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Trent Ford (Actor, Gosford Park (2001))
Joel Edward Trent Sr. (Actor, Outlawed Faith (2016))
Richard Trent (Actor, Nancy Astor (1982))
Ted Trent (I) (Actor, Hidden Hills (2013))
Trent Ledford (Writer, A Dark Twisted World (2019))
Lord Trevor (Self, A Double Shot at Love (2008))
Ted Trent (II) (Camera Department, A Bear's Story (2003))
Todd Trent
Edward Trent Mehl (Director, The Artifice )
David Trent (I) (Sound Department, Chaplin (1992))
David Trent (II) (Actor, Pier Pressure (2014))
Édouard Tremblay-Grenier (Actor, Les démons (2015))
Mark D. Trent
Brandt Rentel (Producer, Negotiation (2017))
Gifford Trebilcock (Camera Department, The Port Pirie Festival of Country Music: 10th Anniversary Highlights (1992))
Clifford Trevor (Actor, Festival (1960))
Edward Trent Robinson (Producer, Big Easy Motors (2016))
Richard Trenholm (Writer, CNET CraveCast (2014))
Richard Trench (Writer, No Go! (1973))
Richard Trenbath (Self, Making Over Molly (2016))
Trent Playford
Trent Walford (Producer, Dirty Love (2005))
Trenton Ford (Actor, Urban Legends (2007))
Trent Hufford (Actor, Subdivision, Colorado (2004))
Trent Cornford (Miscellaneous, Glenn Owen Dodds (2010))
Trent Swords (Producer, How It Once Was (2015))
Trent Woolford (Editor, Studio C (2012))
Jared Trent Jones (Transportation Department, American Gods (2017))
James D. Trenton (Actor, Programmed to Kill (1987))
Trenton Stafford (Actor, Somebuddies (2015))
Trent Shackleford (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Jordan Trent Nelson (Sound Department, A James Dean Kind of Thing (2011))