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Ron Frederickson (Actor, Mormon Temple Film (1969))
Frederick Dawson (Actor, Malcolm in the Middle (2000))
Jason Frederick (VI) (Stunts, Inkheart (2008))
Jon Frederick (I) (Actor, KYMS: A Dog's Life (2008))
Jon Frederick (V) (Actor, Rapid Eye Movement (2017))
Jon Frederick (II)
Jon Frederick (III) (Actor, Gifted & Talented: A Musical Short Film (2013))
Ron Frederick (Editorial Department, Who Wants to Marry My Dad? (2003))
Jon Frederick (IV) (Editor, AKA Shaman (2011))
Jason Frederickson (Sound Department, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010))
Jayson Frederick (Actor, One Tree Hill (2003))
Jason Frederick (III) (Actor, EastEnders (1985))
Jason Frederick (I) (Music Department, Big Momma's House (2000))
Simon Frederick (III) (Director, Black Is the New Black (2016))
Jason Frederick (II) (Actor, Kruistocht in spijkerbroek (2006))
Jason Fredericks (Actor, Flawed (2014))
Jason Frederick (V) (Assistant Director, Girls Room (2007))
Allison Fredericks (Miscellaneous, Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008))
Jason Frederick (VII) (Actor, Right on Louise (2008))
Nelson Frederick (II) (Composer, Pollenating (2007))
Jason Frederick (IX) (Actor, Stakeout (2010))
Jason Frederick (IV) (Actor, Buzzard Country (2012))
Jason Frederick (X) (Self, X-Play (2003))
Nelson Frederick (I) (Actor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997))
Alison Frederick (Actress, Mushka Water (2004))
Jason Frederick (XII)
Jason Frederick (XI) (Actor, Adulthood (2008))
Simon Frederick (I) (Actor, The Rutherford County Line (1987))
Quinton Fredericks (Camera Department, Action Point (2018))
Leon Frederick (Actor, The Great White Hype (1996))
Dawn Frederick
Don Fredericks (Actor, Rookie Coach (2014))
Fredrick Von Frederick (Director, Aristocracy TV (2011))
Jon Frederick Bennet
Devon Fredericks (Self, Barefoot Contessa (2002))
Simon Frederick (IV)
Sharon Frederick (Actress, Gasline (2001))
Carlton Frederick (Self, Della (1969))
Peyton Frederick (Actress, Calling Me Home (2015))
Quilton Frederick (Actor, After the Titanic (2012))
Don Fredericksen (Actor, Almost Gone (2008))
Aston Fredericks (Actor, Exodus (2007))
Simon Frederick (II) (Assistant Director, Kyle (2016))
Garron Frederick (Actor, Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017))
Jason Frederici (Visual Effects, Le Whisperer (2012))
Jon-Frederic Anderson (Sound Department, Fair Play (2016))
Frederick Crowson
Autumn Frederickson (Writer, Life, the Universe and Everything (2009))
Shaun Frederickson (Camera Department, Bountiful (2010))
Dan Frederickson (II) (Director, Knights of the Dead (2016))
Dan Frederickson (I) (Camera Department, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (2008))
Dan Frederickson (V) (Actor, Two Wongs Don't Make a White (2014))
Dan Frederickson (III) (Camera Department, Car Warriors (2011))
Dan Frederickson (IV) (Actor, Chasing Politics (2010))
Megan Frederickson (Miscellaneous, Life in the Undergrowth (2005))
Jon Frederick Bennett (Actor, In an Instant (2015))
Ashton Frederick Huebner (Assistant Director, A Simple Choice (2013))
Luana Claxton Fredericks (Director, Father Dad (2006))
Luana Claxton Frederick (Writer, TK: The Series (2008))
Deen Lee Dillon Fredericks (Location Management, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016))
Kristin Fredericksson (Art Department, Les fautes d'orthographe (2004))
Kathleen Frederickson (Miscellaneous, Shrek the Musical (2013))
Dean 'H-Span' Frederickson
Christian Frederickson (II) (Composer, Lessons (2017))
Christian Frederickson (I) (Composer, Rotating Mirror (2007))
Rachael Matherson-Frederick (Actress, Babyfather (2001))
Don Frederick Millikan Iii (Actor, Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry (2018))
Lionel C.M. VonFrederick Rawlins (Self, The Rwandan Night (2013))
Carson John Frederick Amaral (Actor, Devious Beings (2002))