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Dorothy Dare (I) (Actress, Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935))
Dorothy Dare (II) (Actress, A Shattered Idyll (1916))
Dorothy Dandridge (Actress, Carmen Jones (1954))
Dorothy Davis (I) (Actress, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976))
Dorothy Darke (Actress, The Persian Kitten (1953))
Dorothy Darr (Producer, Ben Ingram vs. the State of Mississippi (2009))
Dorothy Dells (Actress, Death Warrant (1990))
Dorothy Duffy (I) (Actress, The Magdalene Sisters (2002))
Dorothy Dell (Actress, Little Miss Marker (1934))
Dorothy Day (I) (Actress, Women at War (1943))
Dorothy Dean Bridges (Actress, Finders Keepers (1921))
Dorothy Davenport (Actress, Mothers of Men (1917))
Dorothy DeBorba (I) (Actress, Pups Is Pups (1930))
Dorothy Dix (I) (Actress, The Nevada Buckaroo (1931))
Dorothy Dalba (II) (Actress, A Mother's Nightmare (2012))
Dorothy Dwan (Actress, The Wizard of Oz (1925))
Dorothy Daisy (Location Management, Trendy )
Dorothy Day (II) (Self, Reel Life #4 (1916))
Dorothy Davis (VI) (Actress, Children of God (2010))
Dorothy Davis (II) (Miscellaneous, Less Than Zero (1987))
Dorothy Davis (III) (Self, Fear Factor (2001))
Dorothy Dang (Miscellaneous, Introducing Victor King and the YTF Crew (2011))
Dorothy Dane (Actress, Their Breezy Affair (1918))
Dorothy Dawes (Actress, Murder at the Vanities (1934))
Dorothy Daye (I) (Actress, Doctors (2000))
Dorothy David (Actress, Inspector Gadget (1999))
Dorothy Davis (VIII) (Actor, Toxic City: Birmingham's Dirty Secret (2014))
Dorothy Davis (IX)
Dorothy Dahm (Actress, On the Stroke of Three (1924))
Dorothy Davis (VII) (Camera Department, The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle (2017))
Dorothy Dawn
Dorothy Dale (Actress, The Ten Commandments (1923))
Dorothy Davis (V) (Miscellaneous, Heat Wave (1990))
Dorothy Daye (II) (Actress, The Dinkum Bloke (1923))
Dorothy Dalba (I) (Actress, The Invader Traders (2009))
Dorothy Davis (IV) (Actress, Jan (2012))
Dorothy Dalba (III) (Actor, Stood Up (2013))
Dorothy Dahl (Actress, A Suspicious Wife (1914))
Dorothy Dack (Actress, Sleep (2003))
Dorothy Daly (Self, This Morning (1988))
Dorothy Dalton (Actress, Moran of the Lady Letty (1922))
Dorothy Drake (I) (Actress, Young and Beautiful (1934))
Dorothy Darling (Actress, Girl in the Case (1935))
Dorothy Darlene Orr (Actress, The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976))
Dorothy Darrell (Actress, Buck Privates (1941))
Dorothy Drury (Actress, Street Racer (2008))
Dorothy D. Fox (Make Up Department, Catch Me If You Can (2002))
Dorothy Dugan (I) (Actress, Strike Me Pink (1936))
Dorothy Dwyer (Actress, Clear History (2013))
Dorothy Drake (IV) (Actress, Under the Red Robe (1915))
Dorothy Duke (Actress, Test Tube Babies (1948))
Dorothy Demme (Actress, Something Wild (1986))
Dorothy Dean (I) (Self, Chelsea Girls (1966))
Dorothy Dean (III) (Actress, Dreaming Out Loud (1940))
Dorothy Dunn (I) (Actress, My Favorite Spy (1942))
Dorothy Dehn (Actress, Marihuana (1936))
Dorothy Devine (Self, A Star Is Born World Premiere (1954))
Dorothy Dorr (Actress, Hollywouldn't (1925))
Dorothy Devore (Actress, Know Thy Wife (1918))
Dorothy Dume (Miscellaneous, The 24 Hour Woman (1999))
Dorothy Dee (Actress, Three Green Eyes (1919))
Dorothy Dunn (III) (Producer, Sunshine Maker (1993))
Dorothy Drake (III) (Actress, Adam Adamant Lives! (1966))
Dorothy Drew (Self, E! True Hollywood Story (1996))
Dorothy Dick (Actress, Prison Girls (1972))
Dorothy Dudek (Miscellaneous, Back to the Future... The Ride (1991))
Dorothy Drady (Actress, The People (1972))
Dorothy Dodge (Actress, A Mail Bride (1932))
Dorothy DuBay (Production Manager, Strangers in Paradise (1984))
Dorothy Dix (III) (Actress, The First Mrs. Fraser (1932))
Dorothy Dunn (IV) (Writer, Studio 57 (1954))
Dorothy Duff (Actress, Doctors (2000))
Dorothy Dix (II) (Self, Is Everybody Happy? (1946))
Dorothy Downs (II) (Producer, Junior High Spy (2011))
Dorothy Delfs (Actress, American Experience (1988))
Dorothy Dix (IV) (Self, Our Mutual Girl (1914))
Dorothy Dodd (Soundtrack, Hooper (1978))
Dorothy Dilly (Actress, Fifth Avenue Girl (1939))
Dorothy Dean (II) (Actress, Start Cheering (1938))
Dorothy Drake (II) (Costume Department, Terror in the Sky (1971))
Dorothy Duffy (II) (Actress, The Gnome-Mobile (1967))
Dorothy Dubé (Actress, Seeking Status (2008))
Dorothy Drake (VI) (Miscellaneous, Take a Letter Mr. Jones (1981))
Dorothy Dorben (Self, Perez Prado and His Orchestra (1952))
Dorothy Duder (Miscellaneous, Dick Tracy (1990))
Dorothy Della (Actress, After the Jack (2014))
Dorothy Dean (IV) (Actress, Survivors (1975))
Dorothy Dent (Actress, The Joy of Painting (1983))
Dorothy Duong (Casting Department, Sun Choke (2015))
Dorothy Demy
Dorothy Dial (Actress, Flaming Youth (1923))
Dorothy Ding (Miscellaneous, M. Butterfly (1993))
Dorothy Dunn (II) (Actress, The Uphill Path (1918))
Dorothy De Mare (Miscellaneous, Mark Twain (2001))
Dorothy Drake (V) (Miscellaneous, Take a Letter Mr. Jones (1981))
Dorothy Duodu (Self, Deeper Than Black (2013))
Dorothy Dugan (II)
Dorothy Delay
Dorothy Doring (Miscellaneous, Home Invasion (2012))
Dorothy Dufee (Actress, A Sister to Cain (1916))
Dorothy Dixon (Actress, Blondie of the Follies (1932))
Dorothy DuBos
Dorothy Downs (IV) (Casting Department, Tapped Out (2014))
Dorothy Denny (Actress, The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (1987))
Dorothy Downs (V) (Actress, Junior High Spy (2011))
Dorothy Downs (I) (Producer, Patterns of Power (1990))
Dorothy Daniel (Actress, Wheeler (2017))
Dorothy Dayton (Actress, Blue Skies (1946))
Dorothy Daniels (II) (Actress, Killer of Sheep (1978))
Dorothy Da Silva (Actress, The Stay Awake (1988))
Dorothy Davidson (Actress, Fiend (2014))
Dorothy Davies (Actress, The Manipulators (1970))
Dorothy Danford (Actress, Shoestring Theatre (1959))
Dorothy Dampier (Actress, The Mating Season (1976))
Dorothy Dabney (Art Department, Ralph's World: Time Machine Guitar (2013))
Dorothy Dawson (Miscellaneous, Little Women (1933))
Dorothy Daniels (I) (Soundtrack, Million Dollar Weekend (1948))
Dorothy Dickson (Actress, Paying the Piper (1921))
Dorothy Dunbar (Actress, Lightning Lariats (1927))
Dorothy Donnelly (Writer, The Student Prince (1954))
Dorothy Dearing (Actress, Wife, Husband and Friend (1939))
Dorothy Deavers (Actress, Olympus Has Fallen (2013))
Dorothy DeHaven (Actress, Three Little Pirates (1946))
Dorothy Dunnett (Self, Read All About It (1974))
Dorothy Dowling (Self, Project Runway (2004))
Dorothy De Poliolo (Actress, L'Avventura (1960))
Dorothy Dollivar (Actress, Naked City (1958))
Dorothy Daniels de Becker (Actress, This Above All (1942))
Dorothy Dale Sherwood (Producer, Icarus (2016))
Dorothy D'Eletto (Self, Cropsey (2009))
Dorothy Dorian James (Actress, Alone in the Dark (1982))
Dorothy Draper (Self, Person to Person (1953))
Dorothy Delaney (Actor, Not Today (2011))
Dorothy Denberg (Self, Growing Up Barnard (2011))
Dorothy DeGeorge (Miscellaneous, The Poet in Exile (in development))
Dorothy Donahue (II)
Dorothy Deapera (Actress, Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington (2011))
Dorothy Douglas (I) (Actress, Duchess of Idaho (1950))
Dorothy Douglas (II) (Actress, Die Eule - 2. Die Unbekannte (1927))
Dorothy DeWolf (Actress, It's a Pleasure (1945))
Dorothy Dunlop (Actress, Ultraje (1977))
Dorothy Decker (Producer, Sleather (2010))
Dorothy De Gamage (Actress, BBC Sunday-Night Play (1960))
Dorothy DuPree (Producer, The Hunchback (2010))
Dorothy Delbridge (Actress, The Mikado (1926))
Dorothy Demeester
Dorothy DeBolt (Self, Who Are the DeBolts? [And Where Did They Get 19 Kids?] (1977))
Dorothy Duncombe (Miscellaneous, Temperament Unsuited (1979))
Dorothy Dealtry (Special Effects, The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter (1990))
Dorothy Dougherty (Self, Sacred Ground: The Battle for Mt. Auburn Cemetery (2012))
Dorothy Doherty (Miscellaneous, The Raccoons (1985))
Dorothy Dearnley (Actress, The Dressmaker (1988))
Dorothy Donegan (Self, Texas Tenor: The Illinois Jacquet Story (1992))
Dorothy Dunckley (Actress, The Squatter's Daughter (1933))
Dorothy Dorricott (Self, Gardeners' World (1968))
Dorothy Descalsota (Soundtrack, Pop Class (2009))
Dorothy DeAngelo (Self, The Loomis Gang (2002))
Dorothy Donelan (Self, Empire (2012))
Dorothy Downey (Actress, Like Father, Like Son (1961))
Dorothy Dundas
Dorothy Duclerc (Actress, Emerald Garden (2003))
Dorothy Dinwiddie (Actress, The Lodger (1944))
Dorothy Dottin (Self, The Making of a Judge (2010))
Dorothy Drabarek (Art Director, House Taken Over (2014))
Dorothy de Melo Reis (Actress, Ladrão, Precisa-se!... (1946))
Dorothy Dinsmore (Actress, Enemies of Women (1923))
Dorothy Deveson (Editor, Treasure at the Mill (1957))
Dorothy DeKoven (Writer, The Ford Television Theatre (1952))
Dorothy Delight (Actor, The Kiddie Cabaret (1929))
Dorothy DeVona
Dorothy DeBorba (II) (Actress, Blood and Thunder (1931))
Dorothy Dunkels (Actress, Storm Over Wicklow (1938))
Dorothy Donaher (Self, Hide and Seek (1997))
Dorothy Dewhurst (Actress, Father O'Nine (1938))
Dorothy Duncan (Actor, The Discovery (2013))
Dorothy DiComo (Art Director, The Dueling Accountant (2008))
Dorothy De Nonno
Dorothy Donnan
Dorothy Dionisio (Actress, Mga batang lansangan ngayon (2002))
Dorothy DeWolfe (Actress, Belle of Barnegat (1915))
Dorothy Detournel
Dorothy Dietrich (Self, Exploring the Unknown (1977))
Dorothy De La Garza (Actress, Made for Each Other (1971))
Dorothy Drysdale (Art Department, Silent Lies (1996))
Dorothy Dziubasik (Producer, Steve Harvey (2012))
Dorothy De Felitta
Dorothy Donavan (Actress, Glut (1967))
Dorothy Denham (Director, The Cedar Tree (1976))
Dorothy Downing (Self, Marceline (2011))
Dorothy Desiderio (Actress, Flesh-Eating Mothers (1988))
Dorothy Denning (Self, CNN & Company (1992))
Dorothy Donald (Actress, Fangs of Fate (1925))
Dorothy Dobkowski (Actress, CEO Temp (2011))
Dorothy D. Johnson (Actress, Rampage (1987))
Dorothy Dempsey (Self, War Stories with Oliver North (2001))
Dorothy Dickie (Producer, Design Squad (2007))
Dorothy Dickney
Dorothy Diesel (Actress, The Ghoul (2014))
Dorothy Donahue (I) (Actress, Robert Montgomery Presents (1950))
Dorothy Dembowski (Miscellaneous, Freak Talks About Sex (1999))