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Sid Haig (I) (Actor, The Devil's Rejects (2005))
Sid Haig (II) (Miscellaneous, Quality Indigo (2005))
Craig Singer (Director, A Good Night to Die (2003))
Haig Sutherland (Actor, The Flash (2014))
Craig Siebels (Producer, Burn Notice (2007))
Craig Silverstein (I) (Producer, Terra Nova (2011))
Craig Sidell (Actor, Biography (1987))
Big Sid (I) (Actor, Exiles (1999))
Haig Simonian (Cinematographer, Jarred (2017))
Craig Silvey (II) (Writer, The Amber Amulet (2013))
Craig Sills (I) (Casting Director, Comedy Lab (1998))
Craig Simpson (II) (Self, Battle of the Blades (2009))
Craig Silk (Costume Designer, Nightingales (1990))
Craig Sims (Sound Department, The Hunt for Red October (1990))
Craig Simons (I) (Actor, A Civil Matter (2011))
J.W. Haige (Production Designer, Hunting Humans (2002))
Craig Sinise (Editorial Department, Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvstedt (1997))
Paige Haight (Miscellaneous, Carmilla (2014))
Paige Chaytor (Miscellaneous, Skyfall (2012))
Craig Sienema (Producer, Dead Hearts (2014))
Craig Simpson (VII) (Miscellaneous, Goof Troop (1992))
Craig Simmons (II) (Actor, Poltergeist (1982))
Craig Simmons (IX) (Composer, Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home (2007))
Craig Sinel
Craig Simpson (XI)
Craig Simon (I) (Producer, Distances (2011))
Craig Simpson (X)
Craig Sills (II)
Craig Silva (III) (Art Department, The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Scared Silly (1998))
Craig Simpson (I) (Camera Department, The Sixth Sense (1999))
Craig Simpson (VI) (Camera Department, Hey Dad..! (1987))
Craig Sieben (Producer, Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War (2016))
Craig Sibley (I) (Sound Department, I Spy (2002))
Craig Simms (Art Department, Parrot (2012))
Craig Silvey (I) (Music Department, Ricochet (1991))
Craig Simpson (IV) (Actor, Tears (2006))
Craig Simpson (III) (Miscellaneous, The Daytrippers (1996))
Craig Siegel (II) (Music Department, Stick (1985))
Craig Simmons (IV) (Animation Department, Regular Show (2009))
Craig Simon (II) (Actor, Burning Dinosaurs )
Craig Silver (Producer, CBS Sports Spectacular: March Madness Fandemonium (2013))
Craig Simpson (IX) (Art Department, Power (2014))
Craig Simmons (VI) (Miscellaneous, Body Rock (1984))
Craig Simmons (X) (Actor, We Are Still Here (2015))
Craig Simmers (Editor, Catching Summer )
Craig Silva (II) (Miscellaneous, Beat the Devil (2002))
Craig Sibley (II)
Craig Sitch (Actor, The Gumeracha Medieval Fair (2016))
Craig Silva (I) (Actor, Tweetstock 007 (2012))
Craig Simons (II) (Actor, Run with Me (2017))
Craig Siegel (I) (Miscellaneous, Word Is Out (1977))
Craig Simmons (I) (Director, Dead Air (1999))
Craig Simpson (V) (Visual Effects, Edge of Tomorrow (2014))
Craig Simons (IV) (Actor, No Man Is an Island (2015))
Graig Simpson
Craig Silva (IV) (Miscellaneous, Best of Comedy Live (1995))
Craig Simmons (VII) (Visual Effects, Dark Future (1994))
Craig Sietsma (Set Decorator, Animosity (2013))
Craig Simons (III) (Actor, No Man Is an Island (2015))
Craig Simpson (VIII) (Visual Effects, After (2012))
Craig Simmons (V) (Actor, Police Quest III: The Kindred (1991))
Craig Simons (V) (Actor, Death Penalty (2017))
Craig Simmons (III) (Location Management, Akeelah and the Bee (2006))
Craig Sibia (Actor, The Firm (2009))
Craig Simmons (VIII) (Actor, Singapore Sling (1993))
Herwig Sider (Composer, Omnia (2014))
Haige Zhou (Cinematographer, Mimi (2014))
Chai Geeta (Transportation Department, Rescue Dawn (2006))
Paige Shay (Actress, Golgotha )
Craig Shay (Actor, Unfunny (2015))
Chaohai Ge (Producer, Da Shanghai 1937 (1986))
Nyokabi Gethaiga (Actress, Kati Kati (2016))
Alyssa Haigen (Actress, East Los High (2013))
Craig Sinclair (II) (Camera Department, Take Me to the River (2014))
Hayley Paige (Actress, Dolls (2015))
Paige Cassidy (Camera Department, Summerland (2016))
Haig Stewart (Editorial Department, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (2002))
Halhai Gergo (Miscellaneous, Exek az édenben (2017))
Shai Getzoff (Director, Missing (2017))
Marie Haiger (Actress, Her mit dem schönen Leben (2007))
Hai Gen Cheng (Location Management, Yang jia jiang (2013))
Erica Shaiger (Actress, Worship This: Indifferent (2013))
Haig Sarajian (Miscellaneous, Screamers (2006))
Mekhai Gedke (Actor, Gray Matter (2016))
Craig Shai Hee (Actor, The Place of the Dead (1997))
Saige Hayes (Sound Department, Modern Guilt (2017))
Paige Haynes (Actress, Capital Women (2007))
Shai Gelber (Actor, Hachaverim Shel Naor (2006))
Mihai Geletu (Art Department, Amen. (2002))
Craig Silverstein (III) (Self, Bloomberg Game Changers (2010))
Subaig Singh-Kandola (Actor, Ask the Cheat (2017))
Craig Sinclair (IV) (Art Department, Black Sails (2014))
Craig Silverman (I) (Actor, A Gift from Heaven (1995))
Craig Sinclair (V) (Self, Walking Through History (2013))
Graig Sirianni (Actor, Tales from the Opera (1994))
Craig Sinonion (Camera Department, Bobby Loves Mangos (1998))
Craig Simonetti (Editorial Department, Sweating Bullets (1991))
Craig Silverman (III) (Self, Agnostic Front: Old New York (2015))
Craig Silverman (IV) (Self, Colorado Inside Out (1981))
Mary Craig Sinclair (Producer, Que Viva Mexico (1979))
Padraig Singal (Actor, The Dirties (2013))
Craig Silverman (II) (Self, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder (2000))
Craig Sinclair (III) (Cinematographer, Ripple Effect (2014))
Craig Sinclair (VI) (Producer, Women on the Move (2017))
Craig Siegelbaum (Composer, Unseen (2012))
Craig Sinanian (Cinematographer, Brief Encounter (2003))
Craig Silverstein (II) (Miscellaneous, Avatar: The Game (2009))
Craig Simeroth (Transportation Department, Back to You and Me (2005))
Craig Siuloinski (Miscellaneous, P.O.V. (1988))
Craig Sinclair (I) (Assistant Director, 1915 (1982))
Craig Sigworth (Actor, Slash Fiction (2011))
Craig Silberman (Actor, One Fall (2011))
'Big' Sid Ginsburg (Miscellaneous, The Mighty Hercules (1963))
Paige Whiteside (Actor, Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (2008))
Mihai-Georgel Erhan
Haig Shirinian (III) (Music Department, Lawbreakers (2008))
Mathai George Kolath (Producer, Meerayude Dukhavum Muthuvinte Swapnavum (2003))
Haig Sarkissian (Actor, Ararat (2002))
Haig Shirinian (II) (Composer, Lawbreakers (2008))
Paige Tempest-Hay (Miscellaneous, Naked Attraction (2016))
Craig Summerhayes (Actor, Home and Away (1988))
Mordechai Geberer (Miscellaneous, The Three Hares (2017))
Supachai Gerdsuwan (Producer, Phee poh sadue pood lae siw khong Nuk Nik (2013))
Toosdhai Paige (Actress, Toobie (2007))
Franz Hajo Haiger (Art Director, Vergiss Amerika (2000))
Haig Shirinian (I) (Music Department, Mary Anne Goes to the Market (2010))
Paige Prochaira (Actress, Just Another Zombie Movie (2014))
Jessica Paige Haines (Assistant Director, The Art of Kissing (2008))
Sascha Igelmund (Camera Department, Rockpalast (1974))
Theresia Haiger (Actress, Die Lottosieger (2009))
Sidsel Lønvig Siersted (Producer, Something Better to Come (2014))
Cassidy Paige Bringas (Actress, A Day Without a Mexican (2004))
Christoph Aigelsreiter (Composer, Von der Magie des Wassers - Der Lunzer See (2015))
Haig Sarikouyoumdjian (Music Department, Buried (2010))
Clinton Phaige Paguntalan