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Gabrielle Dennis (Actress, The Game (2006))
Gabrielle Drake (Actress, The Brothers (1972))
Gabrielle Daye (Actress, 10 Rillington Place (1971))
Gabrielle Downey (Actress, The Double (2013))
Gabrielle Dempsey (Actress, A Missed Connection (2011))
Gabrielle Diaz (II) (Make Up Department, [86'd] (2014))
Gabriel Ledo (Director, War is Love (2014))
Gabrielle D'Ayr (Actress, The Promoter (2013))
Gabrielle Dainard (Editor, Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (2008))
Gabrielle Dakessian
Gabrielle Dorziat (Actress, Gigot (1962))
Gabrielle DeCuir (Director, The Delivery (2008))
Gabrielle Dawes (Casting Director, Celebration (2007))
Gabrielle Doulcet (Actress, That Most Important Thing: Love (1975))
Gabrielle Dumon (Production Manager, Lily Sometimes (2010))
Gabrielle Demeestere (Director, Yosemite (2015))
Gabrielle DeCaro (Actress, Liberty's Secret: The 100% All-American Musical (2016))
Gabrielle Davies (Miscellaneous, NRL on Fox Sports (1997))
Gabrielle Toledano
Gabrielle Davis (Actress, Jessabelle (2014))
Gabrielle Davidson (Miscellaneous, American High School (2009))
Gabrielle Dagneault (Self, Vive Québec (1988))
Gabrielle Danchick (Actress, Mindwalk (1990))
Gabrielle Daepolo (Actress, Cyrus (2010))
Gabrielle Darling (Actress, Conrad (2017))
Gabrielle Dalrymple (Make Up Department, Breathe (2015))
Gabrielle Dalton (Producer, The Miscreants of Taliwood (2009))
Gabrielle Davran (Actress, The Black Diamond (1941))
Gabrielle D'Abreau (Art Department, The Apartment: About Last Night (2015))
Gabrielle Darque (Casting Director, Dead Men Play No Blues (2009))
Gabrielle Davison (Actress, Kip's Tips (2014))
Gabrielle Rose Dail
Gabrielle Marie Dayan (Miscellaneous, Amigo (2010))
Gabrielle Dowling (Actress, Emmerdale (1972))
Gabrielle Dickey (Actress, G.S.I.: Ghost Services International (2007))
Gabrielle d'Aigremont
Gabrielle Dziadkowiec (Self, Airplane Repo (2010))
Gabriel Le Doze (Actor, Grabouillon (2006))
Gabriel Carballeda (Actor, Héroes verdaderos (2010))
Gabrielle D. Fortin (Writer, Pulsions (2014))
Gabrielle Cayer (Actress, The Best Laid Plans (2014))
Gabrielle Sayers (Producer, Box Preacher (2004))
Gabrielle L. Hayes (Actress, Uncertainty Principle (2010))
Gabrielle Quaye
Gabrielle Kaye-Smith (Actress, Bailey's Thoughts (2010))
Gabrielle Donadio (I)
Gabrielle Dickson (Actress, Mangus! (2011))
Gabrielle de Bourg (Cinematographer, Four Degrees of Jonas Rydell (2011))
Gabrielle Duguay (Actress, The Musician (2013))
Gabrielle Dubose
Gabrielle De Maeyer (Actress, Lijmen/Het been (2000))
Gabrielle Debrives (Actress, Les timidités de Rigadin (1910))
Gabrielle Deeny (Art Director, Don't Listen (2016))
Gabrielle DiMarco (Actress, The Wingman (2012))
Gabrielle Toledo (Actress, That Other Crazy Thing You Do (2014))
Gabrielle Dionne (Actress, Bumrush (2011))
Gabrielle Deimeke (I) (Camera Department, Ruby Van Dweller (2015))
Gabrielle Dumont (Production Manager, The Inquiry (2016))
Gabrielle During (Miscellaneous, The Pickup Artist (2007))
Gabrielle DeKnock (Actress, In the Red (1999))
Gabrielle Dufour (Miscellaneous, Odysseo by Cavalia (2015))
Gabrielle Drean (Miscellaneous, Zonzon (1998))
Gabrielle De Germiny (Actress, Belle grand-mère 2 - La trattoria (2002))
Gabrielle Del Mese (Production Manager, Catatonic (2015))
Gabrielle Dunn (II) (Miscellaneous, Panorama (1953))
Gabrielle Dunnmoore (Costume Department, Holding the Man (2015))
Gabrielle Dufresne (Assistant Director, Snowtop (2013))
Dyan Gabrielle Diño (Actress, Mother Nanny (2006))
Gabrielle Donadio (II) (Actress, Love Different (2016))
Gabrielle Dreyer (Actress, Screen Two (1985))
Gabriel Ledoze
Gabrielle Dubois (Self, Balade à Toronto (2014))
Gabrielle Djidou (Actress, Un changement de saison (1975))
Gabrielle Defossez (Actor, The Visitation (2013))
Gabrielle D'Estries (Actress, Sideways (2009))
Gabriel le Doze (Actor, Ce pour quoi on est fait (2012))
Gabrielle Devine (Make Up Department, Atl BossDivaz Latinaz Reality Show (2013))
Gabrielle Detcheva (Costume Designer, Monsieur William, les traces d'une vie possible (2001))
Gabrielle D'Errico (II)
Gabrielle Desantis (Make Up Department, Stunt Fighter (2014))
Gabrielle Desbiens (Actor, Summer Girls (2010))
Gabrielle Dunn (I) (Costume Department, Romper Stomper (1992))
Gabrielle De Conti (Actress, Delicacy (2011))
Gabrielle Douglas (I) (Actress, The Scar Crow (2009))
Gabrielle Decellis (Actor, Shamefull Legacy (2005))
Jan Gabrielle Dinco (Actress, Mother Nanny (2006))
Gabrielle Diaz (I) (Actress, Why I Don't Date (2014))
Gabrielle Dixon (Actress, StandUp (2012))
Gabrielle Ducomble (Self, To Trend on Twitter (2016))
Gabrielle Deimeke (II) (Art Director, Aromantic Comedy (2016))
Gabrielle Durkee (Actress, Method of Deception (2007))
Gabrielle D. Buford (Miscellaneous, Boyz n the Hood (1991))
Gabrielle Domingues (Production Manager, Til Debt Do U$ Part (2005))
Gabrielle Docktor (Actress, Idol (2006))
Gabrielle Desdoigts (II) (Miscellaneous, The Lego Movie (2014))
Gabrielle de Boucaud (Director, Lily's Journey (2015))
Gabrielle Dillon (Actress, Grey Matter (2015))
Gabrielle Dupuis (II) (Actor, Carnaval (2014))
Gabrielle Di Zitti
Gabrielle Dudley (Actress, Figure in the Forest (2002))
Gabrielle Dillar (Actress, NASA: Exploration Space - Explorers Wanted (2010))
Gabrielle D'Errico (I) (Actress, Alice, I Think (2006))
Gabrielle DeJesus (Actress, Bumpin Uglies (2016))
Gabrielle B. Leduc (Cinematographer, The Babysitter (2016))
Gabrielle Drouin (Actress, Creatures of the Night (2016))
Gabrielle Demers (Cinematographer, Les traqués (2014))
Gabrielle Dunn (III) (Actress, Jem: Only the Beginning (2016))
Gabrielle D. Bacchus (Miscellaneous, xXx (2002))
Gabrielle Desdoigts (I) (Actress, The Von (2007))
Gabrielle Douglas (III) (Self, Chelsea's Channel (2012))
Gabrielle DiFonzo (Self, Whiz Kids (1995))
Gabrielle Dupuis (I) (Costume Designer, Fifty Bucks (2013))
Gabrielle de Barry (Costume Department, Hug-O-Gram (2015))
Gabrielle Duong (Producer, Dragonfly (2007))
Gabrielle de Lange
Kristen Gabrielle Sledge (Actress, The Counterparts (2014))
Gabrielle des Enfants (Actress, Leave It to Beaver (1957))
Gabrielle Ekedal
Gabrielle Bedard (Actress, The Emergence (2007))
Gabrielle Poveda (Costume Designer, Dark Consequences (2015))
Gabrielle DesRochers (Assistant Director, Whatever It Takes (2010))
Michelle DiForte Gabriel
Marie-Gabrielle Delemer (Actress, Je suis un acte manqué (2016))
Gabrielle de Gersigny (Costume Department, Chappie (2015))
Gabrielle D'Entremont (I) (Costume Department, Whisper (2014))
Gabrielle Diane Thompson
Gabrielle Rivera Valedon (Actor, Outer Space Boy - a Super Hero Story (2013))
Gabrielle DeDomenicis (Actress, Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story (2016))
Gabrielle Dessaunettes (Actress, Sirens (1993))
Gabrielle D'Entremont (II) (Art Department, Capetown (2014))
Gabrielle De Montmollin (Writer, Hands (1989))
Gabrielle Dutruc-Rosset (Miscellaneous, Petit (1996))
Gabrielle Desbrosiers (Art Department, Barney's Version (2010))
Gabrielle Derrick de Papp (Miscellaneous, The Kiss (2003))
Gabrielle Dierenfeldt (Editor, Where's the Money (2011))
Gabrielle de Casanove (Cinematographer, Heaven in a Wild Flower (2009))
Gabriella Voigt Goledano (Make Up Department, Amnesia (2000))
Gabrielle Destroismaisons (Music Department, Les Boys III (2001))
Gabrielle Derouen-Hawkins (Miscellaneous, Treasure Planet (2002))