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Eric Roth (I) (Writer, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008))
Eric Roth (III) (Actor, Will & Grace (1998))
Eric Roth (II) (Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002))
Eric Roberts (I) (Actor, The Dark Knight (2008))
Frederic Roth (Assistant Director, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003))
Eric Roth (VIII)
Eric Roth (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Reader (2008))
Eric Roth (VII) (Music Department, Barbie in 'A Christmas Carol' (2008))
Eric Roth (V) (Producer, 10th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards (2012))
Eric Roth (VI) (Sound Department, Aquanoids (2003))
Eric Rolland (I) (Actor, The Men Who Built America (2012))
Ric Rothwell (Self, New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert (1965))
Eric Rothman (Editor, Jack, Jules, Esther & Me (2013))
Eric Rothwell (Miscellaneous, Rude Tube (2008))
Eric Rotherford (Actor, The Faces of LA (2012))
Eric Rochant (Writer, Möbius (2013))
Eric Rollins (Self, Zoom (1999))
Eric Rota (Actor, Simply Irresistible (1999))
Nic Roth (Actor, Amanda (1996))
Eric Rogers (II) (Miscellaneous, Futurama (1999))
Eric Robbins (I) (Cinematographer, The Sacrament (2013))
Eric Roberts (II) (Actor, Watch on the Rhine (1943))
Eric Grothe (Actor, Cleverman (2016))
Eric Robles (II) (Animation Department, Fanboy & Chum Chum (2009))
Eric Rovner (Producer, Untitled Latina Docu-Series Project (in development))
Eric Ro (II) (Cinematographer, The Resistance (2010))
Eric Ro (IV)
Eric Ro (III)
Eric Ro (I) (Producer, Left 4 Dead (2011))
Eric Rose (II) (Transportation Department, The Flash (2014))
Frederick Strother (Actor, Twelve Monkeys (1995))
Eric Rotureau (Cinematographer, Le tueur silencieux (2011))
Eric Rotramel (Actor, Cellular Breakdown (2007))
Eric Rottman
Eric Robbins (II) (Actor, Red Rover (2014))
Eric Rogers (I) (Music Department, The Kid (1921))
Eric Root (Make Up Department, Bittersweet Love (1976))
G. Frederic Roth (Camera Department, Day of the Dead (1985))
Eric Rothenheber
Frederic Rothschild (Cinematographer, Bruce Lacey (1973))
Eric Rothstein (Miscellaneous, True Nightmares (2015))
Jeric Ross (Actor, Godzilla (2014))
Eric Roy (IV) (Sound Department, Gold Medal Plates: The Quest for Canada's Best Chef (2009))
Eric Roy (II) (Stunts, Battle Queen 2020 (2001))
Eric Roy (III) (Producer, Climate Refugees (2010))
Henri Crot (Camera Department, Backroads Europe: On Roman Routes (2015))
Eric Robinson (VII) (Producer, Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011))
Eric Rosse (Actor, License to Drive (1988))
Eric Rojas (Cinematographer, New Guards (2015))
Eric Roberts (III) (Special Effects, Fight Club (1999))
Eric Robbins (VIII) (Cinematographer, Re:Lease (2011))
Jeric Rogers (Actor, Raising Hope (2010))
Eric Robinson (I) (Music Department, Music for You (1951))
Eric Robinson (V) (Actor, Returner (2002))
Eric Robb (Actor, Bix (1991))
Eric Robinson (XXVI) (Visual Effects, Batman Begins (2005))
Eric Rood (Art Department, Inception (2010))
Dominic Roth (Composer, Opera Ball (1998))
Eric Rowan (II) (Producer, The Lowdown (1988))
Eric Rowe (VI) (Camera Department, Dorsal (2014))
Eric Rodriguez (XIX) (Actor, The Blockbuster Buster (2010))
Eric Robel (Visual Effects, Bernard and Doris (2006))
Eric Rowe (II) (Producer, The Haymaker (2010))
Eric Rohr (Producer, Ultimate Rush (2011))
Eric Roiné (Actor, La mascotte (1935))
Eric Rosen (I) (Actor, Drillbit Taylor (2008))
Eric Roland (III) (Cinematographer, You Don't Know What I Got (2000))
Eric Royer (Self, The Steve Katsos Show (2009))
Eric Rolfs (Self, 2003 Army-Navy Game (2003))
Eric Ronis (Actor, Finding Providence (2007))
Eric Rosen (VIII) (Miscellaneous, TVG Network: Year in Review 2014 (2014))
Eric Romo (Camera Department, Paper and Colored Pencils (2010))
Teri Cross (Writer, Judgement (2014))
Eric Rowe (XI) (Camera Department, Haphead (2015))
Eric Rocks (Stunts, Exit Speed (2008))
Eric Rose (III) (Self, Flying Wild Alaska (2011))
Eric Ronay (Visual Effects, Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001))
Eric Rowe (XII) (Camera Department, Pets with Credit: A Dogumentary (2016))
Eric Rosen (X) (Visual Effects, The Very Private Work of Sister K (2016))
Eric Roland (IV) (Actor, Chair liberté (2016))
Eric Roux (Self, Nous ne sommes pas des anges (2004))
Eric Roley (Actor, Scream of the Sasquatch (2006))
Eric Ross (V) (Stunts, Hollywood Folklore: Mick Donald (2009))
Eric Roland (I) (Actor, Criminal at Large (1932))
Eric Rowe (I) (Actor, When Day Breaks (2007))
Eric Royle (Camera Department, Countdown (1982))
Eric Rosa (Writer, 42,195 Km (2010))
Eric Rowan (I) (Actor, The Fourth Angel (2001))
Eric Ross (I) (Miscellaneous, Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (1994))
Eric Rodas (Actor, Se Renta Amueblado (2012))
Eric Rosen (VII) (Miscellaneous, Access Sportsnet: Los Angeles (2012))
Eric Ross (IX) (Actor, Revelation Road: The Black Rider (2014))
Eric Ronne (Animation Department, VeggieTales (1993))
Eric Rowe (X) (Writer, Afternoon (2014))
Eric Roach (Miscellaneous, The Long Shot (2004))
Eric Rosas (Cinematographer, Dr. Leo S. Dean: Mind Specialist (2016))
Eric Rodeo (Actor, Moametbeat (2001))
Eric Rodis (Composer, Nowhere Fast (2006))
Eric Roman (I) (Writer, Death Sentence (1974))
Eric Rowe (IX) (Cinematographer, Dwell (2014))
Eric Rosen (XI) (Visual Effects, Beartrek (2016))
Eric Rocha (Production Manager, The Sable Corsair (2016))
Eric Rodli
Eric Rough (Miscellaneous, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992))
Eric Rowe (III) (Self, Election 74 (1974))
Eric Romeo (Miscellaneous, Janeane Garofalo (1997))
Eric Rosen (III) (Editorial Department, Mississippi Chicken (2007))
Eric Rosen (IV)
Eric Rosen (V) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Eric Roland (II) (Cinematographer, Normandy: The Great Crusade (1994))
Eric Rohde (Camera Department, Pope Dreams (2006))
Eric Rohm (Actor, Shelter from the Storm (2015))
Eric Robi (Cinematographer, Tyrants in Therapy (2001))
Eric Rosén (Camera Department, Irene Huss - Den som vakar i mörkret (2011))
Eric Rosow (Producer, Dragon Day (2013))
Eric Rogow (Producer, None More American: Army Football in Post 9/11 America (2015))
Eric Ronn (Actor, Step One (2015))
Eric Romer (Sound Department, The Chaperone (2013))
Eric Rosen (II) (Visual Effects, Catching Out (2003))
Eric Rouer (Animation Department, Super 4 (2014))
Eric Ross (VI) (Writer, Ghost Town Skiers (1973))
Eric Rogge (Miscellaneous, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Eric Roper (Music Department, Out of Frame (2012))
Deric Ross (Sound Department, North (2015))
Eric Rock (I) (Art Department, Beverly Hills Teens (1987))
Eric Rowe (VIII) (Cinematographer, The Education of Junaid Qadri (2013))
Eric Rorke (Sound Department, The Quiet (2005))
Eric Rogan (Actor, My Fool Heart (2011))
Eric Rowe (VII)
Eric Roman (III)
Eric Ross (VII) (Producer, Invaders (2014))
Eric Rosen (IX) (Editorial Department, Switchmas (2012))
Eric Rowe (V) (Camera Department, We Are Not Here (2013))
Eric Rossi (Miscellaneous, Amplitude (2003))
Eric Rowe (IV) (Actor, Goodbye, Miss 4th of July (1988))
Eric Rosee (Producer, Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story (2012))
Eric Roman (II) (Actor, P.J. (2008))
Eric Royce (Actor, The Call of the Road (1920))
Eric Rose (I) (Producer, Something About Love (1988))
Eric Rock (II) (Stunts, Angel-Dust (2009))
Eric Ronse (Sound Department, La quadrature du cercle (2006))
Eric Rossy (Actor, Good Luck Bad Fortune (2009))
Eric Rosso (Camera Department, Léa (2011))
Eric Rosen (VI) (Editorial Department, Ultimate Rush (2011))
Eric Roos (Writer, Bröder emellan (1946))
Eric Robbins (VI) (Cinematographer, Getting There: Pascal Dangin (2014))
Eric Roizman (Camera Department, 24 (2001))
Eric Robinson (IX) (Actor, Lip Sync Battle (2015))
Eric Robbins (V) (Miscellaneous, Lewis (2011))
Eric Robbins (III) (Director, The Changing of the Guard (2010))
Eric Roberts (XXX) (Cinematographer, American Nightmare (2014))
Eric Rosenberg (I) (Art Department, Fight Club (1999))
Frederic Ross (Actor, The Barbarians (1960))
Eric Rondeaux (Writer, Piège blanc (2014))
Tori Crotts (Miscellaneous, The Believer (2001))
Eric Rodriguez (XXIX) (Actor, Gods of Egypt (2016))
Eric Roberts (XL) (Actor, Frozen in Fear (2001))
Eric Robison (I) (Producer, Far from Heaven (2002))
Eric T. Roth (Writer, Erics' Walk (2014))
Eric Crott (Production Manager, Oh Jonathan, oh Jonathan! (1973))
Eric Rottenberg (Cinematographer, Blowup: San Francisco (2009))
Eric Rosenberg (III) (Producer, Rex (2008))
Eric Rogerson (Composer, Fabled (in development))
Eric Roberts (VII) (Miscellaneous, Dinosaur Planet (2003))
Eric Robison (II) (Miscellaneous, Passion Cove (2000))
Eric Brotherson (Actor, What's Up, Doc? (1972))
Eric Robinson (XVIII) (Art Department, Dark Matter (2007))
Eric Roberts (XII) (Sound Department, The Tower (2010))
Eric Rowley (Self, Super Size Me (2004))
Erica Roth (Actress, Skip Listening (2010))
Eric Groth (Producer, Full of Grace (2015))
Eric Rogers (XIV)
Eric Rorres (Actor, Road to Nowhere (2002))
Eric Rogers (IV)
Eric Roseblum
Eric Robinson (VIII) (Editor, Storm (2006))
Eric Rockey (II) (Producer, Pink Boy (2015))
E. Eric Roberts (Self, Songs of Praise (1961))
Eric Roemele (Actor, In Dreams (1999))
Eric Rochon (Art Department, Having a Drink (2013))
Eric Rolnick (Editorial Department, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008))
Eric Robert (II) (Actor, NX Files: Discover the Secret (2005))
Eric Roberson (I) (Self, Eric Roberson: She (2010))
Eric Rogers (III) (Actor, Price Check (2002))
Eric Robledo (Camera Department, Los Díaz de Doris (1999))
Eric Roberts (XXIV) (Sound Department, Dark Tarot (2014))
Eric Rosner (III) (Miscellaneous, KaBlam! (1996))
Eric Romero (VI) (Sound Department, A Good Man (2014))
Eric Romero (II) (Art Department, So Five Minutes Ago (2007))
Eric Roache (Producer, Panaguay (2016))
Eric Rocchia (Miscellaneous, La rivière Espérance (1995))
Eric Robeson (Actor, No Pain, No Gain (2004))
Eric Roberts (XVII) (Self, 2003 Army-Navy Game (2003))
Eric Robinson (XXIII) (Self, More Than Honey (2012))
Eric Romero (V) (Writer, Chance (2008))
Eric Roldan (Actor, Dragon's Realm: The Search for the Forgotten Art (2010))
Eric Rosales (IV) (Costume Department, Shake Rattle and Roll Fourteen: The Invasion (2012))
Eric Robson (II) (Self, Hindsight (1981))
Eric Romero (VII) (Actor, The Last Summer (2016))