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Henry Simmons (I) (Actor, NYPD Blue (1993))
Henry Simmons (III) (Self, Stars & Music (2011))
Henry Simmons (IV) (Actor, Healthcare '08: Search for Solutions (2008))
Henry Simmons (V) (Cinematographer, Dsl (2014))
Henry Simmons (II) (Actor, Der Schimmelreiter (1978))
Henry Simmons Jr. (Producer, Fallen Fruit (2016))
Barry Simmons (IV) (Self, Celebrity Eggheads (2008))
Larry Simmons (II) (Producer, Locked in a Room (2012))
Mary Simmons (I) (Actress, The Right Path (2015))
Mary Simmons (II) (Self, Unsung Hollywood (2014))
Patrick Henry Simmons (Writer, Too Calm a Rage (2011))
Larry Simmons (V) (Miscellaneous, Saint Bernard (2013))
Gary Simmons (II) (Producer, Sidewalks Entertainment (1988))
Barry Simmons (V) (Producer, Honoring a Father's Dream: Sons of Lwala (2011))
Gary Simmons (IV) (Producer, Fable II (2008))
Gary Simmons (V) (Miscellaneous, Madame's Place (1982))
Barry Simmons (I) (Actor, The Voyage (1974))
Larry Simmons (I) (Director, A Letter for Dorrey (1995))
Larry Simmons (III) (Actor, The Out Crowd (2013))
Barry Simmons (III) (Producer, CMT Insider (2004))
Rory Simmons (Self, Two + Two: The Making of 'Two Suns' (2009))
Gary Simmons (X)
Mary Simmons (IV) (Actress, Trevor Page: Warrior (2015))
Barry Simmons (II) (Costume Designer, Grange Hill (1978))
Gary Simmons (IX) (Miscellaneous, Happy Birthday Elizabeth: A Celebration of Life (1997))
Kerry Simmons (Camera Department, Break My Fall (2011))
Larry Simmons (IV) (Sound Department, Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War (1998))
Gary Simmons (III) (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
Terry Simmons (II) (Actor, The Land of Misfits (2014))
Harry Simmons (III) (Self, Rising Tides (2016))
Harry Simmons (II) (Producer, Pseudo (2015))
Jerry Simmons (V) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Cory Simmons (Actor, PMS: Pre-teen Monster Syndrome (2015))
Gary Simmons (VI) (Editor, Dog: The Family Speaks (2006))
Mary Simmons (III) (Actor, A little bit of murder (2014))
Gary Simmons (XII) (Self, California Golden Seals Story (2016))
Terry Simmons (I) (Visual Effects, Shadowrun (2007))
Gary Simmons (XIII) (Actor, Girl of My Dreams (2017))
Jerry Simmons (I) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Gary Simmons (VIII) (Animation Department, The Lemmings Chronicles (1994))
Gary Simmons (I) (Actor, Haunters of the Deep (1984))
Barry Simmons (VII)
Gary Simmons (VII) (Actor, Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995))
Barry Simmons (VI) (Actor, A Little Bit of Faith (2009))
Jerry Simmons (II) (Producer, The Healer (2016))
Jerry Simmons (IV) (Camera Department, The Healer (2016))
Henry Timmons (Camera Department, Debts (2016))
Henry-Ernst Simmon (Actor, Kriminalobermeisterin E.R. (1973))
Gregory Simmons (I) (Producer, Next Hit Show? (2012))
Zachary Simmons (Director, Rage Quit (2013))
Geoffery Simmons (Actor, Project London (2013))
Gregory Simmons (III) (Actor, S.T.U.D. The Movie (2016))
Sherry Simmons (Production Designer, Jason Dottley: Crazy for You (2015))
Gregory Simmons (II) (Producer, ABC News: Vote 2010 (2010))
Zachary Simmons Glover (Actor, Good Fences (2003))
Caroline Mary Simmons (Actress, Dick Turpin (1979))
Patrick Wright (I) (Actor, Track of the Moon Beast (1976))
Kendall Simmons (Self, Super Bowl XL (2006))