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David Doyle (I) (Actor, Charlie's Angels (1976))
David Doyle (III) (Actor, The Imitators (1996))
David J.G. Doyle (Actor, Starship Moonhawk: The Fire and the Forge (in development))
Peter Doyle Davidson (Camera Department, Surreal Hospital (2017))
Kyle David Pierce (Actor, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013))
David Doyle (VI) (Producer, Sea Rescue (2012))
David Doyle (II) (Camera Department, The Mighty Ducks (1992))
David Doyle (XIV)
David Doyle (IX) (Actor, Aftermath (2009))
David Doyle (XVI) (Actor, Head Shop Men (2012))
David Doyle (X) (Camera Department, Everything Is Super (2011))
David Doyle (XI) (Visual Effects, The Year the Sky Fell (1994))
David Doyle (VIII)
David G. Doyle (Visual Effects, Great Weather Catastrophes (1993))
David Doyle (XII) (Actor, The Message (2011))
David Doyle (XIX) (Actor, Parfum Fatale (2015))
David Doyle (XVII) (Self, Twin Towns (2014))
David Doyle (V) (Art Department, Route 9 (1998))
David Doyle J.G.
David Doyle (VII) (Director, Radio N 7 (2013))
David Doyle (XVIII)
David Doyle (XXI) (Actor, Have Some (2017))
David Doyle (IV) (Writer, Final Command (2017))
David Doyle (XV) (Actor, Close (2013))
David Doyle (XIII)
Kyle David Crosby (Producer, #REALITYHIGH (2017))
Kyle Davidson (V) (Actor, Dark Fist (2012))
Kyle Davidson (I) (Art Department, A Dog's Breakfast (2007))
Kyle Davidson (II) (Actor, For the Love of Movies (2010))
Kyle Davidson (III) (Actor, Jasper Goes to Bishop (2009))
David Lodin Doyle (Actor, This Is the Sea (1997))
Joanna Hoyle-Davis (Costume Department, The Out-of-Towners (1999))
Kyle David Clem (Actor, Santiago (2014))
Gayle Davidson (Actress, Giraffes (2016))
Kyle David House (Editorial Department, Nowhere, PA (2008))
Kyle David Gaines (Actor, Hayride (2012))
Kyle Davidson-Walton (Cinematographer, Simulation (2017))
Kyle David Thomas (Actor, Banded (2016))
Kyle David Browning (Actor, Hangman (2017))
Kyle David Amann (Miscellaneous, The Red Room (2015))
Kyle David Snow
Kyle David Harrington (Actor, Operation Belvis Bash (2013))
Dave Doyle (I) (Actor, Blood Harvest (1987))