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Eric Bana (Actor, Munich (2005))
Eric Banal (Actor, 7 Minutes (2014))
Eric Balfour (Actor, Six Feet Under (2001))
Eric Bauza (Actor, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015))
Eric Banks (I) (Self, The Challenge (1998))
Eric Barry (I) (Producer, Crashletes (2016))
Eric Banerd (Actor, Desertion (2014))
Eric Barba (Visual Effects, Gone Girl (2014))
Eric B. Anthony (Actor, The Purple Rose (2017))
Eric Bailey (V) (Miscellaneous, Silver Case (2012))
Eric Barbier (Writer, Le serpent (2006))
Eric Bannat (Location Management, Live Free or Die Hard (2007))
Eric Barker (I) (Actor, The Eric Barker Half-Hour (1951))
Eric Bans (Assistant Director, Moon & 8 (in development))
Eric Banks (V) (Actor, Bring on the Rain )
Eric Banks (II) (Actor, The Man from Another Dimension (2017))
Eric Banks (VI) (Actor, Strange Places (2016))
Eric Banks (IV) (Sound Department, The Voice That Was Louder Than Before (2016))
Eric Banz (Assistant Director, Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001))
Eric Banks (VII) (Actor, No Glory (2017))
Eric Banse (Actor, Le tournoi (2015))
Eric Banks (III)
Eric Bates (I) (Visual Effects, The Hunger Games (2012))
Eric Bader (Cinematographer, Bad Roomies (2015))
Eric Balbàs (Actor, Les êtres chers (2015))
Eric Bandholz (Self, Shark Tank (2009))
Eric Baldwin (I) (Visual Effects, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016))
Deric Battiste (I) (Self, Wild 'N Out (2005))
Eric Bassett (II) (Producer, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (2009))
Eric Baldwin (III) (Actor, Hal and Rory (2000))
Eric Barry (II) (Actor, I, Detective (2001))
Eric Bare (I) (Actor, The Man Who Collected Food (2010))
Eric Bare (III) (Producer, Ropes of Silicon (2015))
Eric Bare (II) (Sound Department, Bread Crumbs (2009))
Eric Bae (Actor, Revenge of the Drunken Master (1984))
Eric Bar (Miscellaneous, Le candidat (2007))
Eric Bao
Eric Bangeman
Eric Banzon (Actor, Plan C (2011))
Eric Bauer (III) (Visual Effects, The Room (2003))
Eric Baltram (Actor, Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017))
Vic Banaag (Art Department, Oo na sige na (1994))
Éric Banse (Actor, Sans mentir (1996))
Enric Banda (Self, Terrícoles (2013))
Aric Banks (Actor, Ghost House: A Haunting )
Eric Barlow (I) (Actor, A Lonely Place to Die (2011))
Eric Bassoff (I) (Production Manager, Taken (2008))
Eric Barzman (Director, Analogue (2015))
Eric Baugin (Actor, Fantastic Planet (1973))
Eric Bacos (Director, Flavors (2016))
Eric Basart (Writer, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (2004))
Eric Bazilian (Soundtrack, Bruce Almighty (2003))
Eric Baar (Camera Department, A Clean Slate (2014))
Eric Baume (Self, Beauty and the Beast (1964))
Eric Basir (Self, Allt för Sverige (2011))
Eric Baird (VI) (Director, Time to Leave (2015))
Eric Baker (VII) (Actor, Exploding Angel (1995))
Eric Balao (Sound Department, Henchin' (2008))
Eric Basa (Producer, Kickback '93 (1993))
Eric Bains (Visual Effects, Blokhedz Mission G Animated Web Series (2009))
Eric Bart (I) (Art Department, Far from Heaven (2002))
Eric Bakst (Location Management, West of Here (2002))
Eric Barre (Actor, L'enquête corse (2004))
Eric Balas (Producer, Shades of Green: Geothermal Power (2010))
Eric Bass (VI) (Self, 60 Minutes Sports (2013))
Eric Bauer (II) (Producer, Le voyage dans la lune (1986))
Eric Baird (I) (Camera Department, Life Is a Circus (2004))
Eric Basta (I)
Eric Basta (III) (Actor, I Fell Silent (2013))
Eric Bass (IV) (Sound Department, Hurt (2016))
Eric Base (Actor, Polk County (2017))
Eric Bauer (VI) (Actor, Blissville (2014))
Eric Bates (III) (Producer, Showbiz Court (2013))
Eric Bass (III) (Sound Department, Porn: The Musical (2015))
Eric Baker (XVII) (Director, Cosmic Café Show (2014))
Eric Bauer (IV) (Visual Effects, Redux (2008))
Eric Barco (Actor, Eight Thirsty Days (2015))
Eric Bass (V)
Eric Batas
Eric Basta (II) (Camera Department, Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation (2012))
Eric Baker (V) (Special Effects, From the Earth to the Moon (1998))
Eric Bauer (V) (Self, Jaws: The Restoration (2012))
Eric Baron (III) (Camera Department, Take a Walk on the Dark Side: Rock and Roll Myths, Legends, and Curses (2008))
Eric Baker (X) (Producer, Open Air Stereo: Live from the Bluebird (2014))
Eric Baird (IX) (Producer, Coda Falls (2017))
Eric Baker (VI) (Visual Effects, Unbroken (2014))
Eric Badik (Editor, The Dead Will Rise 2 (2013))
Eric Baumm (Camera Department, The Ordinary Skier (2011))
Eric Badoc (Actor, A Prophet (2009))
Eric Baas
Eric Ball (I) (Actor, I Want to Be Famous (1976))
Eric Barry (III) (Miscellaneous, Run Chrissie Run! (1984))
Eric Balac (Sound Department, Standard Action (2010))
Eric Baum (V) (Composer, I Love Bekka & Lucy (2017))
Eric Bauer (VII) (Actor, Everyone I Knew and Loved (2016))
Eric Bart (III) (Actor, Slice 3 (2013))
Eric Baird (V) (Miscellaneous, For 20 (2015))
Eric Barro (Camera Department, La Mode est La Vie (2012))
Eric Bats (Actor, La grande séance (1988))
Eric Bais (Actor, Mariken van Nieumeghen (1974))
Eric Bain (Self, Street Outlaws (2013))
Eric Babin (II) (Actor, Perchance to Dream (2009))
Eric Batut (Sound Department, Fantastic Four (2005))
Eric Baril (I) (Actor, Kiwi (2009))
Eric Basu (Self, The Big Biz Show (2007))
Eric Baker (XIX) (Camera Department, Sarah Reckmeyer: A Life in Music (2016))
Eric Baird (X) (Transportation Department, Stella (2014))
Eric Bard (II) (Sound Department, Weekend Warriors (2016))
Eric Bardo (Editorial Department, The Turnaround (2005))
Eric Baril (II)
Eric Bacus (Visual Effects, Almost Human (2013))
Eric Ball (IV) (Art Department, Look! (2008))
Eric Baron (II) (Editor, Advent (2011))
Eric Baert (Self, Les grands du rire (2005))
Eric Baca (I) (Sound Department, The Crazies (1973))
Eric Bates (II) (Actor, Sonny and Cornblatt (1991))
Eric Barr (II) (Writer, A Thousand Cuts (2012))
Eric Baker (XII) (Actor, The Most Dangerous Game (2012))
Eric Baudo (Camera Department, The Challenge on MSG Varsity (2010))
Eric Bayne (Actor, The Nest (2015))
Eric Baird (VII) (Writer, Rise (2017))
Eric Baker (XIV)
Eric Bass (VII)
Eric Balck (Camera Department, The Introvert (2006))
Eric Bahm (Actor, 7 Down (2011))
Eric Bates (V) (Actor, Level 7 (2013))
Eric Barr (III) (Camera Department, Abandoned (2016))
Eric Bair (II) (Composer, Jack Feeds Elysa (2009))
Eric Barbe (III) (Self, Ghosthunters (1996))
Eric Bass (VIII)
Eric Badía (Actor, El hombre que atrapaba fantasmas (1987))
Eric Babak (Composer, Taff (1999))
Eric Barbe (I) (Casting Department, Total Blackout (2014))
Eric Baca (II) (Visual Effects, Pacific Rim (2013))
Eric Baca (III)
Eric Barao (Composer, Raising Matty Christian (2014))
Eric Baker (IV) (Camera Department, Thirteen Days (2000))
Eric Ball (III) (Self, 1989 NFL Draft (1989))
Eric Bays (Actor, Death of a President (2006))
Eric Baker (IX) (Self, 2009 Outback Bowl (2009))
Eric Baker (XVI) (Miscellaneous, Shalom Y'all (2003))
Eric Baird (III)
Eric Bayle (II) (Self, La rentrée des émissions (2012))
Eric Baker (XI) (Actor, Pretend It's Yesterday Again (2007))
Eric Bair (I) (Writer, Male Order Bride (2010))
Eric Baker (XV) (Actor, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2012))
Eric Bard (I) (Composer, Hester Prynne (2011))
Eric Bala (Actor, Peace, Please (2014))
Eric Baird (II)
Eric Bart (II) (Actor, One Stormy Night (2015))
Eric Bayer (Actor, Corpse and the Hare (2008))
Eric Batt
Eric Baker (XIII) (Camera Department, Texas Monthly Talks (2003))
Eric Bass (I) (Actor, Senses of Place (2004))
Eric Baade (Actor, Hallucinalien (2016))
Eric Baum (IV) (Actor, Shock (2009))
Eric Barbe (II)
Eric Baum (II) (Miscellaneous, HBO First Look (1992))
Eric Baur (Sound Department, Caveman Theory (2011))
Eric Baum (I) (Actor, Hard to Die (1990))
Eric Bayle (I) (Writer, The 3 Little Pigs: The Movie (1996))
Eric Backa (Art Department, Outside Ozona (1998))
Eric Baron (I) (Sound Department, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993))
Eric Baer (Camera Department, Entropy (1999))
Eric Barth (Actor, Agent Walker (2017))
Eric Bakke (Camera Department, Punk'd (2003))
Eric Batts (Producer, The Bessemer Process (2017))
Eric Bauer (VIII)
Eric Bayle (III) (Producer, Destination: Cote d'lvoire (1997))
Eric Bamy (Actor, Far West (1973))
Eric Baker (II) (Art Department, Monster (2003))
Eric Bahme (Self, Marcus & Joni (2013))
Eric Babin (I) (Camera Department, Mr. Nobody (2009))
Eric Bates (VII)
Eric Ball (II) (Actor, The Rapture (2007))
Eric Baird (IV) (Self, The Bubbler (2012))
Eric Baker (XVIII) (Producer, Foxy Ladies (2016))
Eric Baker (III) (Transportation Department, Blast from the Past (1999))
Eric Bates (IV) (Self, Morning Joe (2007))
Eric Baum (III)
Eric Ball (V) (Actor, Lenny Henry: Lenny Go Home (1991))
Eric Baker (VIII) (Location Management, Give Me a Beer (2012))
Eric Barr (I) (Actor, Beyond Honor (2004))
Eric Baker (I) (Art Department, Woof! (1989))
Eric Bass (II) (Miscellaneous, One Day on Earth (2012))
Eric Baits (Music Department, Track Marks (2015))
Eric Bach (Self, Expedition Impossible (2011))
Eric Balog (Art Department, Hidden Agenda (1999))
Eric Bacha (Art Department, Speedway Junky (1999))
Eric Bauer (I) (Music Department, Vertiges (1985))
Eric Barrett (I) (Producer, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988))
Eric Badros (Writer, Muse (2015))
Eric Barnes (I) (Actor, The Hottest Bid (1995))
Eric Barker (II) (Writer, Hitman's Run (1999))
Eric Bassant (II) (Actor, First Prize (2014))
Eric Bartsch (I) (Actor, Vicious Lips (1986))
Eric Bassant (IV) (Actor, Mei's Savings (2016))
Eric Baudelaire (Director, Letters to Max (2014))
Eric Barkhorn (Actor, G.B.F. (2013))
Enric Banqué (Director, Poble Nou (1994))