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Fred Berry (Actor, What's Happening!! (1976))
Fred Berry Jr. (Actor, The Devil Within (2010))
Fred Berger (III) (Producer, La La Land (2016))
Fred Berman (II) (Actor, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (2003))
Jared Berry (I)
Jared Berry (II) (Actor, Paper Airplanes (2014))
Jared Berry (III) (Actor, Sugar Krash (2013))
Red Berry (Actor, Front Page Detective (1951))
Fred Berner (I) (Producer, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001))
Ed Berry (I) (Actor, The Screaming Skull (2008))
Ed Berry (III) (Miscellaneous, Humanity (1933))
Ed Berry (V) (Self, Classic Cars (1991))
Ed Berry (II) (Art Department, Soldier's Revenge (1986))
Ed Berry (IV) (Miscellaneous, Meltdown (2013))
Fred Berg (III) (Actor, Mina Martin )
Fred Berg (I) (Actor, Barrymore's Dream (2005))
Alfred Berger (I) (Visual Effects, Blood Diamond (2006))
Jerred Berg (Actor, Mysteries of the Garden of Eden (2007))
Ned Berry (I) (Actor, Bad Chemistry (1997))
Jed Berry (Actor, Alex (2011))
Ned Berry (II) (Actor, Frequencies (2013))
Reed Berry
Fred Gadberry (Miscellaneous, Rogue River (2012))
Fred Berhoff (Actor, Verbotene Liebe (1995))
Fred Bezerril (Actor, The Lonely Trail (1922))
Fred Becerra
Ralph 'Red' Berry (Actor, The Abbott and Costello Show (1952))
Fred Berman (V)
Fred Bernard (III) (Self, Je suis Charlie: Soirée de soutien à Charlie Hebdo (2015))
Alfred Berger (II) (Production Manager, Stachel im Fleisch (1981))
Fred Bergamo (Art Department, Frenchman's Creek (1944))
Alfred Berlin (Self, Cold War (1998))
Fred Berney (I) (Sound Department, The Galaxy Invader (1985))
Fred Bernard (II) (Actor, Home (2014))
Alfred Berlyn (Writer, The Hand of a Child (1913))
Fred Bernard (I) (Actor, York Street (2003))
Fred Berthet (Music Department, Troublemakers: Express Way (2004))
Fred Berney (II) (Camera Department, Jan-Gel, the Beast from the East (1999))
Fred Berman (IV) (Miscellaneous, Chicago 10 (2007))
Fred Berlin (Self, American Eunuchs (2003))
Alfred Berger (III) (Writer, Verliebte Ferien in Tirol (1971))
Björn Fredberg (Actor, Flickpingis (2004))
Alfred Berger (IV)
Alfred Bergh
Fred Berman (VII) (Actor, DK the Gig (2016))
Fred Berthold (Actor, Stine vom Löh auf großer Fahrt (1961))
Fred Berman (VI)
Fred Berame (Writer, Kumander Eber Kilabot ng Visayas (1985))
Fred Bergman
Alfred Bernau (Actor, Uncle Kruger (1941))
Fred Bertrand (Writer, La voix sans visage (1933))
Fred Bernabe (Self, The Steve Katsos Show (2009))
Fred Beraud (Camera Department, To Tell the Truth (1956))
Alfred Berg (II) (Writer, Wenn Männer streiken (1919))
Alfred Berndt (Writer, Sprung über die Grenzen (1961))
Fred Berger (I) (Actor, Face à la mort (1925))
Fred Bertsch (Actor, Emergency Exit (2001))
Alfred Berke (Costume Department, The Cisco Kid (1950))
Fred Berger (VI) (Camera Department, American Hardcore (2006))
Fred Berghoff (Actor, Der Fahnder (1984))
Fred Berman (III) (Visual Effects, Independent Lens (1999))
Alfred Berg (I) (Writer, Servus, Peter! (1972))
Fred Berner (II) (Production Manager, Gang Wars (1976))
Alfred Bernie (Actor, Never Forget (1991))
Fred Berzunza (Actor, Maddoggin' (2011))
Fred Bertucci (Actor, Timeserver (2004))
Fred Bergsma (Actor, Van jonge leu en oale groond (2005))
Fred Berman (I) (Actor, The Punch and Judy Man (1963))
Alfred Berg (III) (Writer, Wer nicht in der Jugend küsst (1918))
Fred Bervoets (Self, Jan Cox, a Painter's Odyssey (1988))
Fred Badberg (Actor, The Fast and the Furious: Quarter Mile at a Time (2009))
Fred Berger (II) (Production Manager, Werner - Beinhart! (1990))
Fred Bernhoff (Actor, Andrea (1968))
Alfred Beber (Make Up Department, Suspended Alibi (1957))
Fred Berish (Actor, The Coldest Kiss (2014))
Fred Bernstein (I) (Producer, Cecil B. DeMented (2000))
Mike Medberry (Writer, Craters of the Moon, Idaho (2014))
Ted Sedberry (Art Department, Madden NFL 2003 (2002))
Amber Red Bear (Camera Department, Ranfis: Insomnio (2015))
Fred Bertelmann (Actor, Der lachende Vagabund (1958))
Fred Newberry (Actor, 816 (2013))
Christer Fredberg (Actor, Edvard Munch (1974))
Henrik Fredberg (Actor, Låt stå! (2000))
Fredrik Hedberg (I) (Writer, Mara (2013))
Charlotte Fredberg (Self, Profilen (1994))
Alfred Bernhard (Actor, The Laughing Third Party (1936))
Manfred Berbner
Fred Bernstein (III)
Alfred Bernard (Editor, Guess Who's Coming for Breakfast (1968))
Alfred Bernardin (Self, Le grand journal de Canal+ (2004))
Fred Berning Jr. (Production Manager, Mulan (1998))
Morten Vilfred Berg (Camera Department, Dreng (2011))
Alfred Bernier (Writer, Le trait d'union (1910))
C. Fred Bergsten (Self, The McLaughlin Group (1989))
Fred Bergendorff (Producer, Pet Place (1991))
Manfred Bernhard (Producer, Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976))
Winnifred Bernhardt (Costume Department, Nashville Girl (1976))
Alfred Berguez (Actor, Vanished (2006))
Fred Bernstein (IV) (Miscellaneous, Killer Joe (2011))
Fred Berthiaume (Set Decorator, Pawn Sacrifice (2014))
Peter Fredberg (Writer, Soldier 7 (2005))
Fredrik Hedberg (II) (Actor, Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (2004))
C. Fred Bergstein (Self, Charlie Rose (1991))
Fred Bercovitch (Self, Last of the Longnecks (2016))
Manfred Berger (Sound Department, Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (1992))
Fred Bernstein (V)
Martin Fredberg (Actor, The Bridge (2011))
William Fredberg (Camera Department, Hamilton: I nationens intresse (2012))
Tracy Medberry (Writer, Scare (2014))
George R. Sedberry (Self, Ocean Invaders (2009))
Connor Medberry (Actor, The Bystander Theory (2013))
Trevor Sedberry (Actor, Beard Guy (2014))
George Sedberry (Self, Ocean Invaders (2009))
Jóhann Gottfred Bernhöft (Art Department, A Little Trip to Heaven (2005))
Fred Berge Nordenborg (Actor, Kampen for tilværelsen (2014))
Peggy Patrick Medberry (Actress, Kyle & Captain Courage (2015))
Alfred Joseph Berry (Actor, Eaten Alive! (1980))
Frederick Berry (II) (Miscellaneous, Shoot in Any Direction and You'll Hit a Bastard (2015))
Frederick Berry (I) (Producer, The Factory on 5th (2016))
Fred Henneberry (II)
Fred Henneberry (I) (Self, Fighting Blood (1951))
Frederick Huntsberry