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Francis Ford (I) (Actor, The Quiet Man (1952))
Francis Ford (III) (Actor, Soul Chamber (2012))
Francis Ford (II)
Francis Ford Coppola (Producer, The Godfather: Part II (1974))
Jeremy Clarkson (Self, The Grand Tour (2016))
aka "Francis Ford Clarkson"
Richard Hammond (II) (Self, The Grand Tour (2016))
aka "Francis Ford Hammond"
James May (II) (Self, The Grand Tour (2016))
aka "Francis Ford May"
Oisin Tymon (Producer, Top Gear (2002))
aka "Francis Ford Oisin"
Francis Ford (IV)
Francis Ford (V) (Camera Department, Lindsey Stirling: Live from London (2015))
Levis Francis (Actor, The Replacements (2000))
Francis Fortin (Cinematographer, Invectum (2013))
Francis Fox (Self, Biography (1987))
Francis Foo (Producer, Juvana (2013))
Francis Fulton-Smith (Actor, Der Athen Krimi - Trojanische Pferde (2016))
Francis Fey (Actress, The Dirtiest Game (1970))
Jordan Francis (I) (Actor, Camp Rock (2008))
Francis Fontaine (Actor, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (2010))
Francis Farmer (II)
Thais Francis (Actress, Late Expectations (2015))
Francis Fallon (Actor, The Right Hook (2000))
Chris Francis (II) (Editorial Department, The Martian (2015))
Francis Fuchs (Director, Images (1972))
Francis Frank (II) (Art Department, Knospen wollen explodieren (2005))
Francis Fehr (Director, Pauline et l'ordinateur (1978))
Khris Francis (Self, 2013 Belk Bowl (2013))
Francis Frith (Camera Department, Gates of Heaven (1978))
Francis Friel (Self, Mobsters (1997))
Francis Frix (Actor, Tatlong puso, iisang pangarap (2000))
Chris Francis (I) (Editor, Bargain Hunt (2000))
Francis Fink (Camera Department, Storm Troopers U.S.A. (1969))
Francis Fry (Actor, Absolution (1978))
Francis Ferrié (Actor, La grande boucle (2013))
Francis Fung (Visual Effects, Infernal Affairs (2002))
Otis Francis (Music Department, Wall of Dreamers: Music Video (2012))
Francis Felix (Sound Department, Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure (2001))
Francis Fire (Actor, Hamilton Chronicles (2015))
Chris Francis (III) (Actor, Daylight Robbery (1999))
Janis Francis
Francis Francine (Self, Flaming Creatures (1963))
Francis Franco (Self, Cita con la vida (1993))
Francis Frye (Actor, Be Good Daniel (2004))
Francis Frank (I) (Art Department, The Quiet Man (1952))
Francis Freel (Actor, Sacrifice on the Ante (2010))
Chris Francis (V) (Actor, Mercy (2016))
Francis Facon (Actor, Le dernier jour d'un condamné (1985))
Francis Flynn (Sound Department, Picture to Post (1969))
Francis Frías (Actor, Ei Delivery (2009))
Francis Fisk (Actor, Attack of the Gorilla! (2013))
Francis Fagan (Art Department, Exhibition (2013))
Chris Francis (IV) (Actor, A.kO (2016))
Louis Francis (Producer, Fancyland (2015))
Francis Foucaud (Actor, War and Peace (1956))
Francis Foster-Prior (Art Department, Rise of the Footsoldier Part II (2015))
John Francis Foley (Actor, The Spoils of War (1980))
Francis Fourcou (Director, J'aime la vie, je fais du vélo, je vais au cinéma (2005))
Victoria Francis Fox (Actor, Real Estate Nightmare (2011))
Francis Forrest (Actor, Four for the Morgue (1962))
Francis Fox Piven (Self, Free to Choose (1980))
Francis Fournier (Art Department, Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado (2000))
Francis Bordeleau (Director, Wolfe (2017))
Francis Firebrace (Self, What on Earth? (2015))
Francis Fulford (Self, The 100 Greatest Family Films (2005))
Francis Lord (Miscellaneous, The Impossible Elephant (2001))
Francisco Ordonez (I) (Director, Asher (2017))
James Francis Flynn (Actor, Eastern College (2008))
Francis Farewell Starlite (Soundtrack, Sing (2016))
Francis Freedland (Camera Department, Wings of Desire: The Angels Among Us (2003))
Francis Fawcett (Actress, Huckleberry Finn (1974))
Francis Frappat (Actor, Imagine (2012))
Stephen Francis Foster (Producer, Handmade: Mike Fudge (2014))
Francis Forbes-Edwards (Sound Department, Blaise (2012))
Francis Forget Thériault (Actor, Celui qui l'dit, c'est lui qui l'est! (1992))
Francis Fernandez (Actor, Rushmore (1998))
Francisco Cordova (II) (Actor, Deviant (2017))
Andrew Francis Fenady (Miscellaneous, Space Jam (1996))
Francis Feybli (Self, Dj N-Joy's Clubbing & Music Culture (2015))
Francis Finnigan (Actor, Who Stole My Hoo-to Foo-to Boo-to Bah? (2015))
Francis Falcelo (Composer, The Father (2001))
Francis Fernandes (III) (Cinematographer, Story No 32 (2014))
Francis French (Self, Shockwave (2007))
Francis Feidler (Self, Aux Arts Etc. (2011))
Doris Francisco (Miscellaneous, Grey Gardens (2009))
Luis Francisco de Feo (Art Department, Un día volveré (1993))
Francis Furnell (Actor, Joey (1986))
Mark Lewis-Francis (Self, Commonwealth Games 2010 (2010))
Luis Francisco (II) (Miscellaneous, Ako, ikaw ... magkaagaw! (1980))
Francis Ferrer (Make Up Department, The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989))
Francis Fraunie (Actor, Personal Maid (1931))
Dennis Francis (III) (Actor, Malicious Intent II (2016))
Francis Fenton (Writer, Top Sergeant Mulligan (1928))
Francis Fernando (Actor, Chandiya (1965))
Francis F. Feels (Producer, War Bus (1986))
Francis F. Trejo (Camera Department, Hacia la vida (2009))
Francis Fruscalzo (Actor, The Death of Louis XIV (2016))
Curtis Francis (Self, 2007 AutoZone Liberty Bowl (2007))
Francis Florio (Actor, Can You Feel Me Dancing? (1986))
Francis Freisinger
Francis Figueroa (Actress, El super club de los tigritos (1999))
Francis Feinberg (Costume Designer, The Volunteers (1997))
Francis Fang Chang (Actor, Bikini Summer II (1992))
Dennis Francis (IV) (Miscellaneous, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Luis Francisco Esplá (Self, Bajo Tauro y Orión (2014))
Luis Francisco Lugo (Self, Guerrero 12 (2011))
Francis Fumiere (Soundtrack, The Affair of the Necklace (2001))
Francis Felber (Actor, The Stork (1988))
Francis Flatley
Luis Francisco Durán (Actor, Yerma: Barren (2016))
Mark Francis Farrell (Self, Invincible Force (2011))
Francis Florencio (II) (Animation Department, Los Fabulosos Ma' Mejores (2015))
Francis Fitzpatrick
Luis Francisco Cruz (Actor, Chocolat (2016))
John Francis Fahey
Luis Francisco Pérez (I) (Editor, Manolito Espinberg, une vie de cinéma (2005))
Luis Francisco (I) (Actor, Martes de carnaval (2008))
Luis Francisco García (Production Manager, 180º (2010))
Francis Fahrenheit
Francis Flahault (Actor, Amuse-gueule (1984))
Francis Faverdin (Self, Vivement dimanche prochain (1998))
Francis F. Levenson
Francis Fuentebella (Camera Department, The Girl with No Number (2011))
Luis Francisco Diaz (Actor, Cousins (2014))
Travis Francis (Miscellaneous, African American Lives (2006))
Francis Fauchart (Stunts, Transporter 3 (2008))
Mary Francis Flynn (Miscellaneous, The Fog (1980))
Francis Frauenfelder (Actor, Liberté, Libertés (1989))
Luis Francisco Pachón (Actor, Pez Paz (2015))
Francis Freyburger (Actor, L'inconnu de Strasbourg (1998))
Mark Francis Franklin (Director, A Polar Whale's Appeal (2007))
Francis Fiorin (Production Designer, La météo des plages (2014))
Phyllis Francis (Self, Rio Olympics (2016))
Francis Falceto
Francis Fanini
Francis Furcal (Actor, Sky Email (2010))
Francis Flanagan (Self, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
Francis Florendo (Actor, Mother Goose Parade (2008))
Francis Feliciano (Self, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (2006))
Francis Franzuela (Actor, Dagim (2010))
Francis Frazier
Dennis Francis (I) (Miscellaneous, Marlon Brando: The Wild One (1996))
Francis Flores (Actor, Serafin Geronimo: Ang kriminal ng Baryo Concepcion (1998))
Francis Fernandes (I) (Special Effects, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998))
Francis Frenkel (Cinematographer, Midnight Globe (2013))
Francis Floury (Actor, Amédée ou Comment s'en débarrasser (1975))
Rex Francis Flores (Actor, Batad: Sa paang palay (2006))
Francis Francischielli (Actor, Luciano, una vita bruciata (1962))
Dennis Francis (II) (Actor, Night of the Living Date (1992))
Francis Fernandes (II) (Miscellaneous, Kaminey (2009))
The Francis Family
Francis F. Mouflin (Actor, The Invisibles (1999))
Francis Fiorenza (Self, Charlie Rose (1991))
Ben Francis Fawley (Producer, Leaving on a Jet Plane (2012))
Francis Fukuyama (Self, The First Measured Century (2000))
John Francis Flahive (Actor, The Heartbreak Kid (2007))
Luis Francisco Riaño (Art Department, 7 Visiones del Amén (2013))
Luis Francisco Pérez (II) (Editor, El Vaticano Y El Tercer Reich (2014))
Francis Farinas (Miscellaneous, Channel One News (1990))
Francis Florencio (I) (Visual Effects, Pencilmation (2009))
Francis Fabiculanan (Producer, Stateside (2017))
Francis Fenner (Actor, Carolina, RI: The Smallest of the Small (2010))
Francis Farrell (Camera Department, Gilda, no me arrepiento de este amor (2016))
Luis Francisco Suan (Writer, Mamas (2005))
Francis Fergusson (Self, The Day After Trinity (1981))
Francis Flannagan (Actor, The Office Picnic (1972))
Luis Francisco Cordero (Actor, Muchachada nui (2007))
Francis Marion Crawford (Writer, The White Sister (1915))
John Francis Fitzgerald
Francisco Ordonez (III) (Director, Spin the Bottle (2011))
J. Wakeford Francis (II) (Cinematographer, My Girl Rose (2014))
Francisco Norden (Director, Cóndores no entierran todos los días (1984))
Jordan Francis (IV) (Actor, The Stanley Dynamic (2014))
Francisco Cordero (II) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Francisco Cordero (I) (Actor, Noi siamo angeli (1997))
Francisco R. Gordillo (Actor, El orador (1978))
Francisco Ordonez (II) (Camera Department, Jesus Henry Christ (2003))
Francisco Cordeiro (Actor, Daqui p'ra alegria (2004))
Francis Spurford (Self, Timeshift (2002))
Francisco Cordero (III) (Camera Department, The Rum Diary (2011))
Victor De Francisco (Actor, De parranda con el diablo (2005))
J. Wakeford Francis (I) (Self, FilmSnobbery Live! (2009))
Jordan Francis (II) (Composer, Kill the Needy (2013))
Victor DeFrancisco (Actor, The S&M Experience (2012))
Francis Clifford (Writer, The Naked Runner (1967))
Francisco Ordóñez (II) (Director, Carne (2015))
Francisco Orduna (Director, Los signos del tiempo (1983))
Francisco Cordoba (Miscellaneous, Fotos del alma (1995))
Francisco Jordan (II) (Camera Department, Celebrity Name Game (2014))
Francis Lordan (Make Up Department, Playboy: Sexy Lingerie III (1991))
Francisca Ordega (Self, 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup (2015))
Francisco Ordanza (Transportation Department, Bwakaw (2012))
Francis Spufford (Self, Race for the Poles (2000))
Francisco Cordova (I) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Francis Welford (Actor, A Very MARY Christmas (2005))
Jordan Francis (V) (Producer, Chasing You (2016))
Francisco Gordils (Miscellaneous, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2010))
Francisco Jordan (I) (Camera Department, Love (2011))
Francisco Hordeñana (Camera Department, Bienvenido (2013))
Francisco Giordano (Producer, Sin opción (1995))
Francis Stafford (Miscellaneous, Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt (2004))
Francis Gordon (Actor, I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (2014))