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Larry David (I) (Writer, Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000))
David Fury (I) (Producer, The Tick (2017))
Zachary David Cope (Actor, Stir of Echoes (1999))
Kerry David (I) (Producer, Bill Coors: The Will to Live (2017))
David Tafuri (Self, The Ingraham Angle (2017))
Gary David Goldberg (Writer, Family Ties (1982))
Terry David Mulligan (Actor, Fantastic Four (2005))
Henry David (III) (Actor, A Touch Away (2006))
Zachary David (Actor, Severus Snape and the Marauders (2016))
Eury Davis
Mary David (Producer, 3-2-1 (1978))
Gary David (V) (Composer, My Papa Rich (2015))
Gary David (IV) (Self, The Ryzza Mae Show (2013))
Cory David (Actor, Recess (2010))
Gary David (I) (Actor, All in Good Taste (1983))
Gary David (II)
Gary David (III) (Producer, Surfing the Sonic Sky (2012))
Larry David (III) (Actor, Outlaw (2007))
Larry David (IV) (Actor, Generator Gawl (1998))
Gregory David Roberts (Writer, Shantaram (in development))
Maury Davis (I)
Maury Davis (II) (Self, Praise the Lord (1973))
Larry David (V) (Self, The Other Side of Paradise (2009))
Gary Davidson (V)
Henry David (II) (Actor, Yellow Dog (1973))
Larry David (II) (Camera Department, The Prodigal Planet (1983))
Perry David (Composer, The New Sexy (2014))
Kerry David (II) (Costume Department, The Magnificent Dead (2010))
Jerry David (I) (Actor, Leçon de vie (1995))
Mary Davidson (Actress, Bent (1997))
Gregory David (Editor, Foreigner: Live (2011))
Harry David (IV) (Stunts, Taken Over (2016))
Jerry David (II)
Rory Davidson (Actor, WillShake (2015))
Gerry David (Miscellaneous, Ali in Wonderland (1992))
Jerry David (III) (Animation Department, Planes (2013))
Henry David (IV) (Director, Nobody's Business (2008))
Dongry David (Actor, Aaaah (2014))
Harry David (I) (Actor, The Wednesday Play (1964))
Gary Davidoff (Actor, The Ghosts (2011))
Larry David (VII)
Larry David (IX) (Actor, Is Anybody There? (2008))
Gary Davidson (III) (Transportation Department, Game of Thrones (2011))
Harry David (II) (Camera Department, Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934))
Jerry David (IV)
Gary Davidson (I) (Art Department, The 4th Floor (1999))
Jerry David (V)
Henry David (I) (Actor, Equal Impact (1995))
Henry David (V) (Writer, Medic (1954))
Gary Davidson (IV) (Actor, Town vs. Gown (2015))
Larry David (VIII) (Music Department, A Boy Named Sue (2011))
Harry Davids (Producer, Re-Invent Education (2014))
Mary Davidkin (Self, Daavid - tarinoita kunniasta ja häpeästä (1997))
Terry David (Producer, Seeking Happily Ever After (2010))
Thierry David (Soundtrack, Kebab Connection (2004))
Harry David (III) (Actor, Anatomiya ng korupsiyon (2011))
Gary Davidson (II) (Transportation Department, Into the Wild (2007))
Henry David Thoreau (I) (Writer, New Walden (1991))
David Furie (Actor, The Operative (2018))
Füri Dávid (Visual Effects, Screamers (2017))
Ellery Davidson (I) (Actress, Brigsby Bear (2017))
Zachary David Porter (Soundtrack, The Last Song (2010))
Hilary Davidson (II) (Actress, Mistaken (2017))
Gregory David Mayo (Self, Electroboy (2014))
Larry Davidson (II) (Actor, For Such a Time as This: The Story of Esther (2010))
Jake Woodbury Davis (Actor, Boardwalk Empire (2010))
Mary-David Sheiner (Writer, We've Got Each Other (1977))
Jeffery David Chitty (Self, Sea of Darkness (2008))
Larry Davidson (I) (Camera Department, Beside Her (2012))
Henry David Frankham
Mary David Bramson (Self, You Bet Your Life (1950))
Cory David Baker (Actor, Enchanting Tales from Hell (1997))
Jerry David Gonzalez (Sound Department, They Shoot Movies, Don't They? ...The Making of 'Mirage' (2000))
Terry David Jones (Director, Batter Me (2005))
Harry Davidson (III)
Rosemary & David Blair
Henry David Road (Actor, Road Kill: A Day in the Life of Henry David Road (2009))
Harry Davidson (VII) (Composer, Meatchute (2015))
Steven Cory David (Camera Department, Burnt (2012))
Sherry Davidson (Miscellaneous, Capitol Treasure (2016))
Gary David Murphy (Miscellaneous, La bohème (1982))
Terry-David Després (Actor, Self Defense (1983))
Harry Davidson (I) (Actor, Playhouse 90 (1956))
Gary David Anderson (Director, De Rochemont: The Language of News (2013))
Hilary Davidson (I) (Self, Harlots, Housewives & Heroines: A 17th Century History for Girls (2012))
Cherry Davidson (Make Up Department, Rice Wine (2013))
Terry Davidson (Art Department, Take the Lead (2006))
Henry David Keeler
Henry-David Cohen (Actor, La cible (1997))
Joel Henry Davidson (Actor, Extended Cut (2015))
Zachary David Cook (Actor, Til' We Meet Again (2006))
Jerry Davidson (I) (Actor, Kamui no ken (1985))
Jerry Davidson (II) (Producer, Overhead (2016))
Dmitry Davidyuk (Visual Effects, Ded Moroz. Bitva Magov (2016))
Barry Davidoff (Actor, Gunnar Rehlin (1999))
Harry Davidson (II) (Writer, Deadline (2011))
Dmitry Davidenko (Producer, Ladoga (2014))
Curry Davidson (Actor, Dumpster Baby (2000))
Gary David Keast (Actor, Potpourri (2011))
Gary David Pompa (Director, Consectatio (2010))
Harry Davidson (VIII) (Actor, Town vs. Gown (2015))
Hilary Davidson (III) (Writer, Mistaken (2017))
Zachary Davidson (III) (Art Department, September Morning (2017))
Perry-David Van Dillen (Miscellaneous, Wedding Night (2008))
Barry Davidson (Self, Bodywatch (1986))
Zachary David Palmer (Actor, Hitting the Nuts (2010))
Harry Davidson (IX) (Actor, Waterman (2017))
Jerry David-Cuda (Actor, Liars (2008))
Harry Davidson (IV) (Editor, Shuna (2013))
Gentry Davidson (Visual Effects, Captain America: The First Avenger (2011))
Gregory David Clay (Actor, Morte per Acqua (2011))
Gregory David Danler (Actor, A Hollywood Zone (2011))
Henry David Thoreau (II)
Hilary Davidson II
Larry David Wilson (Miscellaneous, Dead Silence (2007))
Zachary Davidson (I) (Actor, Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (2011))
Merry Davidson (Actor, Reject-Men (2017))
Gary David Miller (Miscellaneous, Mega Cyclone (2011))
Jeffery David Moore
Justin Gregory David (Actor, Black Ice (2009))
Zachary Davidson (II) (Actor, Written on Your Face (2013))
Harry Davidson (VI) (Animation Department, The Honey Plot (2012))
Zachary David Handy (Actor, Don't Call Me a Hero (2010))
Grigory Davidov (Assistant Director, Once Upon a Time... Forever (2013))
Harry Davidson (V) (Production Manager, Ideas of Tonight (2013))
Ellery Davidson (II) (Actor, Dance Macabre (2017))
Henry Davidson (Actor, The Invisible Woman (2013))
Barry David Schwartz
Henry David Miller (Actor, RocketJump: The Show (2015))
Dorothy Salisbury Davis (Writer, Suspense (1949))
Bartels Halry Davidson
Jose Thaliacherry David (Set Decorator, Moonman (2016))
Basil Henry David Montgomery (Self, The Country House Revealed (2011))