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Henry James (I) (Writer, What Maisie Knew (2012))
Henry James (V) (Actor, Uninhabited (2010))
Harry Edwards (I) (Director, Carry Harry (1942))
aka "Henry James"
Harry Fowler (I) (Actor, The Army Game (1957))
Henry McGee (I) (Actor, The Worker (1965))
Henry Jameson (Actor, The Weekend (2002))
Bart Allison (Actor, It Happened Here (1965))
Henry James (II) (Actor, Truly Madly Deeply (1990))
Henry James (VI) (Actor, Henry James & the Man Next Door (2005))
Henry James (VII)
Henry James (IV) (Actor, Karate Film Café (2008))
Henry James (IX) (Miscellaneous, Lost Stallions: The Journey Home (2008))
Henry James (III) (Actor, Ramshackle House (1924))
Henry James (VIII) (Self, Democracy Now! (2001))
Lorenzo James Henrie (Actor, Star Trek (2009))
Henry James Vinten (Cinematographer, Faro (2017))
Oliver Henry James (Actor, Waking the Dead (2000))
Henry James Forman (Writer, The Pony Express (1925))
Henry & James Robinson
Henry James Burgess (Actor, Golf Links (2015))
Henry James Pearce (Composer, Flux (2011))
Gary James Henry III (Camera Department, Last Weekend (2014))
Henry James Baulch (Director, The Beast, and Silence (2013))
Henry Jamison (Actor, Target Diaries (2010))
James Henry (III) (Writer, The Delivery Man (2015))
James F. Henry (II) (Special Effects, Star Trek Into Darkness (2013))
Henry James Hofelline
Henry James Yardley Cook (Miscellaneous, Moshi Monsters: The Movie (2013))
Henry James Orchestra (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Christine Henry Jameson (Editorial Department, Fighting Tuna (2012))
Bobby James Henry (Composer, One Life Stand (2000))
James Henry B. (Actor, Julia (2014))
James Henry (IV) (Director, River City (2002))
James Henry (XI) (Actor, Honky Holocaust (2014))
James Henry (XXXIII)
James Henry (XXXVII) (Actor, Legends & Lies (2015))
James Henry (XXII) (Writer, Canimals (2011))
James S. Henry (Self, We're Not Broke (2012))
James F. Henry (I) (Actor, Calvary (1920))
James R. Henry (Actor, Dr. Gutman's Eulogy (2012))
James Henry (XXXIV) (Self, J-Hen: Baby Come On (2014))
James Henry (XXIII) (Cinematographer, Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of (2015))
Henry C. James (Writer, Spitfire (1942))
James Henry (I) (Actor, Horseplay (2003))
James McHenry (Director, Anything Once (1925))
James Henry (XV) (Visual Effects, Big Babies (2010))
James Henry (XIII) (Visual Effects, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (2007))
James Henry (XXXI) (Actor, DNK in the Basement, K? (2006))
James Henry (XIX) (Producer, Fallstown (2008))
James Henry (XXI) (Actor, Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire (2000))
James Henry (XXXVI) (Self, Football League Tonight (2015))
James Henry (XXX) (Actor, Gods of Egypt (2016))
James Henry (XVI) (Composer, Our Community (2005))
James Henry (VII)
James F. Henry (III) (Writer, The Love Boat (1977))
James Henry (XIV) (Writer, Rabbit Fall (2007))
James Henry (XXXII) (Camera Department, Omikron: The Nomad Soul (1999))
James Henry (II) (Producer, Growing Hair (2002))
James Henry (XXXV) (Miscellaneous, The Elm Tree (2013))
James Henry (XX) (Actor, Fallstown (2008))
James Henry (XXV) (Actor, I Work (2012))
James Henry (X) (Writer, Planet Cook (2005))
James Henry (XII) (Art Department, Shopgirl (2005))
James Henry (XVII) (Actor, Fish Lips (2010))
James Henry (XVIII) (Self, 1988 Independence Bowl (1988))
James Henry (IX) (Actor, Rachel's Attic (2002))
James B. Henry
James Henry (XXVI) (Camera Department, Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive (2013))
James Henry (XXIX)
James Henry (XXVIII) (Sound Department, Beneath Heaven (2012))
James Henry (XXIV) (Miscellaneous, Dish Nation (2011))
James Henry (XXVII) (Sound Department, Corinna (2013))
James Henry (V) (Writer, Banged Up (2003))
James Henry (VIII) (Self, Winter Soldier (1972))
Henry J. Amoroso
James Henri-Thomas (Actor, The Academy (2017))
James Henrie (Producer, H+ (2011))
James Henry Williams (I) (Actor, Minute Matrimony (2002))
James Henry Williams (II) (Art Department, Lord of War (2005))
James Henry Anderson (Actor, Trouble on a Plane (2009))
James Henry Eldridge (Actor, Skullduggery (1970))
James Henry Markos (Actor, Roadkill: A Love Story (2014))
James Henry White (Actor, Bookworms (2000))
James Henry Breasted (Actor, The Human Adventure (1935))
James Peter Henry (Actor, Sillent Assassin: The L Is Silent (2017))
James 'Jimmy' Henry (Actor, The Edge of the World (1937))
James Henry Harrison (Miscellaneous, Clayfighter 63 1/3 (1997))
James Henry Macharia (Actor, Heartbeat FM (2006))
James Henry Gunn (Actor, 8 Seconds (1994))
James Henry Holland (Actor, Daughters of the New Republic: Sarah Bradford and Harriet Tubman (2016))
James Henry Moseley (Camera Department, Art Lord and the Self Portraits: The Unauthorized Music Video (2008))
James Henry Parker (Actor, Ten Minutes (2003))
James Henry Hayden (Art Department, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992))
Henry Davis James (Miscellaneous, The Prize Fighter (1979))
James Henry Hall (Writer, Harbinger (2015))
James Henry Doan (Actor, The Nightingale (2015))
James Henry Campbell
James Henry Ball Jr. (Actor, Gator King (1997))
James Riley Henry III (Producer, Optimism (2003))
Jacob James Henry (Producer, Save the Dog (2015))
Henry Angell-James (Producer, A Small Silent Film About Death (2009))
James Henry Wood (Soundtrack, Heroes of the Range (1936))
James Henry Puckett (Actor, Finality (2017))
Henry Gibson (I) (Actor, Wedding Crashers (2005))
Christine Jameson Henry (Editor, Africa's Lost Eden (2010))
James T. Henri (Camera Department, Reality Racing: The Rookie Challenge (2007))
Horst Buchholz (Actor, Life Is Beautiful (1997))
Benjamin James Henry Stevens (Miscellaneous, Round Six (2011))
Jim Wynorski (Director, Chopping Mall (1986))
Jamieson Price (Actor, The Patriot (2000))
James Craig (I) (Actor, Kitty Foyle (1940))
James Thierrée (Actor, Chocolat (2016))
Jim Henry (I) (Stunts, No Country for Old Men (2007))
Jimmie Horan (Actor, Vertigo (1958))
Jim Neidhart (Actor, Thunder in Paradise (1993))
Jimmy Sangster (Writer, Horror of Dracula (1958))
James H. White (Director, Feeding the Doves (1896))
Skip James (Soundtrack, Ghost World (2001))
Cadien Lake James (Self, Loufest (2016))
Jim Webb (XV) (Writer, Rules of Engagement (2000))
Ewan MacColl (Soundtrack, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014))
O. Henry (I) (Writer, The Cisco Kid (1950))
Jim Jannard (Producer, Loom (2012))
James Miller (V) (Director, Death in Gaza (2004))
James Cotton (I) (Soundtrack, Michael (1996))
Henry Vibart (Actor, Weavers of Fortune (1922))
Jim Body (II) (Camera Department, Brief Encounter (1945))
James Duke (II) (Self, Bodywatch (1986))
Jim Douglas Henry (Writer, The Human Side (1964))
James Lapidus (Costume Designer, 24 (2001))
Peter Broggs (Soundtrack, Go (1999))
BullDog (Actor, The Sand Island Drive-In Anthem (2005))
J. Henry Kruse (Cinematographer, The Duke Is Tops (1938))
Peter James (III) (Art Department, The Parent Trap (1998))
Henry J. Buxton (Writer, An Amateur Devil (1920))
James Darnley (Writer, Smith's Wives (1935))
H.J. Byron (Writer, Uncle Dick's Darling (1920))
James H. Garlock (Costume Designer, Run for the Sun (1956))
Hugh Croise (Director, Always Tell Your Wife (1923))
Jimmy Bloodworth (Self, 1950 World Series (1950))
Jim Kanicki (Self, 1969 NFL Championship Game (1970))
Michael Henry (XIII) (Producer, Ennui (2010))
James Francis (V) (Self, 1990 NFL Draft (1990))
James McNeish (I) (Writer, The Town That Lost a Miracle (1972))
Clay Keyes (Actor, Mother, Don't Rush Me (1936))
Jimmy Dawkins (Composer, Jesus vender tilbage (1992))
H.J. Hamlin (Actor, Allan Quatermain (1919))
Cole Palen (Stunts, Zelig (1983))
Harry B. Eytinge (Actor, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (1914))
James Le Fre (Actor, A Study in Scarlet (1914))
Henry 'Red' Allen (Soundtrack, Joe Albany... a Jazz Life (1980))
Henri De Rothschild (Writer, La ribalta (1912))
Jim McManus (V) (Self, Players (1979))
Jimmy Williams (XIII) (Self, 1982 NFL Draft (1982))
Jim Burris (I) (Actor, The Symbol of the Unconquered (1920))
Jim Osborne (VI) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Jim Landis (IV) (Self, 1959 World Series (1959))
Jimmy Carr (VIII) (Self, 1960 NFL Championship Game (1960))
Lawrence Tynes (I) (Self, Super Bowl XLII (2008))
Jim Burris (III) (Soundtrack, Beaches (1988))
James Molyneaux (Self, Endgame in Ireland (2001))