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Emma Dunn (I) (Actress, The Great Dictator (1940))
Emma Dunn (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Iron Lady (2011))
Emma Dunn (II) (Producer, Hello Carter (2011))
Emma Dumont (Actress, Aquarius (2015))
Emma Dunne (Actress, Sick (2012))
Emma Dunn (III) (Self, Through Your Eyes (2007))
Emma Duncan (XI) (Actress, Civil (2017))
Emma Duke (I) (Actress, Minor Details (2009))
Emma Dunleavy (Miscellaneous, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011))
Emma Duke (II) (Actress, Dear Santa (2011))
Emma Duncan (I) (Actress, Scar (2007))
Emma Duval (Actress, Adios mi chaparrita (1943))
Gemma Dunjo (Producer, Panzer Chocolate (2013))
Emma Dunseeth (Producer, Blast Northern Ireland (2006))
Emma Duncan (XII) (Actress, Defeated (2016))
Emma Duncan (VI)
Emma Dunsmoor (Actress, Minutes (2014))
Gemma Dunford
Emma Duncan (XIII) (Actress, Rodney Redbottom (2015))
Jemma Dunstan (Actor, Red (2013))
Emma Duncan (IV) (Self, Horizon (1964))
Emma Duncan (IX) (Actress, Vice Versa (2014))
Emma Dunlop (VI) (Sound Department, Don't You Recognise Me? (2015))
Emma Duncan (V) (Actress, The Happy Lands (2012))
Emma Dunseith (Producer, The Arts Show (2012))
Emma Dunlop (IV) (Miscellaneous, Strange Aeons (2014))
Emma Dunckley (Actress, EastEnders (1985))
Emma Dunemann (Miscellaneous, Apocalyptic (2014))
Emma Dunlop (I)
Gemma Duncan (Director, Bridge Under the Water (2012))
Emma Duncan (III) (Actress, Mixed Blessings (2007))
Emma Duncan (X) (Actress, American Hikikomori (2015))
Emma Dunlop (V) (Visual Effects, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja (2012))
Emma Dunlop (II) (Actress, In Camera (2013))
Emma Duncan (VII) (Miscellaneous, Lonely Planet: Roads Less Travelled (2009))
Emma Duncan (II) (Producer, A Quiet Word with... (2010))
Emma Dunlop (III) (Actor, Family (2014))
Emma Dukes (Actress, Les Misérables (2012))
Emma Dull (I) (Actor, The Proposal (2011))
Wilma Dunn (Special Effects, Stardust (2007))
Bama Dunne (Art Department, All About Evil (2010))
Velma Dunn (Self, Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty (1938))
Emma Durnell (Actor, Hot Property (2016))
Emma DuPree (Self, American Courtesans (2013))
Emma Ehumadu (Actress, Gangster Paradise (2001))
Emma Durso (Actress, Fiocco di neve (2016))
Emma Dull (II) (Actor, Sympathy Pains (2013))
Emma Dulay (Self, Smile... This Was Candid Camera (2010))
Emma Duff (Make Up Department, Diffraction (2014))
Emma Dufty (Art Director, Bush Patrol (1996))
Emma Duque (Producer, Kingdom Come (2013))
Emma Dubin (Actress, En Pointe (2008))
Emma Duffy (Producer, Kaleidoscope (2011))
Emma Dupont (Actress, Je te survivrai (2014))
Gemma Dunleavy (Actor, But It's Not a Casting Agency (2011))
Emma Dunderdale (Make Up Department, iBoy (2016))
Wilma Dunne (Costume Department, Crazylegs (1953))
Fatima Dunn (Composer, Hard Stop (2012))
William A. Dunn (Producer, Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike (2012))
Emma Durward (Make Up Department, The Ern Malley Affair (2014))
Emma Du Haime (Actress, Happy Hour Sketch Comedy (2010))
Emma Dudman (Actor, The Making Of (2016))
Emma Durville (Actress, Un homme à la maison (2000))
Emma Durden (Miscellaneous, The Gadget Show (2004))
Emma Dutton (Miscellaneous, 11 Minutes 26 Seconds (2014))
Emma Duke II
Emma Dudley (II) (Make Up Department, Blackbird (2013))
Emma Dudley (I) (Make Up Department, Blackbird (2013))
Emma Dubery (Actress, Phobia (2013))
Emma Dufficy (Actress, Reaper's Hand (2014))
Emma Duggan (Sound Department, Graduation (2014))
Emma Duverger (Actress, Show Me a Beautiful Woman (2013))
Emma Duricko (Actress, Monique (1978))
Emma Dubruel (Actor, Psyched (2014))
Gemma DuBois
Emma Jane Dunne (Production Manager, The Daniel O'Donnell Show (2004))
Emmanuel Ehumadu (Actor, My Sweet Sister (2006))
Thelma Dunnebacke (Miscellaneous, Monsters Inside Me (2009))
Emmanuel Maduka (Director, The Jerk (2013))
Emma Dugdale-Moore (Actress, The Pamela Principle (2009))
Emma Duckworth (Art Department, Bob the Builder (1999))
Emmanuel Maduagwu (Actor, Urban Legends (2007))
Jabbar Chemmadu (Actor, Kalpaka Nadanam (2016))
Emma Durac-Clarkin (Actress, Changelings (1993))
Emma Ducharme Meilutis