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Halloween (Self, Vive Guerrero: A Tribute in Memory of Eddie (2006))
Shelly Martinez (Actress, Porn Shoot Massacre (2009))
aka "Halloween Barbie"
Kevin Curran (I) (Producer, The Simpsons (1989))
aka "Halloween Name"
Daniel Chun (I) (Producer, The Simpsons (1989))
aka "Halloween Danny Chun"
Brian J. Kaufman (Miscellaneous, The Simpsons (1989))
aka "Halloween Name"
Halloween Jack (Self, Casting Bruce Campbell (2011))
Hal Loween (Composer, Nosferatu Blues: Vampire Blues (2013))
Pequeño Halloween (Actor, Ray Donovan (2013))
Todd Hallowell (I) (Assistant Director, A Beautiful Mind (2001))
Grace Hallows (Actress, The Cokeville Miracle (2015))
Todd Hallowell (II) (Actor, The Facts of Life (1979))
Brad Hallowell (Actor, Tumbledown (2013))
Early Halloween
Halloween Vuduc (Miscellaneous, La beauté carnivore (2010))
Halloween Swim Team (Self, 40 Bands 80 Minutes! (2006))
Jo Hallows (I) (Producer, Hollyoaks (1995))
Sara Hallowell (Director, Pharaoh's Heart (2002))
Jo Hallows (II) (Producer, Surrey Hills (2014))
Vicky Hallows (Miscellaneous, House of Anubis (2011))
Doug Hallows (Cinematographer, At Home with the Braithwaites (2000))
Lynn Hallowell (Actress, Body Heat (1981))
Simon Hallows (Camera Department, The Violators (2015))
Oli Hallowes (Cinematographer, The Alchemists of Sound (2003))
William Hallows (Actor, I Never Will (2017))
Jen Hallows (Art Department, Christmas Oranges (2012))
Jeff Hallowen (Editor, Raise a Roof: College Challenge (2014))
Ray Hallowell (Actor, Wake (2009))
Tom Hallowes
Jason Hallows (Director, Bunny Rabbit (2007))
Diana Hallows (Actress, Adam Adamant Lives! (1966))
Oli Hallows (Camera Department, The Detectives (1993))
Mike Hallowes
Ned Hallowell (Self, The Dr. Oz Show (2009))
Luke Hallows (Actor, Secrets and Words (2012))
Cal Hallows (I) (Cinematographer, The Knowing Thing (2012))
Cal Hallows (II) (Camera Department, Broken Glass (2016))
Jon Hallows (Art Department, Christmas Oranges (2012))
Al Lowenthal (Writer, She Who Gets Slapped (1930))
Ayden Hallows (Actor, Rock Paper Scissors (2011))
Marshall Owen (Actor, The F.B.I. Files (1998))
Angy Hallows (Actress, The Name Game (2013))
Dave Hallows (Make Up Department, 666 Revealed (2006))
Emily Hallows (Actress, Hugs and Kisses (2011))
Ted Hallows (Camera Department, The Baron (1966))
Aiden Hallows (Self, EPW: Defiance (2009))
P.J. Soles (Actress, Halloween (1978))
nickname ""The Totally Girl" from Halloween"
Michael Hallows (I) (Actor, Maiden Voyage (2004))
Robert Hallowell II (Make Up Department, The Mummy (1999))
Claudia Hallowell (Writer, Spirit Love (2013))
Rikki Hallowell (Editor, Red (2016))
Marshall O. Wells III (Camera Department, Gaffe (2016))
Henry Hallowell (Actor, X-Men: Apocalypse (2016))
Billy Hallowell (Writer, Amazing Grace and Dad (2015))
Lance Hallowell (I) (Actor, Werewolf: The Devil's Hound (2007))
Ollie Hallowell (Cinematographer, Near Death (1989))
Rozdoba Hallows (Producer, Daddy's Girl (2006))
Hallowed States (Composer, Islands (2013))
Kasi Hallowell (Actress, Tamako Market (2013))
Penny Hallowes (Writer, Dave Allen (1993))
Harrison Hallows (Actor, The Owner of the Universe (2012))
Edward Hallowell (Self, 20/20 on ID (2011))
Lindsay Hallows (Actress, One Lucky Boy (2008))
Dougal Hallows (Actor, G.P. (1989))
Lyman Hallowell (Editorial Department, All About Eve (1950))
Jack Hallowell (Self, 70. Jahrestag Befreiung des KZ Dachau (2015))
Lillian Hallows (Actress, For Love and the Crown (1914))
James Mott Hallowell (Writer, The Spirit of Lafayette (1919))
Jill Hallowell (Production Manager, Rock Profile (1999))
Jackie Hallowell (Actress, Pushed Too Far (1988))
Rocio Hallowell
Marshall Lowenstein (Miscellaneous, The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg (1998))
Jeremy C. Hallowell (Actor, Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014))
Merryn Hallowell (Assistant Director, One Lonely Lost Umbrella Seeks Companion (2005))
Wayne Hallowell (Self, Deadly Women (2008))
Odette Hallowes (Miscellaneous, Carve Her Name with Pride (1958))
Jamie Hallowell (Actress, Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014))
Ripper Hallows (Actor, Rein: The Rejuvenator (2009))
Leroy Hallowell (Self, Spirit Art Show (2013))
Scott Hallowell
Robbie Hallowell (Actor, Wake (2009))
Skyler Hallowell (Director, Murmur (2011))
E. Isaacson Hallows (Actor, Inquest (1939))
Lance Hallowell (III) (Director, DPTV Networks Visits Horseman's Hollow (2012))
Tricia Hallowell (Visual Effects, After Last Season (2009))
Joseph Hallows
Cara Hallowell (Visual Effects, ParaNorman (2012))
Kris Hallowell (Actress, Wake (2009))
Richard Hallows (Producer, Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War (2002))
Victoria Hallows (Miscellaneous, Clocking Off (2000))
Lorraine Hallowell
Lance Hallowell (II) (Art Department, Sidesplitters: The Burt & Dick Story (2000))
Christina Hallowell (Actress, Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014))
Michael Hallows (II) (Actor, Ride (2016))
Matt Rozdoba-Hallows (Writer, Our Steel Story (2011))
Wendie Hallowell
John Hallowell (Actor, Heat (1972))
Carolyn Hallowell (Actress, Asymmetry (2012))
Rachel Hallowell (Actress, Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014))
Lincoln Hallowell (Self, Dead Horse Bay: New York's Hidden Treasure Trove of Trash (2015))
Christopher Hallowell (I) (Producer, Dennis the Menace (1986))
Jonathan Neal Hallowell (Actor, Thrown Down (2015))
James Mott Hallowell III (Miscellaneous, My Favorite Things That I Love (1994))
Rebecca Tapla Hallowell (Actress, Condition: Critical (1992))
Eleanor Hallowell Abbott (Writer, Little Eve Edgarton (1916))
Christopher Hallowell (III)
Christopher Hallowell (II) (Cinematographer, Asymmetry (2012))
Hallows Keep Creations (Art Department, Full Moon Inc. (2017))
Al Jean (Producer, The Simpsons (1989))
aka "Al 'Halloween Names Are Back' Jean"
Joel H. Cohen (Producer, The Simpsons (1989))
aka "Joel 'Halloween Apples' Cohen"
Jari Halonen (Actor, Joulubileet (1996))
aka "Jerry Halloween"