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Vicki Frederick (Actress, A Chorus Line (1985))
John Frederick Vick (Actor, The Laughing Policeman (1973))
Frederick Victor (Actor, Rebecca (1947))
Frederick Vial (Actor, Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure (1995))
Frederick Vilonel (Miscellaneous, Gallowwalkers (2012))
Frederick Viales (Miscellaneous, Section de recherches (2006))
Frederick Valk (Actor, Dead of Night (1945))
Frederick Vogeding (Actor, Ulbo Garvema (1917))
Frederic King
Frederic Kim (Producer, The Dickumentary (2014))
Frederick Vroom (Actor, The General (1926))
Frederic Kimball (Actor, Looking for Richard (1996))
Frederick Vaughn (Director, Co-Ed Confidential (2007))
Frederick Vern
Frederick V. McNair Sr. (Self, Admiral McNair, U.S.N. (1898))
Frederick Vardigans
Frederick Vanard (Camera Department, Priceless (2006))
Frederick Volpe (Actor, The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick (1921))
Frederick V. Gryzb (Costume Department, Live from Lincoln Center (1976))
Frederick Vrbsk√Ĺ
Frederick Vogel (Producer, Old Habits Die Hard (2019))
Frederick Van Gysel (Camera Department, Beyond the Barbed Wire: An Artist View of the Holocaust (2010))
Frederick Vare II (Actor, Billy Mahoney (2000))
Frederick Vreeland (II)
Frederick Van Eeden (Editorial Department, Nynne (2005))
Frederick Van Peer (Actor, De Ridder (2013))
Frederick Volz II
Frederick Voltz (Actor, O.S.S. (1946))
Frederick Vom Saal (Self, Tapped (2009))
Frederick Vreeland (I) (Miscellaneous, The Godfather: Part III (1990))
Frederick V. Grzyb (Costume Department, Live from Lincoln Center (1976))
Frederick Vare III (Composer, Reynolds City (2005))
Frederick Van Eaden (Editorial Department, Zoe (2017))
Fredrick Von Frederick (Actor, Fate (2007))
Frederick Vance (Self, The U Funny Project (2013))
Frederic Kimmel (Actor, With Elizabeth in Mount Dora (2012))
Ray Frederick III
Frederick Idewe (Actor, Unsettled Dust (2016))
Frederick Irving (Camera Department, Blade (1998))
Frederick Ives (Editor, The Flood (1963))
Frederick Iyela (Animation Department, Bob the Builder (1999))
Frederick Igharas (Production Manager, Bawod (2017))
Frederick Iliano (Actor, Turbulent Flow (2012))
Frederick Iannone (Camera Department, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987))
Frederick Ireland (Production Manager, Whore (1991))
Victor Frederick (Actor, Just Not Cricket (2004))
Frederick Vyvyan Jones (Self, Celebrate What? (1968))
Frederick von Grohlmann (Camera Department, Freier Fall (2001))
Frederick von Soosten (Actor, Wacky Taxi (1972))
Frederick Von Pichler (Actor, Honor Thy Father (1986))
Frederick Vanderbilt Field (Self, Marilyn Monroe: Murder on Fifth Helena Drive (2017))
Frederick Van Johnson (Self, SGNL by Sony (2010))
Frederick I. Ordway III (Miscellaneous, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968))
Frederick Irving Anderson (Writer, The Notorious Sophie Lang (1934))
Vicky Rae Frederick-Evans
Frederick Movshovich (Producer, Camp Victory (2009))
Emperor Frederick Von Seidl (Writer, Troy's War (in development))
National Park Service Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site (Miscellaneous, Madness in the White City (2007))