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Kate Doherty (I) (Actress, Topsy-Turvy (1999))
Kate Doherty (IV) (Actress, The Main Course (2000))
Kate Doherty (III) (Actress, Knowing (2009))
Kate Doherty (VI) (Actress, Dogs in Space (1986))
Kate Doherty (VII) (Actress, Date Night (2013))
Kate Doherty (VIII) (Actress, Letterkenny People (2014))
Kate Doherty (V)
Kate Doherty (II) (Director, Beyond Our Control (1968))
Kathy Doherty (V) (Producer, Lofty Ideas (1999))
Kathy Doherty (I) (Writer, Fish the Dish (2016))
Kathy Doherty (IV) (Producer, Billy Idol: Rebel Yell (1984))
Katie Doherty (I) (Actress, A Brief Case (2006))
Kathy Doherty (III)
Katie Doherty (III) (Actress, 2Late (2014))
Katie Doherty (II) (Editorial Department, TalentED (2013))
Katherine Doherty (I) (Actress, Disney 365 (2006))
Kathy Lee Doherty (Actress, The Shadow (1994))
Katherine Doherty (II) (Miscellaneous, The Leak (2015))
Kathryn Doherty (Actress, A Smile Like Yours (1997))
Kathleen Doherty