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David Froman (Actor, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
David C. Romano (Miscellaneous, Planet of the Apes (2001))
Roman Davydov (Director, Adventures of Mowgli (1973))
David Roman (V) (Composer, Talent (2017))
Romain David (I) (Actor, Noir océan (2010))
Romain David (II) (Music Department, Au siècle de Maupassant: Contes et nouvelles du XIXème siècle (2009))
David Groman (Sound Department, Boy Meets Girl (2014))
David Großmann (Writer, Schugada : a bayerische Mafiakomödie (2017))
David Roman (II)
David Romano (V) (Actor, De ogros, duendes y alquimia (1992))
David Roman (I) (Art Department, The Best Sex Ever (2002))
David Roman (IV) (Special Effects, Splinter Cell: Reality (2007))
David Romano (III) (Miscellaneous, Ant-Man (2015))
David Roman (VI)
David Vroman (Actor, The Noble D (2013))
David Romana (Actor, Diane - Crime Fighter (2003))
David Romano (IV) (Special Effects, Jennifer's Shadow (2004))
David Roman (III) (Camera Department, A Good Plan (2006))
David Roman (VIII) (Miscellaneous, IMDb at the Emmys (2016))
David Heroman
David Romano (I) (Music Department, Mean Girls (2004))
Roman David Magaña (Actor, The Miranda Murders: Lost Tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng (2017))
David Roman Daniels (Actor, The Future Dead (2006))
Jan David Frouman (Producer, Bosch (2014))
David Fromager (Composer, On the Fire Line (1986))
Andrew David Romano (Actor, Count Time the Movie (2017))
David Gilman Romano (Self, True Horror with Anthony Head (2004))
David Lee Romano (Actor, American Jedi (2002))
Davide Romanoni (Visual Effects, Sons of Tibet (2015))
David Romanoff (Actor, Within These Walls (1974))
David Romanski (II) (Actor, We Were None (2010))
David Romanski (I) (Director, Soul of a Pusher (2010))
Donald David Roman (Cinematographer, Within Reach (2012))
David Romanski (III) (Director, Two Dudes (2014))
David Paul Roman (Actor, The Streetz (2017))
Comandante David (Self, Herz des Himmels, Herz der Erde (2011))
Calogero Davide Romana (Production Manager, Interno giorno (2011))