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Yat Ning Chan (Actress, Butterfly (2004))
aka "Isabel Chan"
Lisa Belcher (Actress, The Gift (2014))
Isabel Chavez (Actress, The Book of the Border (2009))
Isabel Chanel Freeman (Actress, Miles (2016))
Isabel Chacon (Visual Effects, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014))
Isabel Chaves (Miscellaneous, Vila Faia (1982))
Mabel Chan (Animation Department, Beast Wars: Transformers (1996))
Isabel Chan Yat-Ning (Actress, Fei hu xiong shi zhi Zhong Huan cha shi xiong sha an (2000))
Isabel Chiara (Producer, El jardin de las delicias (2009))
Isabel Chua (I) (Actress, Mano po III: My Love (2004))
Isabel Cherry (Actress, The Lonesome Miss Wiggs (1912))
Isabel Cherif (Actress, Erasmus the Film (2016))
Isabel Chávez (Producer, Lalen, estar muriendo (2008))
Isabel Cházaro (Art Department, La antorcha encendida (1996))
Isabel Chick (Miscellaneous, The King's Speech (2010))
Isabel Cheng (Location Management, The Detention Teacher (2006))
Isabel Chua (II) (Actor, The New Hope (2015))
Erica Isabel Chavana (Actress, Through the Glass Prison (2009))
Isabel Chaparro (II) (Actress, Beautiful But Unlucky (2009))
Isabel Chamizo (Costume Designer, Viva la clase media (1980))
Maria Isabel Chavez (Costume Department, The Nightmare (2014))
Isabel Chamorro (III) (Actress, 7 Boxes (2012))
Isabel Chapman
Isabel Chamorro (I) (Actress, ¿Qué hace una chica como tú en un sitio como éste? (1979))
Isabel Chaparro (I) (Editor, Tatoo Time (2003))
Ana Isabel Chao Lindín (Actor, El cebo (2008))
Carmen Isabel Chavez (Self, Prominenti (2010))
Isabel Chamorro (II) (Miscellaneous, The Homies Hip Hop Show (2007))
Isabel Chamorro (IV) (Miscellaneous, Date 'EM (2016))
Isabel Chavarri (Actress, Estamos Vivos (2016))
Abel Chan Arce (Editor, Pinsel (2015))
Isabel Christine Andreasen (Actress, Escape (2012))
Ana Isabel Chueca (Costume Department, Isabel (2011))
Isabel Chenovart (Actress, The Becquer's Guide (2012))
Isabel Chidell (Self, The Unforgettable Kenneth Williams (2001))
María Isabel Chiri (Actress, Intriga infame (1963))
Isabel Chávez Cuervo (Camera Department, Grandfather Cheno... and Other Stories (1994))
Isabel Chorobik (Self, El alma de los verdugos (2007))
Jasmine Isabel Chambers (Actor, Without Women (2016))
Isabelle Glachant (Producer, City of Life and Death (2009))
Isabel Christina LaCroix (Self, Alzira's Story (2000))
Isabel Christina Ossa (Actress, Beautiful Chaos (2013))
María Isabel Chiapetti (Actress, Samoa (2005))
Isabelle Marchand (Music Department, Madwoman of God (2008))
Isabella Ka Yin Chan (Director, Love and Tide (2016))
Isabelle Rochan (Self, Occupation double (2003))
Isabel Muñiz Chana (Actress, Mudo mundo (2000))
Isabelle Chandon (Visual Effects, Juste un peu d'@mour (2009))
Isabella Pechan (Producer, The Long Way Home (2010))
Isabelle Merchant (Actress, Don't Turn Out the Light (1987))
Isabel Schanze (Make Up Department, Storm of Love (2005))
Isabella Archan (Actress, Seifenblasen (1984))
Isabel Barbachano (Cinematographer, Ludogenia. El lugar del origen (2001))
Isabel Maria Chaney (Actress, Full Contact (1993))
Isabelle Lemarchand (Make Up Department, Le Pantin (2015))
Isabella Vincent Chan (Director, Love in San Francisco (2010))
Lance Chandler Isabella (Actor, One Life to Live (2013))
Isabelle Pichancourt (Producer, Sealth (2014))
Isabelle Marchand Munoz (Actress, Marie's Story (2014))
Isabel Christina Martins Monteiro
Isabel Christina Maria Copley (Sound Department, Amniotic (2014))
Isabelle Petra Elise Schander (Actress, Legenden Om Kaptein Dante (2014))
Isabella Le Marchant Romano (Director, Awards Buzz (2015))
Christina Isabell Chavarria Castro (Costume Department, Big Game (2014))