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Ed Horowitz (Writer, On Deadly Ground (1994))
Adam Horowitz (I) (Writer, TRON: Legacy (2010))
Fred Horowitz
Jed Horowitz
Jared Horowitz (Sound Department, Faceless (2006))
Josh Horowitz (I) (Self, MTV Movie Awards Takeover (2014))
David Horowitz (II) (Actor, Fight Back with David Horowitz (1976))
Uri Horowitz (Actor, Airheads (1994))
Anthony Horowitz (Writer, Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006))
Mark Horowitz (I) (Producer, NCIS (2003))
Jake Horowitz (Actor, Adam Bloom (2016))
David Horowitz (VI) (Self, Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech (2009))
Jordan Horowitz (II) (Producer, La La Land (2016))
Bud Horowitz (Camera Department, Bette Midler in Concert: Diva Las Vegas (1997))
Leonard Horowitz (Producer, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-Commentary for Robert De Niro (2016))
Richard Horowitz (I) (Composer, Any Given Sunday (1999))
Jeff Horowitz (Producer, Stop the Burning (2015))
Andy Horowitz (III) (Producer, Mandrake the Magician (2019))
Michael Horowitz (I) (Producer, Burn Notice (2007))
Matt Horowitz (Camera Department, Going Home (2009))
Will Horowitz
David Horowitz (XI) (Visual Effects, Substitute (2009))
Bob Horowitz (Producer, The Singing Bee (2007))
David Horowitz (I) (Set Decorator, Police Story (1973))
Joanne Horowitz (Producer, Beyond the Sea (2004))
Mark Horowitz (II) (Miscellaneous, Pollock (2000))
Sandy Horowitz (Producer, The Clones (1973))
Vladimir Horowitz (Actor, Vladimir Horowitz: The Last Romantic (1985))
Zach Horowitz
Ben Horowitz (Assistant Director, Young Ones (2014))
Michael Horowitz (IV) (Actor, The Darwin Awards (2006))
Adam Horowitz (III) (Editorial Department, Tropical Rainforest (1992))
Joey Horowitz (Actor, My Life Sucks Pond Water Through a Dirty Straw.com (2009))
Cynthia Horowitz (Actress, The Darwin Awards (2006))
Sara Horowitz (Self, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Cass Horowitz (Miscellaneous, Peston on Sunday (2016))
Nick Horowitz (Miscellaneous, New Blood (2016))
Adam Horowitz (II) (Actor, A Five Minutes Walk (2001))
Richard Horowitz (IV) (Composer, India's Song (2009))
Sam Horowitz (Actor, First Kill (2014))
Dave Horowitz (I) (Visual Effects, Inception (2010))
Mike Horowitz (II) (Miscellaneous, Quantum (1982))
David Horowitz (XX) (Production Manager, The Barbara McNair Show (1969))
Evan Horowitz (Director, Made for Each Other (2012))
Seth Horowitz (I)
Nate Horowitz (Director, Nowhere (2015))
David Horowitz (XIII) (Producer, Distraktion (2012))
Alan Horowitz (I) (Actor, On Dangerous Ground (1996))
Joshua Horowitz (I) (Actor, Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School (2005))
Yael Horowitz (Actor, Sodot Mishpacha (1998))
Eric Horowitz (I) (Actor, The Potchki Chronicles (2001))
Ari Horowitz (Actor, Today You Are a Fountain Pen (2002))
Rob Horowitz (II) (Writer, Squelch (2013))
Seth Horowitz (II) (Miscellaneous, Touched (2003))
Dave Horowitz (IV)
Hal Horowitz (Camera Department, Flames (2016))
Leah Horowitz (Actress, The Sound of Music Live! (2013))
Niv Horowitz (Camera Department, Schwartz Dynasty (2005))
Lew Horowitz
Dave Horowitz (III) (Editor, Don't Be Afraid to Pogo (2015))
Dan Horowitz (I) (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Tori Horowitz (Actress, Traveling Man (1989))
Mark Horowitz (V) (Writer, Almost You (1985))
Len Horowitz (I) (Miscellaneous, Public Enemies (2009))
Ami Horowitz (Director, U.N. Me (2009))
Karen Horowitz (Miscellaneous, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (2012))
Eric Horowitz (III) (Writer, On Top (2012))
Eric Horowitz (IV) (Editorial Department, The Cold Lands (2013))
Dave Horowitz (II) (Actor, Yeti: A Love Story (2006))
Alan Horowitz (II) (Miscellaneous, Get Yer Ya Ya's Out (2009))
Jon Horowitz (I) (Actor, The Pit (2009))
Avi Horowitz (Actor, My Genie (2008))
Dani Horowitz (Writer, Her Bare Feet (1999))
Maya Horowitz (Producer, The Suit (2013))
Mike Horowitz (III) (Composer, Die kleine Monsterin (2009))
Tim Horowitz (Art Department, Born to Shine (2011))
Andy Horowitz (II) (Actor, R.A.E. (2009))
Howie Horowitz (I) (Assistant Director, St. Elsewhere (1982))
Max Horowitz (I) (Actor, Die Klabriaspartie (1916))
Kobi Horowitz (Sound Department, Free Zone (2005))
M.G. Horowitz (Self, Tongan Ark (2012))
Omer Horowitz (Music Department, The Litvak Connection (2009))
Ann Horowitz (Actress, Return of the Lost Ones (2016))
Herb Horowitz (Miscellaneous, Nightstick (1987))
Dan Horowitz (III) (Camera Department, Pariah (2011))
Al Horowitz (Editorial Department, The Quiet Man (1952))
Jay Horowitz (Camera Department, The Deal (1998))
Lou Horowitz (Producer, The Psycho Lover (1970))
Dany Horowitz (Writer, Pesya's Necklace (2006))
Nava Horowitz (Producer, Mazal and Bracha (2014))
Mark Horowitz (III) (Editorial Department, Condor (1985))
Josh Horowitz (II) (Animation Department, She's Got the Look (2008))
Jody Horowitz (Director, Jody Horowitz for Showtime (1994))
Len Horowitz (II) (Self, Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2 (2010))
Mike Horowitz (I) (Editor, Mr Robinson's Driving School (2007))
Jon Horowitz (II) (Director, Skin & Bones - Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor (2009))
Eli Horowitz (Writer, A Vision of Post-Apocalyptic Cuisine: The Frankenchicken (2013))
Chai Horowitz (Actor, The Plastic Fork (2001))
Adam Horowitz (IV) (Self, Behind the Wheel (2008))
Josh Horowitz (IV)
Boaz Horowitz (Editorial Department, London et Kirschenbaum (2003))
Marc Horowitz (II) (Producer, Moving (2013))
Rob Horowitz (I) (Animation Department, The Animated Star-Spangled Banner (1990))
Howie Horowitz (II) (Miscellaneous, Roc (1991))
Dan Horowitz (II) (Writer, Criss Cross (2001))
Jack Horowitz (Producer, Le cercle des passions (1983))
Ken Horowitz (I) (Actor, Man About Town (1997))
Mark Horowitz (VI)
Marc Horowitz (III) (Assistant Director, Pool Party (2013))
Doug Horowitz (Location Management, The Fall Guy (1981))
Max Horowitz (II) (Camera Department, God Forgive Us (2014))
Ray Horowitz (Producer, Rachel (2017))
Llew Horowitz (Music Department, Midnight (1989))
Gary Horowitz (Producer, Executive Action (1973))
Lis Horowitz
Liz Horowitz (Director, Als die Schweiz den Atem anhielt (2011))
Alex Horowitz
Amy Horowitz (Actress, Bleeding (2009))
Marc Horowitz (I) (Writer, The Marc Horowitz Signature Series (2008))
Roi Horowitz (Actor, The Body (2001))
Dan Horowitz (IV) (Self, Teenage Paparazzo (2010))
Lisa Horowitz (Assistant Director, Campus Man (1987))
Jude Horowitz (Actress, The Shot (1996))
Mark Horowitz (IV)
Eric Horowitz (II)
Sy Horowitz (Actor, Wonderguy (1993))
Joel Horowitz (Location Management, Redirecting Eddie (2008))
Seth Horowitz (III) (Miscellaneous, Hunters (2016))
Nina Horowitz (Art Department, Like a Crashed Plane (2005))
Ross Horowitz
Paul Horowitz (Self, Where Are All the UFO's? (1996))
Andy Horowitz (I) (Actor, Swordswallowers and Thin Men (2003))
Gideon Horowitz (Actor, The Restaurant (2003))
Alison Jaye Horowitz (Actress, Total Freak (2014))
David Horowitz (IV) (Composer, Satan's Little Helper (2004))
Richard Horowitz (VII) (Self, Under Our Skin (2008))
Bernard Horowitz (Self, The Ed Sullivan Show (1948))
Richard Horowitz (VI) (Music Department, Waiting for the Sea (2012))
David Horowitz (X) (Writer, MTV Video Music Awards 2000 (2000))
David Horowitz (XVIII) (Actor, Bullied to Silence (2012))
David Horowitz (XVI) (Composer, Beatrice and Bob (2011))
David Horowitz (XIX) (Camera Department, Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah (2015))
David Horowitz (IX) (Visual Effects, Hoyle Casino Empire (2002))
Richard Horowitz (III) (Miscellaneous, The Amazing Race (2001))
Richard Horowitz (V) (Composer, Death for Sale (2011))
Edward Horowitz (Actor, Silver Street (2009))
David Horowitz (XXI) (Producer, The Bath (2013))
David Horowitz (XII) (Editor, The Clip Joint (2005))
Richard Horowitz (IX) (Actor, Maktar (2002))
David Horowitz (VIII) (Miscellaneous, For Pete's Sake (1974))
David Horowitz (XVII)
David Horowitz (XXV) (Self, PoliticKING with Larry King (2012))
Richard Horowitz (II) (Actor, Spanish Fly (1998))
David Horowitz (XXII)
Howard Horowitz (I) (Producer, Cheech & Chong's Animated Game (2011))
Howard Horowitz (II)
David Horowitz (XXIII) (Composer, Hu-Man (1975))
David Horowitz (XXIV) (Self, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Ryszard Horowitz (Self, Schindler's List (1993))
David Horowitz (V) (Producer, Wrecker (2004))
David Horowitz (VII) (Producer, CBS Schoolbreak Special (1984))
David Horowitz (III) (Assistant Director, Committed (2000))
David Horowitz (XV) (Music Department, Mondo Claymo (2010))
Richard Horowitz (X) (Composer, Ridden by Nature (2013))
David Horowitz (XIV) (Sound Department, Mondo Claymo (2010))
Margherita Horowitz (Actress, Suspiria (1977))
Jimmy Horowitz (I) (Music Department, Dick Deadeye, or Duty Done (1975))
Jordan Horowitz (IV) (Director, Painless (2016))
Matthew Horowitz (I) (Producer, Gangsters: America's Most Evil (2012))
Mitch Horowitz (Self, 2012: Time for Change (2010))
Matthew Horowitz (III) (Producer, Vice (2013))
Helen Horowitz (Actress, The Naked Ape (1973))
Samuel Evan Horowitz (Stunts, Chicago P.D. (2014))
Cassian Horowitz (Actor, Midsomer Murders (1997))
Michael Horowitz (II) (Animation Department, The Secret of NIMH (1982))
Barry Horowitz (Actor, WWE Raw (1993))
Yariv Horowitz (Director, Rock Ba-Casba (2012))
Adam Jonas Horowitz (Director, Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1 (2011))
Marilyn Horowitz (Producer, Found in Time (2012))
Andrew Horowitz (II) (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Larry Horowitz (I) (Actor, Introducing... Janet (1983))
Andrew Horowitz (III) (Actor, Candy from Strangers Part 1: Small Prey (2011))
Jeffrey Horowitz (Writer, The Tempest (1986))
Alan P. Horowitz (Producer, The Longest Yard (1974))
Jamie Horowitz (I) (Producer, SportsNation (2009))
Diana Horowitz (II) (Production Manager, Comedy Central Canned Ham (1996))
Seymour Horowitz (Actor, The Replacements (2000))
Lawrence Horowitz (I) (Producer, Switched at Birth (1991))
Daniel Horowitz (XV) (Producer, Like Unto Leaves (2012))
Steven Horowitz (II) (Director, Star Warped (1997))
Norman Horowitz (Self, Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story (2007))
Julia Horowitz (Director, Maggie and Ernie (2006))
Benny Horowitz (Writer, Every Word Handwritten (2012))
Wanda Toscanini-Horowitz (Actress, Vladimir Horowitz: The Last Romantic (1985))
Nathanial Horowitz (Actor, Producing Fiction (2007))
Andrew Horowitz (IV) (Actor, Kindling (2012))
Theodora Horowitz (Actress, Margarita Happy Hour (2001))
Jerediah Horowitz (Camera Department, Shoot, Gringo... Shoot! (1968))
Daniel Horowitz (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Rock Ba-Casba (2012))
Laurie Horowitz (II) (Actress, Playing with Mr. Greeley (1997))