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Virginia Hey (Actress, The Road Warrior (1981))
Virginia Mayo (I) (Actress, White Heat (1949))
Virginia Madsen (Actress, Sideways (2004))
Virginia Kull (Actress, Gracepoint (2014))
Virginia Gardner (III) (Actress, Project Almanac (2015))
Virginia Grey (Actress, All That Heaven Allows (1955))
Virginia Dale (I) (Actress, Holiday Inn (1942))
Virginia Williams (III) (Actress, Fuller House (2016))
Virginia Gay (Actress, Winners & Losers (2011))
Mary Virginia (Actress, Three from the Block (2017))
Virginia Vale (I) (Actress, Blonde Comet (1941))
Virginia Christine (Actress, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967))
Virginia Lee (III) (Actress, The Black Widow (1947))
Virginia Sale (Actress, Topper (1937))
Virginia Vincent (Actress, I Want to Live! (1958))
Virginia Weidler (Actress, The Philadelphia Story (1940))
Virginia Gregg (I) (Actress, Operation Petticoat (1959))
Virginia Gumm (Actress, The Wedding of Jack and Jill (1930))
Virginia Capers (Actress, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986))
Virginia McKenna (Actress, Born Free (1966))
Virginia Huston (Actress, Out of the Past (1947))
Virginia Cherrill (Actress, City Lights (1931))
Virginia Vale (III) (Actress, Harmony Hill (2013))
Virginia Dabney (Actress, Daughter of Shanghai (1937))
Virginia Fox (Actress, The Haunted House (1921))
Virginia Reece (Actress, 50 First Dates (2004))
Virginia Rand (Actress, Salt Within the Walls (2017))
Virginia Leith (Actress, The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962))
Virginia Bruce (I) (Actress, The Great Ziegfeld (1936))
Virginia Newcomb (Actress, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017))
Virginia Hill (II) (Self, Kefauver Investigation (1951))
Virginia Ann Lee (Actress, General Hospital (1963))
Virginia Patton (Actress, It's a Wonderful Life (1946))
Virginia Field (I) (Actress, Waterloo Bridge (1940))
Virginia Gilmore (Actress, The Pride of the Yankees (1942))
Virginia Wood (I) (Actress, Lady in Cement (1968))
Virginia North (Actress, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969))
Gary Virginia (Actor, The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Starr (2009))
Lily Virginia (Music Department, 400 Miles to Freedom (2012))
Virginia Fiol (Actress, Tanglewoods' Secret (1980))
Virginia Carroll (Actress, Waterloo Bridge (1940))
Haley Virginia Smith
Shelley Virginia (Actress, Hector (2002))
Virginia Cole (Actress, Tara Road (2005))
Virginia Sun (Miscellaneous, Roseanne (1988))
Virginia Chapman (Actress, Perry Mason (1957))
Virginia Ray (Actress, One in a Million (1936))
Virginia Katz (Editor, Beauty and the Beast (2017))
Virginia Kay (I) (Producer, The Lookalike (2014))
Virginia Kiser (Actress, Poltergeist (1982))
Virginia Hankins (I) (Actress, Party Like a Roman Emperor (2012))
Virginia O'Brien (Actress, Till the Clouds Roll By (1946))
Virginia Wing (Actress, Charley Varrick (1973))
Virginia Nuñez (Actress, Tierra de Reyes (2014))
Virginia Watson (Actress, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996))
Virginia Lawton (Actress, Bring Home William (2016))
Virginia Woolf (I) (Writer, Orlando (1992))
Virginia Tucker (I) (Actress, Code Black (2015))
Virginia Collins (I) (Self, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser (2016))
Virginia Baker (I) (Actress, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974))
Virginia Aldridge (Actress, High School Big Shot (1959))
Virginia C. Andrews (Writer, Flowers in the Attic (1987))
Virginia Gibson (Actress, Funny Face (1957))
Virginia Bowers (Actress, The King's Daughter (2017))
Virginia Wark (Actress, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985))
Virginia (IV) (Composer, Moda e Amore (2014))
Virginia (X) (Actress, Die Zauberschule (2005))
Virginia Re (IV) (Actor, Positive/Negative (2015))
Virginia (IX) (Miscellaneous, Rondom het Oudekerksplein.... (1968))
Virginia (XIV) (Self, Opinions (2014))
Virginia Re (II)
Virginia Re (I) (Make Up Department, The Alphabet Killer (2008))
Virginia (XII) (Actress, Escapada final (Scapegoat) (1985))
Virginia (I) (Composer, Never Among Friends (2002))
Virginia (VI)
Virginiah (Actress, The Golden Veil (2011))
Virginia (XV) (Self, Gaming (2014))
Virginia (VII) (Self, Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa (2007))
Virginia Re (III) (Actress, Justice Is Mind (2013))
Virginia Eiler (Actress, Jana of the Jungle (1978))
Virginia Kirby (Actress, Stranger Things (2016))
Virginia Sloan (Producer, Defending Gideon (2013))
Virginia Rees (Soundtrack, Easy to Wed (1946))
Virginia Holden (Actress, Walk on the Wild Side (1962))
Virginia Wetherell (Actress, A Clockwork Orange (1971))
Virginia Maskell (Actress, Only Two Can Play (1962))
Virginia Ma (Actress, Love Stinks! (2016))
Virginia Farmer (I) (Actress, Cyrano de Bergerac (1950))
Virginia Rappe (Actress, His Musical Sneeze (1919))
Virginia Wolf (III) (Writer, A Bridge Apart (2014))
Virginia Vestoff (Actress, The Doctors (1963))
Virginia Bryant (II) (Actress, Demons 2 (1986))
Virginia Valli (Actress, The Pleasure Garden (1925))
Virginia Nicolson (Actress, Too Much Johnson (1938))
Virginia Moore (III) (Actress, Lamaload (1981))
Virginia Rose (I) (Actress, Forbidden Zone (1980))
Virginia Belmont (Actress, Dangers of the Canadian Mounted (1948))
Virginia Davis (I) (Actress, Alice's Wonderland (1923))
Virginia Brissac (Actress, Rebel Without a Cause (1955))
Virginia Yagüe (Writer, Amar en tiempos revueltos (2005))
Virginia McCollam (Location Management, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994))
Virginia Kaye (Actress, The Edge of Night (1956))
Virginia Johnson (II) (Costume Department, The Social Network (2010))
Virginia Gregory (Actress, Into the Light (2016))
Virginia Ruiz (III) (Actress, El baño del Papa (2007))
Virginia Robinson (III) (Actress, 37 (2016))
Virginia Hunter (I) (Actress, Sing a Song of Six Pants (1947))
Virginia Argueta (Self, 65th Miss Universe (2017))
Virginia Smith (I) (Actress, Home Alone (1990))
Virginia Mayo (II) (Actress, Los que no llegaron (2001))
Virginia Bach (Miscellaneous, Hôtel Normandy (2013))
Virginia Welles (Actress, To Each His Own (1946))
Virginia López (I) (Actress, Melodías inolvidables (1959))
Virginia Wade (Self, Wimbledon (1937))
Virginia Sal (Actor, Claxon (1991))
Virginia Barrett (Actress, Monamour (2006))
Lily Virginia Filson (Director, Audubon Dark (2012))
Virginia Morris (I) (Actress, Species (1995))
Virginia Card (Actress, The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury (1941))
Tony Virgini (Writer, A Poet in the Family (1978))
Virginy Vinou (Make Up Department, En venezuela (2015))
Virginia Mullen (Actress, Moonrise (1948))
Virginia Lewis Jones (Thanks, Dame Vera Lynn: Happy 100th Birthday (2017))
Virginia Brown Faire (Actress, West of the Divide (1934))
Virginia Cook (III) (Costume Department, Robot & Frank (2012))
Virginia Gordon (III) (Actress, Our Miss Brooks (1952))
Virginia Hall (I) (Actress, Old Overland Trail (1953))
Virginia García (II) (Actress, Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998))
Virginia Ruth Rogers (Actress, Sons of the Desert (1933))
Virginia Hammond (I) (Actress, Romeo and Juliet (1936))
Virginia Novello (Actress, Maintenance Required (2015))
Tiny Virginia Makopo (Self, E! True Hollywood Story (1996))
Virginia Welch (Actress, Doublespeak (2014))
Virginia Howell (I) (Actress, The Scarlet Letter (1934))
Virginia Clay (I) (Actress, A Town Like Alice (1956))
Virginia Torres (Actress, State Property 2 (2005))
Virginia Lee (II) (Production Designer, Poison Ivy (1992))
Virginia Paris (I) (Actress, Santa Barbara (1984))
Virginia Mataix (Actress, Rowing with the Wind (1988))
Virginia Graham (I) (Self, Another World (1964))
Virginia Kerr (Music Department, The Phantom of the Opera (1988))
Virginia Walker (I) (Actress, Bringing Up Baby (1938))
Virginia Gordon (I) (Actress, Hot Spur (1968))
Virginia Vee (Actress, Trois chambres à Manhattan (1965))
Virginia Montero (Actress, Sound of My Voice (2011))
Ashley Virginia Aparicio (Actress, Checkmate (2015))
Courtney Virginia Everts (Producer, Showman (2008))
Virginia Stefan (Actress, I Led 3 Lives (1953))
Virginia Hawkins (Actress, Dynasty (1981))
Virginia Ann Ford (Actress, Funny Girl (1968))
Virginia Bosler (Actress, Brigadoon (1954))
Virginia Karns (Actress, Babes in Toyland (1934))
Lauren Virginia Albert (Actress, Girl/Girl Scene (2010))
Virginia Marín (I) (Actress, Mi adorable maldición (2017))
Virginia Owen (Actress, Thunder Mountain (1947))
Virginia Cassavetes (Actress, The Other Woman (2014))
Virginia McFadden (Actress, The Locked Door (1929))
Virginia Lee (I) (Actress, Destiny's Isle (1922))
Virginia Rogin (I) (Actress, Iubire cu pumnul (2006))
Virginia Engels (Actress, Obliging Young Lady (1942))
Virginia Cruzon (Actress, Ziegfeld Girl (1941))
Virginia Wolf (V) (Actress, Brooke & Carly (2016))
Virginia Lust (II) (Actress, Fly (1970))
Virginia Petrucci (Actress, Bikini Spring Break (2012))
Virginia Dib
Virginia Berg (Art Department, Christine (2016))
Virginia Pine (Actress, Hot Off the Press (1935))
Virginia King (Writer, Before Sunrise (2011))
Virginia Peters (I) (Actress, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991))
Virginia Lago (Actress, Mujeres de nadie (2007))
Virginia Moon (Actress, Robin Hood (1922))
Virginia Mann (I) (Actress, The Inside of the White Slave Traffic (1913))
Virginia Leigh (Actress, Everything Changes (2015))
Mary Virginia Goss (Actress, Clarksdale (2014))
Virginia DeRosa (Make Up Department, Eighty Eight Keys (2006))
Virginia Ruff (Actress, Life Room (2009))
Virginia Guy (Actress, Déjà Vu (1985))
Virginia Vann (Actress, The Loves of Carmen (1948))
Virginia Gear (Stunts, Man of the House (2005))
Virginia Hina (Actress, Set in Stone (2017))
Virginia Ruiz (V) (Self, Otras voces (2014))
Virginia Clay (II) (Actress, Still Crazy (1998))
Virginia Perín (Art Director, Dar de nuevo (2005))
Virginia Nesi (Actress, Lettere italiene (2012))
Virginia Cámus (Actress, Feet Talk (2015))
Virginia Mani
Virginia Díaz (I) (Location Management, Rushmore (1998))
Virginia Bell (III) (Actress, Lariats and Six-Shooters (1931))
Virginia Love (Actress, My Refuge (2013))
Virginia Marín (II) (Actor, Maikol Yordan Traveling Lost (2014))
Virginia Gunn (I) (Actress, The Price of a Broken Heart (1999))
Virginia Blum (Thanks, Addicted to Plastic Surgery (2004))
Virginia Gayo (Actress, Joaquín Sabina: Lo niego todo (2017))
Virginia Goméz (Actress, Bon appétit (2010))
Virginia Wong (Actress, Chinatown (2009))
Virginia Bush (II) (Actress, It's Great to Be Young! (1956))
Virginia Carbó (I) (Casting Department, Polseres vermelles (2011))
Virginia Lee (VII) (Camera Department, 7 Stones (2012))
Virginia Howe (Self, Doctor, Doctor (2005))
Virginia Murr (Production Manager, Nietzsche and the Nazis (2006))