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Chris Devlin (I) (Actor, Criminal Minds (2005))
Chris Devlin (V) (Sound Department, Paddington (2014))
Chris Devlin (III) (Editorial Department, Mussolini: The Untold Story (1985))
Chris Devlin (XIV)
Chris Devlin (X) (Art Department, After Lately (2011))
Chris Devlin (IX) (Camera Department, Indifference (2011))
Chris Devlin (IV) (Camera Department, Night Fishing (2008))
Chris Devlin (XII)
Chris Devlin (II) (Miscellaneous, The Last Kiss (2006))
Chris Devlin (XIII) (Actor, Comic Strip Presents RED TOP (2016))
Chris Devlin (VII) (Art Department, The Pact (2011))
Chris Devlin (XI) (Art Department, Josephine and the Roach (2012))
Chris Devlin (VIII) (Camera Department, Propane (2009))
Chris Devlin (XV) (Art Department, Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX: Fancy Parody (2014))
Chris Devlin (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Polly Mermaid )
Chris Thomas Devlin (Writer, The Wretched Emily Derringer (in development))
Chris Shevlin (Actor, Caustic Zombies (2011))
Christopher Devlin (IV)
Christopher Devlin (VIII) (Soundtrack, Magic Mike (2012))
Christopher Devlin (I) (Editorial Department, Ira & Abby (2006))
Chris Devlin Young (Self, No Excuses (2004))
Christopher Devlin (III) (Actor, Down in Number 5 (2009))
Christopher Devlin (VI)
Christopher Devlin (II)
Christian Devlin (Actor, Zero Hour (2004))
Christopher Devlin (VII)
Collin Christopher (Actor, Dog Park (2014))
Dalin Christiansen (Actor, Rigoletto (1993))
Christopher John Devlin (Actor, Gary (2015))
Christopher Devlin Brown (Actor, Burn (2009))
Raylin Christensen (Actress, A Bitter Lime (2015))
Lin Christie (Actress, Freedom (2014))
Devlin Charlton-Dennis (Miscellaneous, Silent Amy (2004))
Katelin Christenson (I) (Costume Designer, The Suited Man (in development))
Christina Tollinchi (Actress, Lemon Tree Billiards House (1996))
Colin Christmas (Camera Department, Young Talent Time - Now... 1990 (1990))
Catlin Christiansen (Actress, The Mission (2014))
Colin Christian (Actor, New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art (2009))
Crislin Christian (Actress, An American Story (2016))
Collin Christiansen (Actor, Sudsy Slim Rides Again (2018))
Carolin Christgau (Production Manager, Drexciya (2012))
Caitlin Christakos (Set Decorator, REZilience (2016))
Kaitlin Christy (II) (Actress, When I See You (2009))
Malin Christensson (Actress, Once Upon a Time... (2005))
Kaitlin Christy (I) (Actor, The Age of Innocence (2009))
Malin Christensen (Actress, Killing Me Softly (2014))
Christin Champlin (Actress, Fovos (2014))
Colin Christopher (Self, Zo What? Morning Show (2014))
Katelin Christenson (II) (Actress, The Surveyor 2 (2017))
Kevin Christopher Kline (Self, Dear Chelsey (2011))
Lincoln Christiansen (Actor, Signing Time! Sing & Sign Christmas (2014))
Colin Chrisotpher Shull
Colin Christopher Shull (Actor, Lost in Terra Dimension (2015))
Malin Christiansen Helgaseth (Actress, Ping-Pong (2008))
Louise Melin Christiansen (Self, Hvem vil være millionær? (1999))
Terje Linchausen Christiansen (Art Department, Sønner av Norge (2011))
Elin Christine Gjersengen (Actress, Gjenganger (2013))