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Gene Roth (I) (Actor, Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959))
Gene Roth (II) (Self, Revelation 666 (2006))
Ivan E. Roth (Actor, Night of the Comet (1984))
Eugene Roche (I) (Actor, Slaughterhouse-Five (1972))
Gene Roddenberry (Writer, Star Trek: Voyager (1995))
Gene Ross (I) (Actor, The Goonies (1985))
Eugene Roth (II) (Actor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003))
Eugene Roth (I) (Editor, Blue Money (1972))
Eugene Roth (III) (Art Department, Boys Will Be Boys (1999))
Suzanne Roth (I) (Actress, The Brady Bunch (1969))
Maria Genero (Actress, Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999))
Gene Rosen (Self, Newtown (2016))
Eugene Robert Glazer (Actor, La Femme Nikita (1997))
Rose Renée Roth (Actress, Ödipussi (1988))
Ilene Roth
Renee Roth (II) (Actress, Thrilling Contradictions (2014))
Alex Eneroth (Camera Department, I'm Gabrielle (2015))
Julie-Anne Roth (Actress, The Syrian Bride (2004))
Anne Roth
Jonas Eneroth (II) (Self, Gomorron (1992))
Marlene Roth (Actress, A Girl Like Her (2015))
Sharlene Roth (Actor, Mop King (2013))
Kaylene Rothe (Actress, Prisoner (1979))
Kaliene Roth (Actress, Wish (2011))
Jonas Eneroth (I) (Producer, Thief II: The Metal Age (2000))
Tomas Eneroth
John Eneroth (Actor, Gångbaneman (2016))
Eugene Rothman (Writer, The Middle East: The Place, the People (1985))
Geneen Roth (Self, The Dr. Oz Show (2009))
Nero the Dog (Actor, Bread Upon the Waters (1912))
Lane Roth (Actor, Rust (2010))
Arne Roth (Actor, Surferne kommer (1998))
Jane Roth (Set Decorator, His Majesty O'Keefe (1954))
Gene Kroth (Actor, Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987))
Gene Roy (II) (Miscellaneous, Kenny Rogers: The First 50 Years (2011))
Gene Roy (I) (Production Designer, Ass & The Elephant (2008))
Gene Roy (III)
Joey Generoso (Soundtrack, Yaya & Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie (2009))
Anne Rothäuser (Actress, Wie bitte?! (1992))
Eugene Robinson (III) (Actor, Leonard Part 6 (1987))
Renee Roth (I) (Miscellaneous, Rushmore (1998))
Caroline Rothwell (Actress, The Van (1996))
Eugene Robinson (II) (Self, Meet the Press (1947))
Gene Rogers (I) (Actor, Gamboling on the Green (1916))
Dianne Rothenberg (Actress, Selene Hollow (2015))
Sarah Jayne Rothkopf (Actress, Just Our Luck (2016))
Gene Rooney (I) (Actress, Botched (2007))
Arlene Rothberg (Producer, Crimes of the Heart (1986))
Christine Rothe (I) (Producer, Downfall (2004))
Gene Rose (Music Department, Higher and Higher (1943))
Gene Ross (IV)
Gene Romo
Gene Ross (VII) (Costume Designer, Halo: The Fallen (Prologue) (2012))
Generoso (Actor, Chico Fumaça (1956))
Gene Ross (VI) (Actor, Mesquite Buckaroo (1939))
Gene Rosow (Producer, Dirt! The Movie (2009))
Gene Ross (II) (Actor, The Corn Is Green (1945))
Gene Romero (Miscellaneous, Ride with the Wind (1994))
Tom Genero (Actor, Double Fantasy (1994))
Gene Rome
Gene Rossi (I) (Art Department, Evangeline (1929))
Gene Roman (Music Department, E poi lo chiamarono il magnifico (1972))
Gene Rossi (II) (Actor, When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do (2013))
Gene Minero (Actor, An American Life (2013))
Christine Roth (III) (Self, E! True Hollywood Story (1996))
Fabienne Rothe (Self, DSDS Kids (2012))
Lisanne Roth (Costume Department, Verrückt nach Fixi (2016))
Caroline Roth (Self, I Grew Up in Princeton (2013))
Ruthanne Roth
Deanne Roth (Writer, Hey Dude (1989))
Joanne Roth (II)
Morgane Roth (Assistant Director, Opération Commando (2016))
Jay Wineroth (Actor, Tall Trees (2006))
Katherine Roth (Costume Designer, All My Children (1970))
June Rothwell (Writer, Daylight Robbery (1999))
Maxine Roth (Miscellaneous, Me Myself I (1999))
Anne Rothwell (Producer, The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science (1996))
Joanne Roth (I) (Producer, Lost and Found (2010))
Josefine Roth (Actress, Du skall hedra (1995))
Ariane Roth (Actress, Mein (2009))
Matt Wineroth (Editor, Get Happy (2008))
Nero the Lion (Actor, The Woman, the Lion and the Man (1915))
Simone Roth (Miscellaneous, All Alone (2010))
Suzanne Roth (II) (Self, Orgasm Inc. (2009))
Sabine Roth (Self, Unser Bayern hat viele Gesichter (2010))
Jasmine Roth (II) (Actress, Breaking In (2015))
Justine Roth (Set Decorator, En avant, calme et droit (2014))
Jasmine Roth (I) (Writer, The Bastards of à la Carte (2009))
Alvin E. Roth (Self, 2012 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony (2012))
Dianne Roth (Producer, Rock and Roll Fantasy (1992))
Philine Roth (Actress, Glückliche Tage V - Der Kampf um die Macht (2001))
Eugene H. Roth (Producer, The Blue Boy (1926))
Gene Strother (Self, Joni and Friends (2007))
Casey Anne Rothery (Actress, EastEnders (1985))
Martin Eneroth (Music Department, Hip Hip Hora! (2004))
Lisa Laurene Roth (Producer, Bryan (2013))
Ulrika Eneroth (Make Up Department, Bruno (2001))
Anne Rothenstein
Eugene Roche (II) (Miscellaneous, Maslin Beach (1997))
Dorothy Jorgenson (Assistant Director, Deconstructing the Ushers (2017))
Tara Lee-Anne Roth (Actress, High Kicks (1993))
Gene Robbins (Actor, Cannibal Campout (1988))
Sophie Nerot (II) (Miscellaneous, La mauvaise rencontre (2011))
Sophie Nerot (I) (Actress, La classe de neige (1998))
Helene Rotaru (Self, Angeschwemmt (1994))
Gene Rodgers (I) (Actor, Shoot to Kill (1947))
Christiane Roth (Actress, Sexcapade in Mexico (1973))
Toto Generoso (Editor, Minsan lang kita iibigin (2011))
Gene Rowland (IV) (Special Effects, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Carl Genero (Actor, When Heaven Comes Down (2002))
Leah Generous (Actress, Oh Henry (2013))
Eugene Root (Miscellaneous, The Elm Tree (2013))
Cory Generoux (Actor, Dolan's Cadillac (2009))
Eugene Rosam (Self, No Blood: Medicine Meets the Challenge (2001))
Gene Robinson (I) (Actor, P.I. Blues (2003))
Eugene Rostow (Self, Denkmodell Kalter Krieg (1983))
Gene Rowley (I) (Animation Department, Scooby's Laff-A Lympics (1977))
Gene Rodgers (II) (Actor, Team Everest: A Himalayan Journey (2007))
Eugene Roder (Director, Così è la vita (1931))
Gene Roberts (V) (Self, Brother Minister: The Assassination of Malcolm X (1994))
Gene Robles (Art Department, The Blue and the Gray (1982))
Gene Rouzzoe (Actor, Bully (2012))
Gene Roberts (II) (Actor, Finding Her (2017))
Marygene Rose (IV) (Make Up Department, Dolores (2015))
Ara Generoso (Director, Sapantaha (2012))
Gene Rodemich (Music Department, Wot a Night (1931))
Gene Roberts (IV) (Composer, Lotto (2010))
Eugene R. O'Neil (Producer, It's Everybody's War (1942))
Eugene Rogers
Marygene Rose (II) (Make Up Department, Viv 1.0 or They Must Have Forgotten (2013))
Eugene Rogan (Self, Al-Nakba (2008))
Raul Generoso (Actor, Hanggang kailan kita mamahalin? (1997))
Eugene Rosi (Soundtrack, The Rules of the Game (1939))
Alix Generous (Costume Department, Headmaster (2017))
Eugene Roof (Transportation Department, De Droomtrein (2014))
Rayg Generoso (Assistant Director, Tribu (2007))
Eugene Rooke
Gene Robinson (II) (Miscellaneous, The Cassidy Kids (2006))
Marygene Rose (III) (Producer, Praxis (2014))
Eugene R. Ober (Music Department, Goof Troop (1992))
Gene Rowley (II) (Actor, Call 911 (2008))
Gene Robinson (V) (Self, 2010 Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (2010))
Gene Roberts (VI) (Producer, Nippon (2012))
Gene Rogers (II) (Camera Department, A Dull House (2004))
Gene Rockwell (Music Department, Z.E.B.R.A. (1971))
Gene Roscoe (Actor, The Love Bug (1968))
Leo Generoso (Actor, City of God (2002))
Marygene Rose (I) (Make Up Department, Revelations (2013))
Demi Generoso (Miscellaneous, Makamundo (2004))
Gene Robinson (IV) (Self, UFOs Over Earth (2008))
Gene Generoso (Director, Isang gabi sa buhay ng isang babae (1976))
Generoso Gener (Cinematographer, Sa akin kayong lahat (1976))
Gene Roemer (II) (Self, Satan in the Suburbs (2000))
Gene 'Rock' Kurz (Actor, The Adventures of Loop & Rhett (2011))
Gener Ocampo (Animation Department, Dennis & Gnasher (2009))
Gene Ronzani (Self, Pro Football (1934))
Gene Rooney (II) (Casting Department, War of the Buttons (1994))
Generous Otero (Actress, Kimmy Dora: Ang kiyemeng prequel (2013))
Gene Ruggiero (Editor, Around the World in Eighty Days (1956))
Pablo Genero (Director, El camino más largo (2006))
Gene Robinson (VI) (Miscellaneous, Le chien (1962))
Gene Robinson (III) (Self, For the Bible Tells Me So (2007))
Gene Rosati Jr. (Editorial Department, The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano (2015))
Gene Rowland (I) (Composer, Tall, Tan, and Terrific (1946))
Eugene Ross (Actor, My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn (1985))
Sam Generoux (Actor, Dead Rush (2016))
Gene Roberts (III) (Self, The Real Malcolm X (1992))
Eugene Roper (Actor, Intruder in the Dust (1949))
Gene Roberts (I) (Actor, On Our Own (1988))
Jim Generose (Actor, Lewisburg )
Gene Roemer (I) (Make Up Department, Petticoat Junction (1963))
Gene Rooney (III) (Actress, Torn (Ie Short) (2014))
Gene Robinson (VII) (Self, Civilian Drones: Search and Rescue (2013))
Eugene Rodriguez (II) (Actor, Mi verano con Amanda (2008))
Dorothea Barth Jorgensen (Self, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2009))
Christiane Rothe (I) (Art Director, The Lives of Others (2006))
Cheyenne Rothman (Director, Release the Cracken (2004))
Martine Rothblatt (Producer, The Singularity Is Near (2010))
Generoso Cortini (Actor, Marriage Italian Style (1964))
Saranne Rothberg (Miscellaneous, The Wind (1986))
Gene Carrothers (Self, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule (2010))
Ella Eneroth Johansson (Actress, Bastian (2012))
Martin Eneroth-Johansson (Visual Effects, Kon-Tiki (2012))
Lene Rottensen (Miscellaneous, Jeg taler til jer - John Kørners verden (2013))
Reiner Morgenroth (Self, Vollmond In Extremo (2000))
Catherine Rothrock (Actress, The Big Production (2007))
Susanne Rothfos (Self, Miss Universe Pageant (1994))
Christine Rothman
Anne Rothschild (Editor, In the Shadow of No Towers (2011))
Mary Anne Rothberg (Producer, Half Sour (2015))
Christine Rothstein (Actress, Kasperltheater (1957))
Kristine Rothwell (Sound Department, Great Performances (1971))
Joseph Wineroth (Director, Playing the Pendulum (2013))
Markus Erneroth (Music Department, The Three Friends... and Jerry (1999))
Christine Roth (IV) (Producer, Origins: The Journey of Humankind (2017))
Susanne Rothert (Make Up Department, The Florence Foster Jenkins Story (2016))
Francine Rothschild (Producer, Damn! (2011))
Céline Rothfuss (Make Up Department, The Science of Sleep (2006))
Johan Järneroth (Miscellaneous, Robinson ekspeditionen (1998))
Ryanne Rothenberg (Self, Constant (2008))