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Daniel Gillies (I) (Actor, Spider-Man 2 (2004))
Daniel Gillies (II) (Sound Department, Una parte de mi vida (2009))
Daniel Gillies (IV) (Actor, Clown Story (1996))
Daniel Gilles (Actor, Pop Wrapped TV (2009))
Daniel Gill (V)
Daniel Gill (VIII) (Actor, The Great Gatsby (2013))
Daniel Gill (XII) (Camera Department, Missions Today (2014))
Daniel Gilley (Actor, Remember the Goal (2016))
Daniel Gill (II) (Actor, Lady Godiva (2008))
Daniel Gill (XV) (Animation Department, Missions Today (2014))
Daniel Giller
Daniel Gillet (Editorial Department, The Making of 'Jurassic Park' (1995))
Daniel Gill (IX) (Actor, Kim (2015))
Daniel Gill (VI) (Director, Room to Let (2006))
Daniel Gill (III) (Sound Department, Final Showing (2009))
Daniel Gill (XI) (Sound Department, Missions Today (2014))
Daniel Gill (IV) (Animation Department, Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009))
Daniel Gill (VII) (Editorial Department, Phone Box (2014))
Daniel Gill (XIV) (Editor, Early Birds (2015))
Daniel Gill (X) (Editor, Shrew'd: A Snippet of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew (2014))
Daniel Gilligan (Visual Effects, Star Trek Beyond (2016))
Daniel Gillian (II) (Cinematographer, The Other End (2011))
Daniel Gillingwater (Actor, Peter Warlock: Some Little Joy (2005))
Daniel Gilliam (Actor, Musik (2010))
Daniel Gillian (I) (Miscellaneous, Five Minarets in New York (2010))
Daniel Gillette (Sound Department, Prism (2015))
Daniel Gillman (Cinematographer, The Cost of Cool (2001))
Daniel Gillett (Miscellaneous, Rocko's Modern Life (1993))
Daniel Gillespie Jr. (Actor, Rick 'O Shea (2016))
Daniel Gillard (Actor, The Gamers: Hands of Fate (2013))
Daniel Gillerman (Self, The Price of Kings: Shimon Peres (2012))
Daniel Gillespie
Gilly Daniels (III) (Actress, Accountable (2016))
Gilly Daniels (II) (Actor, Aldo (2013))
Gilly Daniels (I) (Actress, The Princess Under the Stairs (2014))
Willie Daniels (Actor, The Minx (2007))
Daniele Gilli (Costume Designer, Al crepuscolo (2011))
Gilly Daniel (Actress, Shadows (2013))
Danielle Gillis (Producer, WordGirl (2007))
Phillip-Charlie Daniell (Actor, Karma Police (2008))