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Dana Brunetti (Producer, The Social Network (2010))
Andrew P. Alderete (Sound Department, Frogtown (2011))
aka "Dana Brunetti"
Argentina Brunetti (Actress, It's a Wonderful Life (1946))
Pina Brunetti (Actress, Carnaval em Marte (1955))
Tina Brunetti (Miscellaneous, Frankie 13 vs. the World (2008))
Ana Brunet (Make Up Department, Tres palabras (1993))
Dana Bruns (Actress, Deathbox (2010))
Susana Brunetti (Actress, Las píldoras (1972))
Luca Brunetti (I) (Writer, L'ora di lezione (2017))
Lisa Brunetti (Miscellaneous, Ziel (2012))
Luca Brunetti (II) (Cinematographer, La Stanza Rossa: The Red Room (2017))
Emma Brunetti (Actress, Eat Pray Love (2010))
Ariana Brunet (Actress, This Is Not My Life (2010))
Dan Brunetti (I) (Actor, The Colors of Johnny (1991))
Dan Brunetti (II) (Miscellaneous, Frankie 13 vs. the World (2008))
Valentina Brunetti (Editorial Department, The Goodbye Kiss (2006))
Karina Brunetti (Actress, P.S.: Post Scriptum (1981))
Daniela Brunetti (Actress, 3GF: Tre Giorni Famoso (2013))
Geneva Brunetti (Art Department, It Follows (2014))
Adriana Brunetto-Lipman (Camera Department, The Bounty Hunter (2010))
Georgina Brunette (Miscellaneous, Postal (2007))
Alissa Brunetti (Actor, Anachrony (2014))
Laura Brunetti (Actress, Project Z-6463 (2011))
Chiara Brunetti (Actress, Eat Pray Love (2010))
Mirella Brunetti (Actress, Educación Física (2012))
Andrea Brunetti (II) (Assistant Director, Trompe l'oeil (2015))
Alexa Brunetti (Actress, The Grievance Group (2014))
Andrea Brunetti (I) (Actress, Besser als endlos (1999))
Katia Brunetti (Miscellaneous, Apollineum 3D (2012))
Vito Maria Brunetti (Actor, La bambolona (1968))
Azel-Hana Brunet (Actress, Montréal la blanche (2016))
Daniel Brunetti (Composer, Déminage (1990))