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Charles Hoyes (Actor, Field of Dreams (1989))
Charles Chaplin (Writer, The Great Dictator (1940))
Les Charles (Writer, Taxi (1978))
Dean-Charles Chapman (Actor, Before I Go to Sleep (2014))
Charles Chen (I) (Self, Chopped (2007))
Charles Choi (II) (Casting Department, T Double: Friends Helping Friends )
Charles Choi (I) (Music Department, A Murder of Crows (1998))
Charles Chan (I) (Producer, Saints and Soldiers (2003))
Charles Chic Hoye (Self, Seven Keys (1961))
Charles Chaplin Jr. (Actor, Fangs of the Wild (1954))
Charles Chu (Actor, Chu and Blossom (2014))
Charles Chudabala (Actor, Abaddon (2018))
Charles Cha (Producer, Tales from the Riverbank (2015))
James Charles (I) (Actor, Armchair Thriller (1978))
Charles Chiodo (Writer, Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988))
Charles Chen (II) (Actor, #AMWF: The Musical (2017))
Frances Charles (Actress, Women from Headquarters (1950))
Brandon Charles Chesser (Actor, The Long Road Home (2017))
James Charles (VIII) (Self, Apologies in Advance with Andrea Russett (2017))
Charles Chiyangwa (Actor, Act of Valor (2012))
Charles 'Chic' Sale (Actor, Treasure Island (1934))
Charles Christopher (IV) (Actor, Backstabbed (2016))
Charles Chanot (Actor, Le sous marin de cristal (1927))
James Charles (VI) (Visual Effects, Star Trek: Beyond (2016))
Charles Chauvel (Director, Jedda the Uncivilized (1955))
Charles Chan (IV) (Actor, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016))
Charles Chamel (Actor, Tigancusa de la iatac (1923))
James Charles (VII) (Art Director, Billboard (2018))
Charles Esche (Actor, A Crime Against Art (2007))
Charles Chen (VI) (Cinematographer, After Film School (2014))
Charles Chic (Assistant Director, Lovey Mary (1926))
Charles Charlton (Cinematographer, Trooper 44 (1917))
Charles Chong (Producer, My Voice, My Life (2014))
Charles Chia
Charles Chang (II) (Actor, Code of Revelation (2017))
Wes Charles (Composer, These Precious Days (1982))
Charles Chang (I) (Producer, Enso (2009))
Charles Charras (Actor, Les brigades du Tigre (1974))
Charles Chaput (Self, El Efecto Francisco (2014))
Charles C. Hill (Actor, Small White House (1990))
Charles Chen (IX) (Camera Department, Guns Don't Lie (2017))
Charles Chima (Actor, Beyond the Verdict 2 (2007))
Giles Charle (Actor, The Watching (2011))
Charles Chen (VII) (Miscellaneous, 2 Hours (2014))
Charles Cheek (Actor, Love Crimes (1992))
Charles Chase (III) (Editorial Department, Style Factory (2016))
Charles Cheng (III) (Miscellaneous, The Rotten Tomatoes Show (2009))
Charles Chavez (II) (Actor, Hunger Pains (2015))
Charles Choo (I) (Actor, East Side Sushi (2014))
Charles Chavez (I) (Producer, Pitbull's New Year's Revolution (2014))
Charles Chew (Actor, No Footing (2009))
Charles Cheng (IV) (Camera Department, Angel's Blood Mission (1987))
Charles Charlia (Actor, Die seltsame Vergangenheit der Thea Carter (1929))
Charles Chart (Miscellaneous, Time to Remember (1959))
Charles Chick (Writer, A Race for a Ranch (1924))
Charles Chase (II)
James Charles (IV) (Actor, The 4th Wall (2013))
James Charles (III) (Producer, A.K.A.: It's a Wiley World! (2003))
Charles Chaney (Actor, The Sabinal Canyon (2015))
Charles Chan (III) (Miscellaneous, The Amazing Race (2001))
Charles Choo (II) (Animation Department, Godkiller: Walk Among Us (2010))
Charles Chan (II) (Actor, Blaze of Gory (2017))
Charles Cheng (I)
Charles Chak (Actor, Mazurkas (2016))
Wes Charles Jr. (Actor, Sliders (1995))
Charles Chase (I) (Self, Ben Harper: Pleasure and Pain (2002))
James Charles (V)
Charles Chen (IV) (Actor, The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014))
Charles Child (Miscellaneous, Rook (2014))
Charles Cheng (II) (Actor, May pag-ibig pa kaya? (2002))
James Charles (II) (Music Department, Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989))
Charles Chacon (Actor, Film InDiego (2016))
Charles Chabot (Editor, Arena (1975))
Charles Champion (I) (Actor, Hunter (1984))
Charles Choo Jr. (Editorial Department, Coco (2017))
Charles Champlin (Actor, The Player (1992))
James Charles O'Neill (Actor, Decline and Fall (2017))
Charles Chintzer Lai (Editor, Insomniacs (2014))
Charles A. Noyes (Sound Department, Managed Money (1934))
Charles E. Noyes (Actor, Monday Night Mayhem (2002))
Charles K. Noyes (Composer, The Longest Shadow (1991))
Charles Chip Lasky (Miscellaneous, Skyscraper (2018))
Charles C. Boyer
Charles Cohen Boyer (Production Manager, Ni vu, ni connu (2011))
Charles 'Chaz' Galuski (Actor, London After Midnight (2005))
Charles Cauchoix (Actor, The Outer Boroughs (2017))
Charles Cauchoiz (Miscellaneous, The Outer Boroughs (2017))
Charles Charpentier (Camera Department, Coluche: l'histoire d'un mec (2008))
Charles 'Chuck' Taylor (Location Management, The Stuff (2017))
Charles Churchward (Self, The September Issue (2009))
Charles Chorein (Visual Effects, World War Z (2013))
Charles 'Chuck' Dodson (Actor, ShadeTree Mechanics (2017))
Charles Chessler (Actor, Homicide (1991))
Charles Chandler (Music Department, In the Electric Mist (2009))
Jules Charlemagne (Actor, Nickel Children (2010))
Charles Charpiot (Actor, Love and Mary (2007))
Charles Chagnon (Actor, Harry's War (1981))
Louis-Charles Clark (Actor, Two Weeks Off (2013))
Jacques Charles (Soundtrack, Chocolat (2000))
Charles Chemery (Self, Talented (2006))
Charles 'Chuck' Thomas
Charles Chailles (Actor, War Brides (1916))
Charles Chambers (II) (Actor, Symptom of Life (2017))
Charles 'Chip' Moehle (Miscellaneous, The Amati Girls (2000))
Charles Chapman (II) (Miscellaneous, FIFA Soccer 2005 (2004))
Brunes Charles (Composer, Stop Sign (2017))
Charles Chaboud (I) (Director, Avant de juger l'Indien, chausse ses mocassins (1972))
Charles Chieusse (Assistant Director, The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967))
Charles Christie (I) (Director, 813 (1920))
Yves-Charles Zarka (Actor, Inner Demons the Thrillogy (2013))
Charles Chamberlain (III) (Self, Justice w/Judge Jeanine (2011))
James Charles Devlin (Actor, Once Upon a Nightmare (2016))
Charles 'Chuck' Feaver (Actor, Teeth (1996))
Charles Childers (II) (Director, Mustang Pride (2017))
Charles Chauvet (Actor, Un projet important (2009))
Charles Chuck Taylor
Charles 'Chuck' Smith (Producer, Undefeated: The Chucky Mullins Story (2004))
Charles Cherry (Actor, The Mummy and the Humming Bird (1915))
Charles E. Schuler Jr. (Miscellaneous, Halo 3 (2007))
Charles Chamers (Art Department, The Street of Seven Stars (1918))
Charles Chan Chi-Ping (Actor, Huo tóu xiao zi (1982))
Charles Chamberlain (I) (Miscellaneous, Union Pacific (1939))
Jean-Charles Chauvet (Actor, Mascarade (2012))
Charles Chawalko (Actor, The Special Without Brett Davis (2015))
Charles Deschamps (Actor, Cirque du Soleil: Solstrom (2003))
Charles Chicetti (Art Department, The Baby (1973))
Charles Chaboud (II) (Actor, Molinier (1966))
Charles Chinyukwi (Miscellaneous, High Explosive (2001))
Jean-Charles Charavin (Producer, Ousemane (2017))
Charles 'Ching' Oettel (Camera Department, The Big Kahuna (1999))
Charles Chardenal (Actor, A Bold, Bad Burglar (1915))
Charles Cheval (I) (Director, Les Enfants de Velours (2012))
Charles Chevignon (Costume Department, Le téléphone sonne toujours deux fois (1985))
Charles Charlesworth (Music Department, Iron Maiden: En Vivo! (2012))
Charles 'Chuck' Sasser
Charles Chilton (Writer, Oh! What a Lovely War (1969))
Charles Chintala (Actor, The Dry Season (1998))
Charles Chenevrier (Self, Around the World with Orson Welles (1955))
Henri Charles Chivot (Writer, La mascotte (1935))
Charles Chrietzberg (Miscellaneous, Native Son (1986))
Charles Christopher (III) (Camera Department, Excelsior (2013))
Charles Chrysler (Actor, Escapade (1935))
Charles Chisholm (Self, Playboy: Girls of Spring Break (1991))
Dean-Charles Champman
Charles Challeil
Charles Churchman (I)
Jean-Charles Chapuzet (Self, Café Picouly (2005))
Charles Reschal (Actor, Les amis de la mort (1912))
Charles Charlii Sebunya (Actor, Single Life: The Musical (2010))
Charles Churchman (II) (Miscellaneous, Renée (2011))
Charles Cheung (Producer, Untitled Recruiter Project: A Salvaged Documentary (2008))
Charles 'Chaz' Norcross (Camera Department, Spider-Man 3 (2007))
James Charles Jewett (Actor, One Percent Full (2007))
Charles 'Chip' Sargent (Camera Department, Poolhall Junkies (2002))
Charles Chingodza (Camera Department, Treasure Seekers: Africa's Forgotten Kingdom (2001))
Charles Chambaz (Composer, Failsafe (2013))
James Charles Lynch (Writer, Cimarron City (1958))
Charles Chrisman (Art Department, Madame X (1966))
Charles Chibitty (Actor, Chasing the Wind (1998))
Charles Christensen (I) (Writer, His Night Out (1935))
Charles Christensen (II) (Self, Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack (2001))
Evelyne Descharles (Writer, Sources noires (1938))
Charles Chevillard (Actor, Les profs (2013))
Charles C. Hill Jr. (Actor, Waiting to Act (1985))
James Charles Evers (Self, Let Justice Roll On: The Life and Legacy of John M. Perkins (2011))
Bernard Descharles
Charles Chandier (Actor, Metallica: S&M (2000))
Charles Churchwell (Actor, Jim Crow to Barack Obama (2013))
Charles Chlela (Director, Al Kinaaa (2012))
Charles Troesch (Self, 300 choeurs pour + de vie (2011))
Charles Champion (II) (Producer, The Story of an African Farm (2004))
Charles Chemin (Actor, Le complexe de Toulon (1996))
Jean-Charles Chagnon (Actor, Comment ma mère accoucha de moi durant sa ménopause (2003))
Charles Chevalier (II) (Actor, À la folie... pas du tout (2002))
Charles Chevalier (I) (Casting Director, Everything for a Reason (2000))
Charles Chrystal (Actor, Slice (2008))
Charles Chadwick (Writer, The Van Job (2010))
Charles Chalgian (Actor, Inescapable (2009))
Charles Christopher (II) (Camera Department, Rise of the Zombies (2012))
Charles Churchill (Production Designer, One (2013))
Charles Chertier (Actor, The Twice Born Woman (1921))
Charles Hobesch (Actor, Al-Baghdadi (2007))
Charles Chelosi (Assistant Director, Secret Agent Fireball (1965))
Charles Chaisson
Charles Geschke (Self, Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur (2013))
Charles Christoforou (Visual Effects, Allegiant (2016))
Charles Chaicharee
Charles Christian (Miscellaneous, Happiness Runs (2010))
Charles Champagne (Actor, French Immersion (2011))
Jean-Charles Chatard (Director, Passé sous silence (2000))
James Charleston (II)
Charles Che Nforbin (Actor, Ketten Párizs ellen (2015))
Charles Trieschmann (Writer, Two (1974))
Charles 'Chuddy' Smith (Composer, An Inconvenient Stay (2015))
Charles Champayne (Special Effects, The Showdown (1950))
Charles Chalmers (I) (Actor, Hard Choices (1985))
Charles 'Chucky' Kim (Actor, Spaceship (2015))
Charles Church (Self, Hillbilly: The Real Story (2008))
Georges Charles (Actor, Mauregard (1970))
Mrs. Charles Craig (Actress, Name the Man (1924))