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Anne Heche (Actress, Donnie Brasco (1997))
Anne Checler (II)
Anne Chechler (Editor, Aprisionados por Promessas: A Escravidão Rural Contemporãnea no Brasil (2007))
Anne Checler (I) (Editor, Johanna ter Steege on 'The Vanishing' (2014))
Jeanne Cheung (Self, Fixing Paco: Looking Ahead (2017))
Ian Dean Necher
Jeanne Bueche (Art Department, Spider-Man 3 (2007))
Jeanne Cheize (Costume Designer, Gamin de Paris (1954))
Deanne Cheuk (Art Director, You Remind Me of Me (2005))
Jeanne Chemin (Actress, La mort de Molière (1994))
Jeanne Cheirel (Actress, Les filles de la concierge (1934))
Susanne Schecht (Actress, Langsamer Sommer (1976))
Jeannie Cheatham (Actor, Hawkins (2014))
Julianne Cheatham (Actor, Motives of the Heart (2017))
Roseanne G. Gatcheco (Editorial Department, A Second Chance (2015))
Deanne Beecheno (Actress, The Last Trackers of the Outback (2007))
Jeanne Chevalier (I) (Editor, French Touch (2014))
Jeanne Chevalier (II) (Actress, Time (2013))
Leanne Cherundolo (Production Manager, Viceland at the Women's March (2017))
Melanie Anne Cheng
Leanne Cherney (Miscellaneous, Happy Feet (2006))
Deanne Koecher (Self, Disappeared (2009))
Jeanne Chaboche (Actress, Le voisin de Paul (1989))
Amelie-Anne Chuche (Visual Effects, Saint Laurent (2014))
Jeanne Cherhal (Self, No Land's Song (2014))
Roseanne Chery (Actress, The Watcher of Park Avenue (2017))
Leanne Ganucheau (Costume Department, Fareytale (2017))
Leanne Micheal (Actor, Set Adrift (2016))
Marie Anne Lechelmayr (Actress, Buddy (2013))
LeChelle Anne Goncalves (Actress, Waiting for the Light (1990))
Jeanne Lafaye de Micheaux (Actress, Flirt (2013))