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Frankie Chi-Leung Chan (Actor, Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991))
aka "Frankie Chin"
Frankie Chan (I) (Composer, Chungking Express (1994))
Frankie Chen (II) (Director, Ernest (2013))
Frankie Cullen (Actor, Sexy Wives Sindrome (2011))
Frankie Chi-Hung Ng (Actor, Prison on Fire (1987))
Frankie Como (Actor, Halloween 5 (1989))
Frankie Chung (I) (Visual Effects, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003))
Frankie Chinasky (Music Department, Lola auf der Erbse (2014))
Frankie Chan (IV) (Actor, Impetuous Love in Action (2014))
Frankie Chubb (Actor, The Impersonators (2014))
Frankie Cedano (Actor, Commodity (2015))
Frankie Chew (Sound Department, Zac Brown's Southern Ground Music & Food Festival (2013))
Frankie Chang
Frankie Cheech (Actor, Take (2014))
Frankie Chan (III) (Cinematographer, Sha chu chong wei (1978))
Frankie Chu (Actor, Infernal Affairs 3 (2003))
Frankie Choi (Actor, Memento (2002))
Frankie Chen (I) (Animation Department, Curious George (2006))
Frankie Chung (II) (Writer, Naked Ambition (2003))
Frankie Carr (Self, The Bellboy (1960))
Frankie Cee (Actor, King of New York (1990))
Frankie Childers (Actor, JACK: The Last Kennedy Film (1993))
Frankie Chisolm (Actor, Total Recap (2012))
Frankie Cecchinelli (Miscellaneous, The Memory Thief (2007))
Frankie Potochick (Stunts, Flipped (2010))
Frankie Carle
Frankie Cena (Self, Mister World 2012 (2012))
Frankie Cox (Costume Department, Taciturn (2015))
Frankie Carbo (Actor, Milfs vs. Zombies (2015))
Frankie Clary (Self, Piers Morgan's Life Stories (2009))
Frankie Coto (Camera Department, Give Me Trouble (2016))
Frankie Colon (Self, Trauma: Life in the E.R. (1997))
Frankie Cruz (Composer, Anak ng atsay (1979))
Frankie Colomé (Miscellaneous, Once Upon a Time in Europe (2001))
Frankie Caine (Actor, World Championship Wrestling (1972))
Frankie Cule (Miscellaneous, Three of a Kind (1981))
Frankie Caero (Actor, Killer Rules (1993))
Frankie Crane (Actor, All the Brothers Were Valiant (1953))
Frankie Cull (Actor, The Pirates of Penzance (1983))
Frankie Clarence (Actor, Colours (2015))
Frankie Crocker (Self, Jimi Hendrix (1973))
Frankie Shine (Editor, Reunion (2013))
Frankie Chapin (Miscellaneous, Peace Park 2015 (2015))
Frankie Chun Fei Lee (Art Department, China from Above (2015))
Frankie Charlton (II) (Actress, Beauty on Parade (1950))
Frankie Chun Tai Lee (Art Department, Afro Samurai (2009))
Frankie Charlton (I) (Actor, Like Father (2001))
Frankie Chavez (Self, 5 Para a Meia Noite (2009))
Frankie Charboneaux (Music Department, The Boneyard (1991))
Frankie Cordero (Miscellaneous, SeeMore's Playhouse (2006))
Frankie Cachia (Actress, Open Water 2: Adrift (2006))
Frank Chiechi (Miscellaneous, Aggressive Inline (2002))
Frankie Cicala (Music Department, Priceless (2008))
Fran Kitching (Self, The Women's Football Show (2013))
Frankie Machine (Actor, Les Chic 2: The King of Sex (2002))
Frankie Cosmos (Composer, F to 7th (2013))
Frankie Cocozza (Self, The X Factor (2004))
Frankie Cosgrave (Actress, Made in Britain (1982))
Frankie Cooksey (Actress, Batman: The Shattered Cowl )
Frankie Caserta (Actor, Once Upon a Time in America (1984))
Frankie Casarez (II) (Visual Effects, In Residence (2014))
Frankie Certain (Camera Department, Lazy Eye (2016))
Frankie Colohan (Music Department, Reefer and the Model (1988))
Frankie Campione (Self, Modern Ruin: A World's Fair Pavilion (2015))
Frankie C. Cullen (Self, Dream Jobs (2000))
Frankie Cusimano (Actor, The Date (2011))
Frankie Cortez (Actor, The People Zoo (2016))
Frankie Capone (Actor, Deep South Wrestling (2006))
Frankie Connolly (II) (Actor, Letterkenny People (2014))
Frankie Colemane (Actress, Et demain... Hollywood (1992))
Frankie Clavez (Sound Department, The North Canyon: An Exploration by Garrett Mcnamara (2011))
Frankie Cabrera (Editor, A Lost Life: M.A.D.D. (2010))
Frankie Campbell (Make Up Department, Night of the Creeps (1986))
Frankie Coventry (Animation Department, The Snowman (1982))
Frankie Ciraolo (Miscellaneous, The Lords of Flatbush (1974))
Frankie Carter (Self, Fight of the Week (1960))
Frankie Colemain (Assistant Director, Cordially Invited (2007))
Frankie Cepeda (I) (Miscellaneous, Second Line (2010))
Frankie Castner (Actor, Lucky Day (2009))
Frankie Cepeda (II) (Camera Department, Moshe Kasher: Live in Oakland (2012))
Frankie Contino (Actor, Dorian (2013))
Frankie Connolly (I) (Actor, Walter (1982))
Frankie Cooper (Actor, Death Rider (1994))
Frankie Cestari
Frankie Caruana (Transportation Department, Agora (2009))
Frankie Caraballo
Frankie Cardoza (Actress, Another Life (1981))
Frankie Carrillo (Actor, Flesh-Eaters Anonymous (2015))
Frankie Competelli (Self, The Tony Danza Show (2004))
Frankie Cummins (Actress, 30 Girls 30 Days (2012))
Frankie Cutlass
Frankie Colmane (Director, End of the Tunnel (1997))
Frankie Casarez (I) (Visual Effects, Dick Little (2012))
Frankie Capobianco (Actor, K.O. (2013))
Frankie Connor (Self, I Was There: When the Beatles Played the Cavern (2011))
Jack Frankie Carbone (Actor, Broken: A Musical (2015))
Frankie Castro (Actor, Terry and Julian (1992))
Frankie Carroll (Actor, Mad Bastards (2010))
Frankie Capellan (Actor, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006))
Frankie Cowley (Producer, Bound for Defeat (2014))
Frankie Cangialosi (Costume Department, Paperous (2015))
Frankie Carle's Orchestra
Frank Menechino (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Frankie Collins-Lubin (Camera Department, Star Trek: Phoenix - Cloak & Dagger Part I (2010))
Frankie Cee Ronnie Lorenzo (Actor, Lucky Man (2007))