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David Robb (I) (Actor, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004))
David Robb (V)
David Robb (III) (Actor, The History of the Devil (2007))
David Robbins (I) (Composer, Dead Man Walking (1995))
David Robbins (X) (Actor, Steam Powered Showdown (2013))
David Robbie (Art Department, Jurassic Park (1993))
David Robbeson (Writer, The Last Sect (2006))
David Robbins (IV) (Miscellaneous, A Touch of Frost (1992))
David Roberts (I) (Actor, The Matrix Revolutions (2003))
David Ross (I) (Actor, The Green Green Grass (2005))
David Rose (I) (Music Department, Bonanza (1959))
David Robb (IV) (Actor, Clipper (2014))
David Robb (II) (Location Management, The Curse of Noel Edmonds (2004))
David Robb (VI)
David Robert Mitchell (Director, It Follows (2014))
David Ross (LIII) (Actor, The 2016 World Series (2016))
David Roya (I) (Actor, Billy Jack (1971))
David Ross (XII) (Writer, The Babysitters (2007))
David Rott (Actor, Ganz und gar (2003))
David Royle (I) (Actor, Dalziel and Pascoe (1996))
David Ronn (Writer, Guess Who (2005))
David Robert (XII) (Actor, Death Note: Desu nôto (2006))
David Roach (I) (Writer, Red Obsession (2013))
David Rose (XX) (Art Department, Make Your Own Kind of Music! (1971))
David Robbins (XII) (Editor, The (206) (2013))
David Robbins (V) (Writer, The Ice Cream Social (2004))
David Robbins (XI) (Miscellaneous, They Call Me Bruce? (1982))
David Robbins (XX) (Miscellaneous, The Good Karma Hospital (2017))
David Robbins (XVI) (Actor, Just About Famous (2015))
David Robbins (XVII) (Actor, Chi City Dreamzzz (2015))
David Robbins (IX) (Location Management, Remote Control (1988))
David Robbins (VII) (Assistant Director, The Jupiter Menace (1982))
David Robbins (XVIII) (Actor, Portal (2015))
David Robbins (VI) (Music Department, Sherlock Jr. (1924))
David Robbins (II) (Actor, Freedom Road (1979))
David Robbins (XIV) (Actor, Hello Stranger (2013))
David Robbins (VIII) (Actor, Myths and Legends (2007))
David Robbins (III) (Actor, Cowboys, Indians, & Lawyers (2006))
David Robbins (XIX) (Actor, Nightgaze (2017))
David Robbins (XIII) (Actor, Pulling Strings (2013))
David Robbins (XV) (Casting Director, Imagine (2014))
David Rowden (I) (Stunts, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016))
David Robson (X) (Actor, Company (2014))
David Roy (XIV) (Actor, The American Connection (2017))
David Robinson (XCII) (Producer, The Good Shepherd (2006))
David Royal (V) (Actor, Darker Shades of Elise (2017))
David Rowe (III) (Actor, Alien: Resurrection (1997))
David Rogers (III) (Producer, The Office (2005))
David Ross (XIII) (Actor, Natural Law (in development))
David Rose (VI) (Sound Department, Stories We Tell (2012))
David Robert (VI) (Self, 1 Girl 5 Gays (2009))
David Roby (I) (Actor, Surviving (1985))
David Roby (II) (Visual Effects, Crimson Peak (2015))
David Roper (I) (Actor, The Damned United (2009))
David Rom (Cinematographer, The Hammer (2010))
David Rodigan (Actor, The Office Party (1976))
David Rose (VII) (Actor, The Headless Ghost (1959))
David Ross (XXVII) (Actor, Two Lovers (2008))
David Robey (II) (Actor, Coach (1983))
David Roux (Animation Department, Beauty and the Beast (2017))
David Rose (IV) (Producer, Z Cars (1962))
David Roma (I) (Producer, Biker Build-Off (2004))
David Rock (II) (Actor, Wolf Creek (2005))
David Roger (I) (Production Designer, Persuasion (2007))
David Roberson (I) (Actor, White Men Can't Jump (1992))
David Robson (I) (Actor, Air Hawk (1981))
David Rowlands (II) (Actor, Faces (1968))
David Ross (IV) (Self, The Land of Promise (1935))
David Robinson Jr. (Miscellaneous, How I Met Your Mother (2005))
David Root (IV) (Cinematographer, (313) Choices (2015))
David Ross (XLIII) (Actor, 94 Feet (2016))
David Ross Paterson (Actor, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008))
David Rossetti (I) (Actor, The Hold Up (2014))
David Robles (I) (Actor, El lince perdido (2008))
David Roy (VIII) (Cinematographer, Manos: The Rise of Torgo (2015))
David Rossmer (Actor, Robots (2005))
David Robinson (IV) (Self, Michael Jordan: His Airness (1999))
David Rock (VII) (Actor, Flip (2013))
David Robert Jones (Cinematographer, The Calling (2014))
David Rogers (II) (Producer, The Joneses (2009))
David Rose (II) (Actor, Kalifornia (1993))
David Rock (V) (Writer, WWE Raw (1993))
David Rosen (XI) (Writer, I Just Want My Pants Back (2012))
David Rocco (II) (Self, Donut Showdown (2013))
David Rountree (I) (Actor, Cut! (2014))
David Roberge (I) (Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015))
David Ross (XXII) (Actor, Tornado Video Classics (1992))
David Roback (Soundtrack, Starship Troopers (1997))
David Roff (II)
David Rowlands (III) (Actor, My Saviour )
David Roberts (IX) (Director, The Irish Empire (1999))
David Rose (X) (Writer, Mrs Henderson Presents (2005))
David Rollins (I) (Actor, The Big Trail (1930))
David Rohl (II) (Self, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus (2014))
David Rosenbloom (I) (Editor, The Insider (1999))
David Roden (I) (Miscellaneous, Coronation Street (1960))
David Rosario (II)
David Robinson (I) (Actor, Damn the Defiant! (1962))
Gregory David Roberts (Writer, Shantaram (in development))
David Ross Smith (Miscellaneous, Star Trek: Enterprise (2001))
David Roberts (LI) (Camera Department, A Haunted Artist (2013))
David Roberts (XLIX) (Actor, Les Misérables (2012))
David Roth (III) (Actor, Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015))
David Robles (II) (Actor, Professional Courtesy (2003))
David Rowlands (I) (Actor, Mutiny on the Buses (1972))
David Robins (II) (Actor, Before I Go (2016))
Bryan David Roberts (Actor, Instaland (2016))
David Rook (I) (Writer, Run Wild, Run Free (1969))
David Robman (Camera Department, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977))
David Rowe (VII) (Director, To Live & Ride in L.A. (2010))
David Roberge (III)
David Roberts (LXXXVII) (Actor, Silent Cries: The Prelude (2017))
David Roberts (X) (Location Management, Jam Space (2003))
David Roberts (XXIII) (Composer, Honor (2008))
David Robert (IX) (Writer, The New Adventures of Lassie (2014))
David Roberts (XXXV)
David Robert (VII) (Self, My iZon Orlando (2013))
David Roberts (IV) (Art Department, Come Play with Me (1977))
David Roberts (XXIX) (Composer, The View from Tarrington Hill (2011))
David Roblou (Music Department, The Triumph of Love (2001))
David Robinne (Visual Effects, Fertilize (2008))
David Roberts (LXXVII) (Producer, Adventures of a Secret Kidd: The Mass Hallucination of Kenn Kweder (2015))
David Roberts (LXI) (Actor, Pocket Full of Nickels-Te Adoro (2013))
David Roberts (XII)
David Robiles (Cinematographer, Nafaq (2009))
David Robey (III) (Actor, Twice Given (1985))
David Roberts (XXXIII) (Actor, Guitar Man (2011))
David Robert (VIII) (Sound Department, Cold Hands (2017))
David Roberts (LVII) (Actor, The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce (2008))
David Roberts (LII) (Stunts, Parkland (2013))
David Roberts (XLII)
David Robert (X) (Art Department, The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1969))
David Robards (Self, Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off-Track Betting (2013))
David Roberts (LXXIV) (Actor, Emerson Falls (2016))
David Roberts (XXXVI) (Actor, April Fool (2011))
David Roberts (XXXVII) (Actor, Jolene (2008))
David Robson (VII)
David Roberts (L) (Actor, Concert Champêtre (2012))
David Roberts (VI) (Actor, The Mourning After (2006))
David Robin (III) (Miscellaneous, Yoga Sutra Now (2012))
David Robles (IV) (Cinematographer, Records Collecting Dust (2015))
David Robarge (Self, Decoded (2010))
David Roberts (VIII) (Actor, Anne of Green Gables (1985))
David Roberts (LVIII) (Composer, Concurrence (2012))
David Robles (V) (Miscellaneous, The Encounter (2016))
David Robison (Producer, Telebox (2013))
David Roberts (XIV) (Actor, For Our Sins (2015))
David Roberts (LXXXIV) (Actor, Walk On By (2015))
David Robson (III) (Camera Department, Dances Sacred and Profane (1985))
David Roberts (XXVIII) (Director, Beyond Hell's Gate (1980))
David Roberts (LXXIII) (Editor, Clean Slate (2015))
David Roberts (LV) (Writer, The Dunderheads (in development))
David Roberts (LXXXIII) (Actor, Rescueman (1982))
David Robson (II) (Art Department, Birthday Girl (2001))
David Roberts (XLVIII) (Self, Blockbusters (1983))
David Roberts (XXVII) (Cinematographer, Hands on History (2001))
David Roberts (VII) (Special Effects, Children of the Revolution (1996))
David Roberts (LIV) (Self, Cops (1989))
David Roberts (LXVIII) (Art Department, Danger 5 (2011))
David Roberts (II) (Production Designer, Better Than Chocolate (1999))
David Robles (III) (Director, Taxia (2002))
David Roblae (Music Department, The Water Music (1987))
David Roberts (LVI) (Self, Guns for Hire: The Real Expendables (2012))
David Roberts (LXXVIII) (Art Director, The Overcoat (2001))
David Roberts (LXIV) (Self, The Agenda with Steve Paikin (2006))
David Robie (II) (Self, The Boat and the Bomb (2005))
David Roberts (XXI) (Special Effects, Eleven (2008))
David Roberts (LXIII) (Art Department, Courageous (2011))
David Roberts (LXII) (Actor, Situations (2016))
David Roberts (XX) (Miscellaneous, Becoming Jane (2007))
David Roberts (XLIII) (Actor, The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead (2012))
David Roberts (LXIX) (Actor, Devil's Playground (2014))
David Roberti
David Roberts (LXXIX) (Actor, The Barre (2015))
David Robins (I)
David Robin (II) (Sound Department, Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth (2000))
David Roberts (LIX) (Writer, Grace (2009))
David Roberts (XLI) (Camera Department, I Am Orpheus (2012))
David Roberts (XVI) (Actor, Courageous (2011))
David Roberts (XXIV) (Art Department, Ambrose Bierce: Civil War Stories (2006))
David Roberts (XL) (Actor, The Warrior and the Savior (2013))
David Roberts (XLIV)
David Roberge (II) (Actor, The Imposing )
David Roberts (LXXXVI) (Camera Department, Grunge (2017))
David Roberts (XXXI) (Actor, Cowboy Cafe (2011))
David Roberts (III) (Location Management, The Run of the Country (1995))
David Roberts (XLVI) (Composer, I Love This Place (2013))
David Roberts (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Hoot (2006))
David Robin (I) (Make Up Department, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994))
David Robert (II) (Self, On a tout essayé (2000))
David Robinet (Self, 72 Hours: True Crime (2003))
David Robson (IX) (Art Department, The Time Guardian (1987))
David Robert (V) (Actor, Herois quotidians (2008))
David Roberts (XXV) (Self, Jimmy Doherty in Darwin's Garden (2009))
David Robin (IV) (Cinematographer, Monopoly Millionaires' Club (2015))
David Robey (I) (Camera Department, Pet Sematary II (1992))
David Robson (VIII)
David Roberts (LXVII)
David Roberts (LXXI) (Actor, World Within (2014))
David Roberts (LXV) (Writer, Estate, a Reverie (2015))