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David Self (I) (Writer, Road to Perdition (2002))
David Self (III) (Self, Wicked Attraction (2008))
David Self (IV) (Miscellaneous, Sale of the Century (1971))
David Selby (I) (Actor, Dark Shadows (1966))
David Seltzer (I) (Writer, The Omen (1976))
David Selburg (Actor, The Bourne Identity (2002))
David Self (II) (Editorial Department, Silent Library (2009))
David Semel (Producer, American Dreams (2002))
David Seaman (I) (Actor, Manhunter (1986))
David Sedaris (Thanks, C.O.G. (2013))
David Seidler (I) (Writer, The King's Speech (2010))
David Selvas (Actor, La Riera (2010))
David Seiden (Casting Director, DriverX (2016))
David Sell (I) (Miscellaneous, The Metropolitan Opera Presents (1977))
David Selu (Actor, Caged Animal (2010))
David Sell (II) (Writer, Flawed (2008))
David Sell (III) (Actor, Piled Higher and Deeper (2011))
David Sells (Writer, Quo Vadis Italy (1994))
David Serrano (I) (Writer, Football Days (2003))
David Shackelford (Actor, There's Something About Mary (1998))
David Serero (Actor, Blood Feuds (2016))
David Selberg (Actor, Port Charles (1997))
David Sederholm (Actor, The Hunt for Red October (1990))
David Selby (II)
David Selling (Actor, Hollyoaks: Indecent Behaviour (2001))
David Seijo (Actor, The Boat (2011))
David Seltzer (VIII) (Producer, The Unfinished Journey of Robert Kennedy (1970))
David Sellares (Visual Effects, Ghostbusters (2016))
David Seymour (VIII) (Self, Flipping Boston (2012))
David Seymour (III) (Actor, Stupernatural (2011))
David Seger (Writer, Drop Dead Bruce (2007))
David Server (Writer, Freakshow (in development))
David Seager (Visual Effects, Watchmen (2009))
David Selander (Actor, Cabe's Rift (2007))
David S. Ellis (Art Department, Baby's Breath (2003))
David Selber
David Seltzer (V) (Actor, The Wednesday Play (1964))
David Selwyn (I) (Actor, The Dickie Henderson Show (1960))
David Selwyn (II) (Producer, Evil Never Dies (2014))
David Selman (II) (Editorial Department, Life at These Speeds (2016))
David Selvan (Producer, Ask the Dust (2006))
David Selman (I) (Director, Texas Trail (1937))
David Selsky (Sound Department, Ghosts of Genius (2003))
David Selig (II) (Actor, Night of the Chupacabra (2005))
David Seltzer (IV) (Art Department, Rules of the Game (2003))
David Seltzer (IX) (Miscellaneous, Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001 (2001))
David Selle (Writer, Rise of the Dragon (1990))
David Sellers (II) (Stunts, Zombies (2016))
David Selesi (Sound Department, Have a Nice Trip (2016))
David Selkink (Camera Department, The Sadistic Hypnotist (1969))
David Selex (Self, Taste (2005))
David Seltzer (VII) (Miscellaneous, Inside Out (1986))
David Seldman (Self, 180° South (2010))
David Selvig (Actor, Rogue Saints (2011))
David Sellars (Actor, Lush (1999))
David Seltzer (XI)
David Sellner (Miscellaneous, Tacho (2010))
David Seltzer (XII)
David Selig (I) (Location Management, Life or Something Like It (2002))
David Seltzer (III) (Self, Magic Time: A Tribute to Jack Lemmon (2002))
David Selkirk (Actor, Gabriel's Fire (1990))
David Seller
David Seltzer (X) (Miscellaneous, I've Got a Secret (1952))
David Seltzer (II) (Actor, Requiem for a Dream (2000))
David Selbert (Actor, The Twilight Zone (1985))
David Sellman (Actor, Shut Up and Kiss Me (2010))
David Sellers (I) (Editor, Italian Fare (2005))
David Serge (I) (Visual Effects, El Príncipe (2014))
David Serota (Cinematographer, The Sold Project: Cat (2009))
David Seaton (I) (Location Management, Inception (2010))
David Semple (I) (Writer, Doctors (2000))
David Serafin (I) (Actor, Four Jacks (2001))
David Sehring (Producer, The 'Alien' Saga (2002))
David Seo (Producer, Boxed In (2015))
David Seay (I) (Director, Fanning the Fire (2011))
David Seal (IV) (Sound Department, 'The Sixth Sense': Reflections from the Set (2002))
David Sego (Self, Wipeout (2008))
David Seal (II) (Actor, Prime Risk (1985))
David Seol (Sound Department, That Night in Toronto (2005))
David Seye (Actor, La gemella erotica (1980))
David Seva (IV) (Director, Leitmotif (2012))
David Segú (Actor, Desclassificats (2013))
David Davidse (Actor, Belgium Twelve Points (2004))
David Senn (II)
David Seay (II) (Miscellaneous, Two Pictures (2016))
David Sef (Actor, Un fantastico via vai (2013))
David Sear (II) (Miscellaneous, Great British Railway Journeys (2010))
David Seel (Actor, American Reel (2003))
David Seal (VII) (Actor, Fishbowl )
David Sea (Composer, Sex Files: Portrait of the Soul (1998))
David Seal (V)
David See (Actor, Frozen River (2008))
David Seal (I) (Art Department, Dark Star (1974))
David Seal (III) (Camera Department, Saturday the 14th (1981))
David Seay (III) (Art Department, Mythology (1995))
David Seva (I)
David Seck (Production Manager, Transhuman )
David Seul (Camera Department, Omega (2016))
David Seiz (Cinematographer, The Electric Chair (1985))
David Sear (III) (Self, Sunken Civilizations: Secrets of Lost Cities Underwater (2013))
David Sáez (Producer, Corazón de gorila (2010))
David Seal (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Prey (1984))
David Seys (II) (Actor, The THING that kills me, it's... (2013))
David Seva (III) (Director, Leitmotif (2012))
David Senn (I) (Production Designer, The Bill Collector (2002))
David Seva (II) (Producer, Hablando con la pared (1999))
David Seys (III) (Actor, La distance (2002))
David Seah
David Segel (Producer, The Stoning of Soraya M. (2008))
David Elfa (Director, A través del chat (2003))
David Hadsell (Camera Department, Fields of Fuel (2008))
David Semery (Stunts, Gods of Egypt (2016))
David Sergent (Editor, Define Success (2006))
David Seeger (Director, All My Children: Daytime's Greatest Weddings (1993))
David Sewell (III) (Actor, Sports Illustrated Funniest People in Sports: SlapChopt (2014))
David Secombe (Director, Tony Gets His Piles Done (2007))
David Seigal (Actor, Chopped (2007))
David Seaman (II) (Self, They Think It's All Over (1995))
David Segui (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
David Seffer (Producer, Isabelles Tagebuch (2004))
David Sevier (Actor, The New Girlfriend (2014))
David Servin (Actor, Clave privada (1996))
David Seman (Cinematographer, What's Wrong With...? (2006))
David Sebasti (Actor, Household Accounts (2003))
David Seidel (III) (Camera Department, Paired Up (2015))
David Seidel (II) (Art Department, Beyond the Sea (2004))
David Seidel (I) (Self, Live from Mars 2001 (2001))
David Seide (Miscellaneous, Criminal Law (1988))
David Sedgwick (I) (Actor, Orange Is the New Black (2013))
Philip David Segal (Producer, Ice Road Truckers (2007))
David Seymour (XI) (Actor, The Uneventful Life of Gerrard Giles (2010))
David Serafin (II) (Producer, Lemon Drop (in development))
David Semark (Actor, EastEnders: Return of Nick Cotton (2000))
David Seaman (V) (Actor, Dumb Luck (2003))
John Davidsen (Director, The Search (1970))
David Serafin (III) (Editorial Department, Deliver Us from Evil (2006))
David Serrato (Actor, Miniaturas (2014))
David Landsel (Producer, Lemonade: Detroit (2013))
David Landsell (Actor, Dense Fear Bloodline (2012))
David Searcy (Actor, Color Me Gay (2000))
David Seliktar (Actor, Sleepless Nights (2002))
David Sewell (I) (Visual Effects, V for Vendetta (2005))
David Sexton (X) (Editorial Department, Autopsy: The Last Hours Of (2014))
David Seals (I) (Writer, Powwow Highway (1989))
David Serafim (Miscellaneous, EyeToy: Play (2003))
Leif Davidsen (I) (Self, Davidsen (2004))
Shaphan David Seiders (Actor, The Bride & The Grooms (2009))
David Seitz (III) (Animation Department, The End of Pinky (2013))
David Searle (I) (Actor, A Dark Reflection (2015))
David Searing
Koert Davidse (II) (Producer, I Love Hooligans (2013))
David Serge (II) (Actor, Secret Army (1977))
David Seuss (II)
David Sevcík (I) (Make Up Department, Marta (2006))
David Segal (V) (Actor, Ultrasonic (2012))
David Seaman (VIII) (Music Department, Hansel and Gretel (1998))
David Semela (Miscellaneous, Jump! (2008))
David Sennett (Actor, Iron Jawed Angels (2004))
David Sebbah (Miscellaneous, T: The New York Times Style Magazine (2008))
David Seklir (Producer, Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler (2015))
David Segen (Actor, Der Assi, die Frau Doktor und der kosmische Hug (2016))
David Seeber (II) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
David Seitz (I) (Sound Department, Talea (2013))
David Segal (VIII) (Self, The Way It Was (1974))
David Sewell (II) (Actor, The Madness Museum (1986))
David Sendré (Producer, D'un drapeau à l'autre (2016))
David Seymour (V) (Miscellaneous, St. Roz (2010))
David Sedevie (Writer, Survivante (2014))
David Senita (Make Up Department, Big Helium Dog (1999))
David Setrouk (Actor, Tu peux garder un secret? (2008))
Leif Davidsen (II) (Sound Department, Eden (2015))
Drew Davidsen (Composer, Ageless Art (2010))
David Serra (VIII) (Camera Department, Coses que passen... (2006))
David Seeman
David Sereda (IV) (Composer, Limestone Ghazals: What We Call Holy (2006))
David Serge (V)
David Servais (Actor, Voleur et demi (2012))
David Senior (I) (Actor, Raging Love (2009))
David Seoane (II) (Camera Department, For Right or Wrong (2006))
David Seymour (IV) (Actor, Nocturne (2014))
David Seath (Actor, David Copperfield (1974))
Carl Davidsen (Self, Dronningen og prinsen med Frederik og Mary i Grønland (2004))
David Seeton (Camera Department, And We Think in Colours (2010))
David Sevuri (Camera Department, Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy (2002))
David Segal (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Ramona Doll (2016))
David Seale (Actor, Lipidleggin' (2013))
David Seeto (Miscellaneous, Fireflies (2004))
David Sebag (Sound Department, Greg le millionnaire (2003))
David Serra (X) (Self, Àrtic (2013))
David Segler (II) (Actor, Look Who's Back (2015))
David Semien
David Seitz (II) (Sound Department, An American Summer (1990))
David Serra (I) (Actor, La mirada obliqua (2001))
David Sendall (Sound Department, Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014))
David Serna (II) (Art Department, Inside Out (2011))
David Searl (Producer, Asia's Next Top Model (2012))
David Serra (VII) (Self, Ritmes del cor (2014))
David Sereda (III) (Director, Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs (2005))
David Sears IV (Costume Designer, Easy (2005))
David Sears (V) (Self, Pritzker Military Library Presents (2006))