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Andrew Lin (III) (Actor, New Police Story (2004))
aka "Hoi Lin"
Hoi Ling Au (Actor, Asian Cop: High Voltage (1994))
Choi-Lin Yu (Actress, Jui hung 20 nin (1998))
Khoi Ly (Cinematographer, Between the Sun and Me (2015))
Man-Hoi Ling (Actor, My Darling, My Goddess (1982))
Wan-Hoi Ling (Actor, Hard Boiled Killers (1980))
Choi-Ling Ngo (Actress, Jing hun jin wan ye (1988))
Choi-Lin Yau (Costume Department, Legend of the Dragon (2005))
Yap Hoi Ling (Production Manager, The Great Lion Kun Seng Keng (2014))
Hoi Ling Chak (Editorial Department, Lost for Words (2013))
Choi Lin Chan (Actress, Ai yu kuang chao (1982))
Hoi-Ling Wan (Director, Guanyin Dedao (1940))
Oi Ling (Costume Designer, Song of King Solomon (2011))
Jarek Khoilian (Miscellaneous, Disney Friends for Change Games (2011))
Emily Hoile (Self, BBC Proms (2010))
Gincho Iliev (Actor, Beleg za choveshtina (1991))
Slavcho Iliev (II)
Slavcho Iliev (I) (Sound Department, Trampa (1978))
Phùng Hoa Hoài Linh (Actress, H'mong Sisters (2012))
Choi Ling Chung (Actress, Ying su (1994))
Hoi Lam Ling (Assistant Director, The Noise (2013))
Oi-Lin Law (Actor, Duo qing miao zei (1968))
Oi-Lin Chan (Actress, Jiu shi shen gun (1995))
Oi-Ling Lau (Actress, Echoes of the Rainbow (2010))
Léo Quoilin (Director, De Serge Gainsbourg à Gainsbarre de 1958 - 1991 (1994))
Toi Ling Yu (Costume Designer, I Sell Love (2014))
Oi Lin Sin (Actor, La jiao jiao shi (2000))
Coilin O Scolai (Director, Fair City (1989))
Chris Boiling (Writer, Doctors (2000))
Matti Oiling (Self, Matti Oiling Happy Pop Jazz Band (1971))
Oi Ling Chow (Actress, Lao ni mei (1995))
Marko Ilincic (Producer, Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui (2004))
Sooi Ling Tan (Self, (Un)Common Sounds (2013))
Iina Oilinki (Actress, Kivisydän (1984))
Pooi-Ling Yau (Actress, Wang ming jiao wa (1979))
Wendy Boiling
Coilin Rush (Camera Department, Tom Waits Made Me Cry (2004))
Joe Boiling (Cinematographer, Harvest of the Dead (2015))
Samoil Silin (Actor, Song of Songs (2015))
Oi-Ling Shin (Actress, Ju ru de yi huo (1993))
Dhoiharai Soilihi (Miscellaneous, Mooz-Lum (2010))
Dilian Nichoils (Editor, Totally Frank: The Girls (2006))
Stoytcho Iliev (Sound Department, Preußisches Liebesglück - Eine deutsche Familie aus Afrika (2007))
Yi-Ling Choi (Make Up Department, Butterfly and Sword (1993))
Clinton Hoiland
Melinda Hoiland
Caoilinn McCormack (Actor, Father Ted (1995))
Coilin O'Cearbhaill (Editorial Department, Northanger Abbey (2007))
Matti Linnoila (Actor, Me Tammelat (1963))
Roi Lindenbaum (Cinematographer, Shana Ahrey (2012))
Annie Oi-Ling Wong (Actress, The Crime File (1991))
Soili Niskanen (Actor, Presidentit (2005))
Coilin O'Condun
Coilin O'Finnedha (Actor, Coilin and Platonida (1976))
Marion Quoilin (Actress, Le prince de ce monde (2008))
Caoilinn O'Reilly (Actress, The Bachelor Weekend (2013))
Aquilino Ilano (Miscellaneous, Ang mahiwagang daigdig ni Pedro Penduko (1973))
Annikki Linnoila (Actress, Lumisten metsien tyttö (1960))
Guillaume Quoilin (Camera Department, Of Gods and Men (2010))
Marisa Quoilin (Actress, Mina Tannenbaum (1994))
Froilin Huallpa (Actor, Postales (2010))
Irene Kong Oi Ling (Editorial Department, Black Mask 2: City of Masks (2002))
Iarla O'Maoilin (Sound Department, Close (2000))
Anneli Linnoila (Actress, A Man from This Star (1958))
Coilin O'Scolai (Producer, Ros na Rún (1996))
Choy Pangilinan (Director, Bingat (2015))
Cordelia Choy Wai-Ling (Production Manager, Of the Unknown (2014))
Oiling Boiling Rhythm'n Blues Band (Self, Onnenjakajat - Matti Bergström, säveltäjä ja Pirjo (1995))