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Elaine May (I) (Writer, The Birdcage (1996))
Elaine May (III) (Miscellaneous, Pass the Buck (2002))
Elaine May (II) (Costume Designer, Hitting Zero (2003))
Elaine Maydeck (Actress, Many Ways to Sin (1960))
Elaine Mayerhofer (Self, Beckmann (1999))
Elaine Mayes (Miscellaneous, The Teeny Tiny Woman (1990))
Elaine Mayfield (II) (Self, Different Moms (1999))
Laine MacNeil (Actress, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010))
Blaine Maye (Actor, Unnatural (2017))
Elaine Miles (Actress, Northern Exposure (1990))
Elaine Madsen (Director, I Know a Woman Like That (2009))
Elaine Marie (Actress, Schism (2017))
J. Elaine Marcos (Actress, Morning Glory (2010))
Jermaine 'Maino' Coleman (Soundtrack, Sing (2016))
Elaine Mair (Make Up Department, Marie Curie (1977))
Elaine Mani Lee (Actress, Serenity (2005))
Elaine Mak (Cinematographer, Pisces (2005))
Elaine Mah (Writer, Zoey's Hill (2013))
Elaine Ma (Miscellaneous, Delta Prime (2012))
Elaine Malbin (Actress, The Girl of the Golden West (1954))
Raine Maida (Soundtrack, Armageddon (1998))
Elaine Marks (Self, New Year's Rotten Eve (1994))
Elaine M. Ellis (Actress, Dear Frankie (2004))
Elaine Mangan (Actress, Manganinnie (1980))
Elaine Mazer (Actress, Ali G Indahouse (2002))
Elaine M.
Elaine Mack (Self, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's (2013))
Elaine Martyn (Actress, Red-Blooded American Girl II (1997))
Delaine Moore (Writer, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (2014))
Blaine Mays (Actor, Domino One (2005))
Ghislaine May (Actress, L'affaire est dans le sac (1932))
Elaine Mae Woo (Director, Anna May Wong, Frosted Yellow Willows: Her Life, Times and Legend (2007))
Elaine Matta (Miscellaneous, The Ten Commandments (1956))
Elaine Maser (Costume Department, Ocean's Eleven (2001))
Elaine Marsh (II) (Self, Helicopter Heroes (2007))
Elaine Marsh (I) (Actress, Timesplitters (2001))
Elaine Martin (IV) (Self, A Day in the Country (1997))
Elaine Mawford
Elaine Mangel (Costume Designer, Made for Each Other (1971))
Elaine Mackay (Actress, Tha' Crib (2004))
Elaine Martin (III)
Elaine Malus (Actress, Prologue (1970))
Elaine Martin (V) (Producer, Refugee's (2016))
Elaine Mallon (Miscellaneous, Donor (1990))
Elaine Mackie (Miscellaneous, Pumpkinhead (1988))
Elaine Martin (II) (Self, Chasing Chairs (2011))
Elaine Macedo (Casting Director, Senhora do Destino (2004))
Elaine Mandin (Actress, Les Joueurs (2006))
Elaine Martz (Actress, Not Today (2013))
Elaine Mathews (Producer, The Red Door (2009))
Elaine Mason (II) (Production Manager, Mermaid Girl: The Last Six Months (2009))
Elaine Mason (I) (Miscellaneous, House Gang (1996))
Elaine Manalo (Actress, You to Me Are Everything (2010))
Elaine Matthes (Miscellaneous, Cider with Rosie (1998))
Elaine Martin (I) (Animation Department, Super 4 (2014))
Elaine Mann (Writer, Swallow This! Navigating the Dietary Supplement Industry (2010))
Elaine Mattos (Producer, O Homem Pode Voar (2006))
Elaine M. Alger (Miscellaneous, The Haunted Desert: Archaelogy and the Dead Sea Scrolls (2001))
Mary Elaine Monti (Actress, Aunt Louisa (2012))
Elaine Martone (Actress, Hands of a Stranger (1962))
Elaine Murphy (I) (Actress, Becoming Jane (2007))
Elaine Marie Gibson (Assistant Director, The Woman (2011))
Marlene Mains (Actress, Calling All Kids (1943))
Elaine Morris (I) (Production Manager, Have I Got News for You (1990))
Elaine Murray (II) (Actress, Minder (1979))
Blaine Mallory (Actress, Margaret and the Moon (2016))
Dane Mainella (Director, Driving Not Knowing (2015))
Elaine Moran (II) (Writer, 32 (2013))
Elaine Moe (Actress, Madhouse (1990))
Elaine Mee (Actress, The Favor (1994))
Elaine Mongeon (Miscellaneous, Side Effects (2013))
Jermaine Mays (Self, 2002 Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl (2002))
Elaine Morgan (I) (Writer, The Doctors (1969))
Elaine McMillion (Director, Forager (2015))
Elaine Mintz (Miscellaneous, Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015))
Elaine Montalvo (Costume Designer, Big Time Rush (2009))
Elaine Moran (I) (Actress, Mayhem Behind Movies (2012))
Elaine Maria Lins (Actress, O Preço da Ilusão (1957))
Elaine M. Adkins (Miscellaneous, Andromeda Conquest (1982))
Elaine Martins (Make Up Department, Eu Queria Ser Arrebatada, Amordaçada e, nas minhas costas, Tatuada (2015))
Elaine Morris (II) (Producer, Can't I $#!T in Peace? (2017))
Elaine McLenachan (Art Department, The Magdalene Sisters (2002))
Elaine Tyler May (II) (Self, The Bomb (2015))
Elaine Tyler May (I) (Self, The Betty Mystique (2006))
Elaine Mackenzie (Assistant Director, Unleashed (2005))
Blaine Martin (Director, Unfeathered Friends (2015))
Blaine Marky (Stunts, Trust (2013))
Élaine Marcil (Music Department, The Good Lie (2014))
Blaine Mason (Actor, Baby Time Share (2005))
Blaine Marcou (Art Department, Grumpy Old Men (1993))
Mélaine Marot (Costume Department, La dame de chez Maxim (2008))
Blaine Manry (Actor, On the Edge (2009))
Laine Maeda (Miscellaneous, Manx TT: Super Bike Twin (1995))
Elaine Miller (VI) (Costume Department, Sisu: The Death of Tom Sukanen (2009))
Elaine M. Davis (Writer, Minnesota 13: From Grain to Glass (2016))
Elaine Moyce (Actress, Here (2001))
Elaine Miller (XII)
Elaine Miller (XI)
Elaine McCaul (Costume Department, The Black Hole (2006))
Elaine Murphy (III)
Elaine Mills (I) (Animation Department, Watership Down (1978))
Elaine Meader (Cinematographer, Year of the Caribou (1974))
Elaine Millar (Actress, The Tommy Steele Show: Quincy's Quest (1962))
Elaine M. Brown (Producer, Celebrity Habla (2009))
Elaine Myers (Actress, Andrew Jackson (2007))
Elaine Murphy (II)
Elaine McHone (Actress, The Gundown (2011))
Elaine Merk (Actress, The Wizard of Oz (1939))
Delaine Muse (Actress, SexDotCom (2015))
Elaine Miller (II) (Miscellaneous, The Secret of NIMH (1982))
Elaine Meyers (Actress, The Conquest of America (2005))
Elaine Motl (Self, E! True Hollywood Story (1996))
Elaine Miller (X)
Elaine Miller (VII) (Producer, Sumbaito (2006))
Elaine Moore (I) (Art Department, Northern Lights (2000))
Elaine Minton (Thanks, CreepTales (2004))
Elaine Miller (I) (Art Department, Stir of Echoes (1999))
Elaine Monds (Self, Killer Whale & Crocodile (2007))
Elaine Meek (Actress, Folio (1955))
Elaine Myles (Actress, Mangos (2015))
Elaine Menigo (Camera Department, UFO Days (2016))
Elaine McGown (Actress, Terms of Endearment (1983))
Elaine M. Rivas (Producer, The Nightingale and the Rose (1997))
Helaine Moore (Producer, Robo-Dorks (2011))
Elaine McMann (Actress, Desolation Angels (1995))
Elaine Michea (Miscellaneous, Bonnie and Clyde (1967))
Elaine McFeat (Editorial Department, One Magic Christmas (1985))
Elaine Moore (III) (Writer, I've Got Nothing (2010))
Elaine Munro (Producer, A Grandmother's Tribe (2007))
Elaine Morse (Costume Department, The Machine (2013))
Elaine Murray (I) (Miscellaneous, Born Free (1998))
Elaine Morgan (II) (Self, The Eurovision Song Contest (1996))
Elaine McNair (Actress, Crime Patrol (1993))
Elaine Murphy (IV) (Writer, Tri holky jako kvet (2015))
Elaine McGhee (Costume Department, Serenity (2005))
Elaine Mellon
Elaine Muscat (Actress, Blown Away (2012))
Elaine Moreau (Assistant Director, Femmes qui rient (2014))
Elaine Mello (Actress, Cornhole: The Movie (2010))
Elaine Mensah (Producer, The Politics of Fashion: DC Unboxed (2014))
Elaine Muegge (Art Department, Confus[(ion) (ed)] (2012))
Elaine Metz
Elaine McKay (I) (Producer, Get Stuffed (2012))
Elaine Miller (IX) (Miscellaneous, The Pat Sajak Show (1989))
Elaine Morgan (III) (Animation Department, The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends (1992))
Elaine Miller (III) (Producer, The Man You Had in Mind (2006))
Elaine Meder (Actress, One Dead Duck (2005))
Elaine Moyah (Producer, The Clicking (2002))
Elaine Moritz (Editorial Department, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992))
Elaine Morrow (Actress, Pipe Dreams (2007))
Elaine Moxon (Writer, Deception (2013))
Elaine Moore (II) (Assistant Director, Finders Keepers (1991))
Elaine Méric (Actress, Olmo & the Seagull (2015))
Elaine Mesa (Actress, Atlantic City Chronicles (2013))
Elaine McKay (II) (Actress, Powers (2015))
Elaine McGee (Miscellaneous, Love and a Bullet (2002))
Elaine Miller (VIII) (Actress, Here Come the Girls (1953))
Elaine Miller (V) (Animation Department, Hot Wheels (1969))
Elaine Mills (II) (Actress, In Convenience (2008))
Helaine Moler (Actress, The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938))
Elaine Mooney
Elaine Morgan (IV) (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Elaine Miller (IV) (Miscellaneous, Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson (1993))
Elaine Miranda (Actress, Desire (2006))
Sophie Plainemaison (Actress, Dark Patch (2017))
Laine-Maire Kyöstilä (Self, Ihantalan ihme (2001))
Ghislaine Mailhot (Miscellaneous, Pure Laine (2006))
Madeline Main (Producer, Burial Ground (2013))
Loraine Mayes (Actress, Local Legend; The Haw Ridge Devil (2003))
Jasmine Main (III) (Actress, Flux (2016))
Jasmine Main (IV) (Actress, Clique (2017))
Caroline Maine (Make Up Department, Handicap (2004))
Jasmine Main (I)
Catherine Main (Director, Covert Encounters (2005))
Céline Mainguy (Actress, Candice Renoir (2013))
Jasmine Main (II)
Elaine Mansouri (Costume Department, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015))
Charmaine Martin (Actress, Moulin Rouge! (2001))
Elaine Lakeman (Actress, Terror Train (1980))
Elaine Martinelli (Miscellaneous, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (1991))
Karen Elaine Mason (Producer, T Bone and the Cherry Hogs (2014))
Madelaine Marten (Director, Wraak (2013))
Elaine Mantalvo (Miscellaneous, The Adventures of Tango McNorton: Licensed Hero (2005))
Elaine Marciante (Actress, Passengers (2002))
Elaine Marie Korff (Actress, Star Trek I: Specter of the Past (2010))
Elaine Matthews (I) (Miscellaneous, Brazil (1985))
Elaine Martinez (I) (Actor, Hunting Diabla (2015))
Elaine Mariel Magboo (Miscellaneous, Mundo ni Juan sa Japan (2015))
Elaine Matthews (II) (Actress, Walt Disney World Journey Into Magic (1993))
Elaine MacLaughlin (Writer, The Spectrum (2016))
Madelaine Macdonald (Camera Department, Nowhere to Go (2015))
Elaine Matlow Tal-El (Writer, Monit LeGondar (2008))
Elaine Madrigal
Elaine Mathiason
Elaine Markopoulos (Actress, Flowers of Asphalt (1949))
Melaine Mallory (I) (Miscellaneous, Saving Sarah Cain (2007))
Melaine Mallory (II)
Elaine Madison (Actress, The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton (1919))
Elaine MacDonald (Producer, In a Moment: The Johan Aspelin Story )
Madelaine Martens (Actress, Wraak (2013))