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Cary Grant (I) (Actor, North by Northwest (1959))
Grant Cardone (Actor, Turnaround King (2011))
Cary Grant (III) (Writer, Winter's Inferno (in development))
Grant Carey (II) (Writer, Songs for the Firmament (2016))
Grant Carr (III) (Costume Department, District 9 (2009))
Grant Carr (II) (Art Director, Life Is Wild (2007))
Grant Carey (I) (Actor, Summer Underground: Honeycomb (2014))
Cary Grant (II) (Producer, Heung Gong ngaai maan nau ji sau sing pui yuk (2003))
Cary Grant (IV) (Miscellaneous, Cellar Door (2016))
Grant Carvin
Grant Carlin (Actor, A Little Bit in All of Us (1978))
Grant Carroll (Director, Gods of Football 2009: The Making of the Calendar (2009))
Grant Carter (Producer, The Carter Show (2015))
Grant Carden (Camera Department, Lunchtime (2010))
Grant Carlson (Producer, Vamp U (2011))
Grant Carsten (Music Department, Price of Atonement (2016))
Grant Carson (Camera Department, Passage to Persephone (2017))
D. Grant Carr (Sound Department, La dent noire (2009))
Grant Carver (Self, D2WYM Snippets (2014))
Carie Grant (Producer, The Shadow Walkers (2006))
Grant Cartwright (Actor, Restoration (2016))
Grant Case (II)
Grant Camp (I)
Grant Camp (II) (Producer, Tabitha: Witch of the Order (2017))
Grant Case (I) (Actor, Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown (2011))
Grant Cathro (Writer, Mike & Angelo (1989))
Grant Cameron (I) (Cinematographer, Orphans (1998))
Cary Grant Jr. (Producer, Snap (in development))
Grant Calof (Writer, Action Auto (2009))
Grant Cairns
Grant Cawood (Camera Department, American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989))
Grant Cameron (III) (Actor, U.F.O. (2009))
Grant Cameron (V) (Self, UFOs and Consciousness (2013))
Grant Cahall (Actor, Guardian Derangel (2017))
Grant Calton
Grant Cavins (Actor, Crime Family (2004))
Grant Cabran (Actor, Love's Labour's Lost (2016))
Grant Calhoun (Actor, Girls' School (1950))
Grant Cawley (Actor, We Are MorMor: The Pilot )
Grant Castle (Miscellaneous, The Lost World (2001))
Grant Cameron (IV) (Self, Daybreak (2010))
Grant Cameron (II) (Self, Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs (2005))
Grant Cannon (Producer, The Haunted Desert: Archaelogy and the Dead Sea Scrolls (2001))
Grant Cassidy (Writer, Unconditional (2015))
Grant Caughey
Grant Carpenter (I) (Writer, Up the Ladder (1925))
Grant Carter-Brown (Actor, Last of the Living (2009))
Grant Carmichael (Actor, A War Story (1981))
Grant Carpenter (VII) (Editor, Love, Gwen (2017))
Grant Carpenter (VI)
Grant Carpenter (III) (Camera Department, Step (2016))
Grant Carpenter (V) (Editor, Step (2016))
Grant Cartwrite (Actor, Play Time (2013))
Grant Carpenter (II) (Actor, Mare's Nest (2004))
Grant Carricker (Actor, Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency (2009))
Grant Carpenter (IV) (Miscellaneous, Tango (2013))
Varant Carletti (Actor, Sarah (2013))
Grant Campbell (XII) (Actor, I'm a Vampire (2015))
Grant Campbell (XIV) (Actor, Cops and Robbers (2017))
Grant Campbell (V) (Self, The Restaurant (2007))
Grant Campbell (X)
Grant Callaghan (Miscellaneous, Kung Fu Panda (2008))
Grant Campbell (IV) (Animation Department, The Nutcracker Prince (1990))
Grant Campbell (I) (Director, Dark Stories 3 (2002))
Grant Castleberry (Sound Department, Process (2013))
Grant Campbell (XI) (Actor, Mark in His Dream Job (2013))
Grant Campbell (XV) (Sound Department, The FoodFather (2015))
Grant Campbell (VI) (Art Department, Nearly No Christmas (1983))
Grant Campbell (IX) (Editorial Department, The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson (1998))
Grant Campbell (II) (Miscellaneous, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
Grant Campbell (VIII)
Grant Campbell (XVI) (Animation Department, Zeroman (2004))
Grant Calvin Weston (Actor, John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards Live in Berlin (1992))
Grant Campbell (XIII) (Sound Department, Changeover (2015))
Grant Castleton (Producer, Savage Journey (1983))
Grant Campbell (III) (Producer, What You Leave Behind (2013))
Grant Campbell (VII) (Sound Department, Hearsay (2008))
Jennifer Grant Castrup
J. Brant Carnwath (Miscellaneous, Swing of Your Kiss (2015))
Carina Grant (Actress, U Wan Releef (2005))
Thomas Grant Crary (Actor, This Is Only Temporary (2015))
Stefanie Grant Cassel (Actress, The Coffee Shop (2009))
Tony Curtis Blondell (Actor, Slashers (2001))
Anthony Bacari Lagrange (Actor, Les dix commandements (2001))
Cary Gilbert (Soundtrack, The Martian (2015))