They Say It's Your Birtday (2017))
Kate McEvoy (II) (Actress, Casualty (1986))
Emma McEvoy
Andrew McEvoy (V) (Self, Tony Robinson's Gods & Monsters (2011))
Linda McEvoy (Miscellaneous, Breakfast on Pluto (2005))
Darren McEvoy (II) (Writer, Lost in the Woods: A Fiction (2014))
Angie McEvoy (Self, The World Stands Up (2004))
Susan McEvoy (III) (Casting Department, Saturday's Warrior (2016))
Jane McEvoy (Self, The Apprentice (2005))
Bill McEvoy (Miscellaneous, VH1 New Visions (1986))
Elsa McEvoy (Actress, Mr. Grouch at the Seashore (1912))
Fred McEvoy (I) (Actor, Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943))
Adam McEvoy (Composer, Sub Zero (1999))
Karen McEvoy (III) (Producer, Fat N' Furious: Rolling Thunder (2014))
Bobby McEvoy (I) (Art Department, Aaron Karo: The Rest Is History (2010))
Luke McEvoy (Actor, Five Minutes of Heaven (2009))
Odin McEvoy (Actor, Lie with Me (2012))
Michael J. McEvoy (Composer, Me and Orson Welles (2008))
Jennifer McEvoy (I) (Actress, Not Going Out (2006))
James Trapper McEvoy (Camera Department, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008))
Chelsea McEvoy (Miscellaneous, Blackway (2015))
Michael McEvoy (IV) (Producer, Tell Spring Not to Come This Year (2015))
Lucianne McEvoy (Actress, NY-LON (2004))
Jamie Dumont McEvoy (Actor, They Say It's Your Birtday (2017))
Margaret Mcevoy (Producer, USO: For the Troops (2016))
Mary Lyons McEvoy (Actress, Jaws of Satan (1981))
Samantha McEvoy (Producer, The Eleventh Hour (2014))
Michelle McEvoy (Actress, Stalking LeVar (2013))
Marianne McEvoy (Sound Department, Happy Hour (2003))
Jessica McEvoy (Costume Department, Madame est bonne! (2016))
Ballin and McEvoy (Actor, Sophomore Swing (1939))