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Dorothy Stone (I) (Actress, Revolt of the Zombies (1936))
Dorothy Stone (II) (Self, Bravo Profiles: The Entertainment Business (1998))
Dorothy Stoneman (Self, If I Can Believe It... (2015))
Dorothy Stratten (Actress, Galaxina (1980))
Dorothy Stickney (Actress, I Never Sang for My Father (1970))
Dorothy Steel (Actress, Black Majick (2016))
Dorothy Stout
Dorothy Storm (II) (Editorial Department, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993))
Dorothy Storm (I) (Miscellaneous, Fade to White (2016))
Dorothy Stang (Self, Testify! Eco-Defense and the Politics of Violence (2005))
Dorothy Stein (Self, Zibb (2003))
Dorothy Stamp (Actress, Code Chaotic (2001))
Dorothy Stacy (Self, Hangin with Web Show (2015))
Dorothy Stinnette (Actress, Another World (1964))
Dorothy Stockmar (Actress, Dante's Inferno (1935))
Dorothy Stokes (I) (Actress, Jack and the Beanstalk (1970))
Dorothy Stough (Actress, Revenge of the Roadkill Rabbit (1999))
Dorothy Stocks (Self, Redrum (2013))
Dorothy Stokes (II) (Actress, Butterflies in the Rain (1926))
Dorothy Staton (Miscellaneous, Double Indemnity (1944))
Dorothy Steele (Actress, Armstrong Circle Theatre (1950))
Timothy Stone (I) (Location Management, Forces of Nature (1999))
Timothy Stone (III) (Sound Department, The Straight and Narrow (2016))
Dorothy Stevens (I) (Actress, Dakota (1945))
Dorothy Street (I) (Art Department, Silicon Valley (2014))
Dorothy Strouhal (Make Up Department, The Preacher's Mistress (2013))
Dorothy Steiben (Producer, I Thought So (1994))
Dorothy Steiner (Actress, Joy of Living (1938))
Dorothy Stuart (II) (Actress, Der Leihopa (1985))
Dorothy Steves (Miscellaneous, Never the Twain (1981))
Dorothy Stanward (Actress, Isle of Intrigue (1931))
Dorothy Stasney (Actress, Slow Jam King (2004))
Dorothy Stearle (Actress, Efflorescence (2011))
Dorothy Stimson (Editor, Those People Next Door (1953))
Dorothy Stevens (II) (Self, Sonja Henie: Queen of the Ice (1995))
Dorothy Staveley (Producer, Faux Leather (2016))
Dorothy Stuart (I) (Actress, Alice in Wonderland (1946))
Dorothy Strelsin (Actress, The Guru (1969))
Dorothy Street (II) (Self, Kinkyû genchi shuzai tokuhô: Ei kûgun kichi ni UFO chakuriku! Gun shireikan ga uchûjin to kaiken shita!? (1984))
Dorothy Stevens (III) (Self, Sonja Henie: Isens dronning (1993))
Dorothy Stewart (II) (Actress, New World Water (2010))
Dorothy Stewart (III)
Dorothy Stewart (I) (Actress, Housemaster (1949))
Dorothy Stroup (Actress, Days of Waiting (1991))
Dorothy Strickland (II) (Self, Fix America (2012))
Dorothy St. John (Actress, Topsy's Dream of Toyland (1911))
Dorothy St. Jean (Sound Department, Emmy (2009))
Dorothy Strickland (I)
Dorothy St. Heaps (Actress, My Brilliant Career (1979))
Dorothy Stengel (Actress, Killer of Sheep (1978))
Dorothy Straughter
Dorothy Stafford (Actress, The Stranger (2013))
Dorothy Strongin (Actress, Basket Case (1982))
Dorothy St. Louis (Miscellaneous, Rosa Peligrosa (2003))
Dorothy Streisin (Actress, The Champ (1979))
Dorothy Shelton (I) (Miscellaneous, An Evening with Quentin Crisp (1980))
Dorothy Bronston (Writer, The Call of the Unborn (1916))
Dorothy T. Stone (Producer, Days of McKinley, Bryan, and Teddy Roosevelt (1952))
Dorothy Buckstone (Actress, Old Scrooge (1913))
Dorothy Shackleton (Actress, Inquest (1939))
Dorothy Shelton (II) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Keith & Dorothy Stoffel
Dorothy Simmons
Timothy Stonecipher (Producer, Bullied (2011))
Timothy Stoner (Actor, Sixgun (2010))
Dorothy Thurston (Writer, Two Hearts (2012))
Dorothy Houston (Casting Department, Bad Ass Killers (2012))
Dorothy Easton (Actress, The Happy Prisoner (1924))
Dorothy Livingston (Actress, The Employer's Liability (1912))
Dorothy Kingston (Actress, Savage Intruder (1970))
Dorothy Stevenson-Bigby (Actress, Once Around (1991))
Dorothy Mary Gladstone (Self, From Durban to Zululand (1913))
Dorothy Gilbert Goldstone (Miscellaneous, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (1978))