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Edward Blatchford (Actor, The Last of the Mohicans (1992))
aka "Ed Blatchford"
Bob Blatchford (Editor, Henson's Place (1984))
Bob Latchford (Self, The Big Match: Everton (2009))
Mac Blatchford (Miscellaneous, City Guys (1997))
Joe Blatchford (Actor, National Geographic Investigates (2011))
Jehs Latchford (Actress, Reverse Lobotomy (2014))
Lee Latchford-Evans (Self, Steps and Youngstown in Concert (2000))
Cate Latchford (Producer, Dead Space (2008))
Marcus Blatchford (Camera Department, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Tom Latchford (II) (Actor, Jack Taylor: The Guards (2010))
Tom Latchford (I) (Actor, Mama and Damian (2007))
Tony Latchford (Self, Citroen... The French Connection (2004))
Matt Latchford (Director, The Adventures of One eskimO (2008))
Adam Latchford (Producer, Claws for Alarm (2015))
Shayla Blatchford (Self, Surf Noir (2007))
Denis Blatchford (Costume Department, The Forbidden Note (2016))
Chris Blatchford (I) (Production Manager, Doctor Who (2005))
Christie Blatchford (Self, The Frank Truth (2001))
Chris Blatchford (II) (Self, Drug Wars: Silver or Lead (2008))
Emily Blatchford (I) (Actress, Packed to the Rafters (2008))
Judith Blatchford (Writer, Never Fade (2016))
Patcharida Blatchford (Self, Miss World 2011 (2011))
Nikki Blatchford (Actress, Moloko: Forever More (2003))
Gary Blatchford (Director, Budgie the Little Helicopter (1994))
Michael Blatchford (Camera Department, Away from Her (2006))
Alexandra Blatchford (Actress, Saved by the Belding (2010))
Amanda Blatchford (Actress, Destined Choices (2008))
Sami Blatchford (Location Management, The Basement (2015))
Rose Blatchford (Self, The British UFO Files (2004))
Robert Blatchford (II) (Art Department, Luckytown (2000))
Kate Blatchford (Art Department, The Greatest Show on Earth (2016))
Mark Blatchford (Art Director, Nightingale (2014))
Emily Blatchford (II)
Steven Blatchford (Art Department, The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant (2005))
Sandra Blatchford (Actress, Never Fade (2016))
Sean Blatchford (Miscellaneous, The Marine 3: Homefront (2013))
Pete Blatchford (Actor, The Basement (2015))
Mike Blatchford (Art Department, The Zack Files (2000))
Traci Blatchford (Miscellaneous, Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here (1988))
Gavin Blatchford (Actor, Factory Hands (2014))
John Blatchford (I) (Actor, Mind's Eye (2009))
Mary Blatchford (Actress, Dogfood Dan and the Carmarthen Cowboy (1982))
Aryl Blatchford (Actor, The Eternal Question (1956))
William Blatchford (Actor, The Old Fashioned Way (1934))
Frederick Blatchford (Writer, The Elusive Pimpernel (1919))
Robert Blatchford (I) (Transportation Department, Memento (2000))
Clare Blatchford (Actress, Honeymoon (2007))
Alicia Blatchford (Producer, Now What? (2014))
Kristin Blatchford (Art Department, Mantecoza (2014))
Justin Blatchford (Self, 2012 Capital One Bowl (2012))
John Blatchford (II) (Producer, Now What? (2014))
Dianne Latchford (Actress, A Lobster Tale (2006))
George Latchford (Actor, Gerbert (1989))
Barry Latchford (Actor, Gypo (2005))
Sherry Latchford
Kevin Latchford (Actor, Alongside Night (2014))
John Latchford Beck (Actor, Grave Mistakes (2008))
Rayne-Anne Latchford (Camera Department, A Dead Man's Gun (2011))
Graham Latchford (Miscellaneous, The Passionate Eye (2000))
Bryan Latchford (Producer, Where the Wonder Went (2013))
Traci Blatchford-Kuiper (Miscellaneous, Rocko's Modern Life (1993))