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D.W. Griffith (I) (Director, The Birth of a Nation (1915))
Andy Griffith (I) (Actor, The Andy Griffith Show (1960))
D.W. Griffith (II) (Art Department, Americanese (2006))
Melanie Griffith (I) (Actress, Lolita (1997))
Hugh Griffith (I) (Actor, Ben-Hur (1959))
Rachel Griffiths (I) (Actress, Blow (2001))
Lucy Griffiths (II) (Actress, Winter's Tale (2014))
Richard Griffiths (I) (Actor, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004))
W. Griffith (Sound Department, The Big Trail (1930))
Anastasia Griffith (Actress, Alfie (2004))
Thomas Ian Griffith (Actor, xXx (2002))
Guy Griffithe (Producer, The Recall (2017))
David W. Griffith (Actor, The Vernonia Incident (1989))
Gattlin Griffith (I) (Actor, Changeling (2008))
Rhiana Griffith (Actress, Pitch Black (2000))
George Griffith (I) (Actor, Twin Peaks (2017))
Dow Griffith (Location Management, The Bourne Supremacy (2004))
Ronald W. Griffith (Miscellaneous, Wicked (1998))
Donald W. Griffith (Director, Seeking (2012))
Katie Griffiths (I) (Actress, Waterloo Road (2006))
Emma Griffiths Malin (Actress, Lolita (1997))
Lynn Griffith (Actress, The Uninvited (1996))
Ciaran Griffiths (Actor, The Bill (1984))
Riley Griffiths (Actor, Super 8 (2011))
Tori Griffith (Actress, Outta Control (2016))
Adam Griffith (I) (Actor, Noah (2014))
Huw Griffiths (Camera Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001))
E.W. Griffith (Actor, The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (1969))
Huw Griffith
Lew Griffiths (Producer, Dhuway (1997))
J.W. Griffith (Miscellaneous, Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity (2007))
Jw Griffiths
James Griffith (I) (Actor, The Killing (1956))
Sterling Griffith (Actress, Dear Dumb Diary (2013))
Fred Griffith (Actor, Gods and Generals (2003))
Andy Griffith (V)
Selina Griffiths (I) (Actress, Marigold (2005))
James W. Griffiths (Director, Room 8 (2013))
Tracy Griffith (I) (Actress, Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989))
Louise Griffiths (I) (Actress, The Revenant (2009))
Derek Griffiths (I) (Actor, SuperTed (1983))
Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Actor, Game of Thrones (2011))
Cody Griffith (Actor, Lab Rats (2012))
Tad Griffith (Stunts, 300 (2006))
Barbara Griffith (I) (Actress, The Andy Griffith Show (1960))
Adam Griffith (IV) (Actor, How to Get Girls (2017))
Kristin Griffith (Actress, Interiors (1978))
Meg Griffiths (I) (Camera Department, Bagelized (2005))
Hayley Griffith (Actress, The Mysteries of Laura (2014))
Jason Griffith (II) (Actor, Pokémon (1997))
Kirk Griffith (I) (Actor, Brotherhood (2010))
Liz Griffiths (I) (Set Decorator, Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (2017))
Eva Griffith (Actress, Ride a Wild Pony (1975))
Jaye Griffiths (Actress, Doctors (2000))
Kay Griffith (Actress, Covered Wagon Days (1940))
Ed Griffith (I) (Actor, Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985))
Karen Griffith (I) (Producer, Wheel of Fortune (1983))
Kenneth Griffith (I) (Actor, Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994))
Corinne Griffith (Actress, The Divine Lady (1929))
Charles B. Griffith (Writer, Death Race (2008))
Hanna Griffiths (Actress, Macbeth (2006))
Peter Griffith (I) (Actor, Halloween (1978))
Ali Griffith (Miscellaneous, Horrible Bosses (2011))
Andy Griffith Jr. (Producer, Dying Game (1995))
Roger Griffiths (I) (Actor, Batman Begins (2005))
Megan Griffiths (I) (Director, Lucky Them (2013))
Don Griffith (I) (Animation Department, Mary Poppins (1964))
Tom Griffith (I) (Actor, Nightbeast (1982))
Susan Griffiths (I) (Actress, Pulp Fiction (1994))
James Griffiths (VI) (Director, Wrecked (2016))
Amy Griffiths (I) (Actress, Les Misérables (2012))
Griffiths (Writer, Spitting Image (1984))
Mel Griffith (Cinematographer, Ricky - normal war gestern (2013))
Noah Griffith (II) (Writer, Fragment (2015))
Adrian G. Griffiths (Actor, Shooter (2007))
Griffith Jones (Actor, Henry V (1944))
Ric Griffith (Camera Department, The Fighter (2010))
Daina Griffith (Actress, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Steven Griffith (Actor, Forrest Gump (1994))
Sam Griffith (Director, Room in LA (2013))
Shawn Griffith (I) (Assistant Director, The Devil's Advocate (1997))
Dan Griffith (I) (Actor, Hairspray (1988))
Bob Griffith (I) (Camera Department, Star Trek: Generations (1994))
Michael Griffiths (I) (Actor, First Press (2011))
Beth Griffith (I) (Actor, Shot at Sundown (2010))
Mark Griffiths (I) (Director, Going the Distance (2004))
Bea Griffith (Actress, Reet, Petite, and Gone (1947))
Kathleen Griffith (Actress, Friday Night Lights (2006))
Janice Griffith (I) (Actress, The Next Three Days (2010))
Anthony Griffith (Actor, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003))
Gordon Griffith (Actor, Little Annie Rooney (1925))
Scott Griffith (II) (Actor, The Boondock Saints (1999))
Jeremy Griffiths (III) (Producer, Graveyard Treat (2015))
Andy Griffiths (V) (Writer, The Day My Butt Went Psycho! (2013))
Clay A. Griffith (Set Decorator, Se7en (1995))
Isobel Griffiths (Music Department, The Avengers (2012))
Chris Griffiths (VI) (Director, You're So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night (2016))
Linda Griffiths (Actress, Lianna (1983))
Britt Griffith (Camera Department, Ghost Hunters (2004))
Jason Griffith (I) (Actor, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009))
Marcus Griffiths (Actor, The C Word (2015))
Paul Griffith (I) (Director, Noble (2011))
Lucy Griffiths (I) (Actress, Murder She Said (1961))
Julian Griffith (I) (Actor, Hardball (2001))
Joe Griffiths (Composer, Chorlton and the Wheelies (1976))
Noah Griffith (III) (Director, High Stakes (2015))
John Griffith (V) (Visual Effects, X: First Class (2011))
Noah Griffith (I) (Composer, A Faustian Tale (2007))
Jesse Griffiths (Casting Department, Spotlight (2015))
Fred Griffiths (Actor, To Sir, with Love (1967))
Howard Griffith (II) (Producer, Criminal Minds (2005))
Ted Griffith
Arthur Griffith (IV) (Actor, Loaded (2012))
Mary Griffith (II) (Producer, Prayers for Bobby (2009))
Eddy Griffith (Transportation Department, Lauf Junge lauf (2013))
Billy Griffith (II) (Actor, Music and Lyrics (2007))
Wendy Griffith (II) (Self, The 700 Club (1966))
Jane Griffiths (I) (Actress, The Durant Affair (1962))
Mark Griffith (IV) (Actor, A Cafe in the Sky (2006))
Harold W. Griffin (Miscellaneous, Caught Up (1998))
Justine Griffiths (Actress, Code (2015))
Griffith Pugh (Self, The Conquest of Everest (1953))
Caspar Griffiths (Actor, Genius. (2017))
Raymond Griffiths (Actor, Death Defying Acts (2007))
Kaleo Griffith (Actor, Six Gun Savior (2016))
Keith Griffiths (I) (Producer, Berberian Sound Studio (2012))
Sara Griffiths (I) (Actress, A Likeness in Stone (2000))
Joe Griffith (II) (Actor, The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald (1977))
Orion Griffiths (Actor, Lunch (2015))
Matthew Griffiths (III) (Self, Nerve Center (2011))
Drew Griffiths (II) (Writer, The House on the Hill (1981))
Llew Griffiths (Producer, Reich (2017))
Andrew Griffiths (XII) (Cinematographer, Jason (2015))
Andrew Griffiths (IX) (Sound Department, Undercover at the News of the World (2012))
Andrew Griffiths (XI)
Andrew Griffiths (IV) (Animation Department, Space Jam (1996))
Andrew Griffiths (III) (Actor, Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (2002))
Andrew Griffiths (XIV) (Producer, The Unveiling (2015))
Andrew Griffiths (XIII) (Cinematographer, Trapped Magic (2016))
Matthew Griffith (III) (Director, Archive_2042 (2017))
Andrew Griffiths (VII) (Music Department, Don Giovanni (2008))
Hugh W. Griffith
Andrew Griffiths (XV) (Self, Wave of Compassion (2005))
Eldon W. Griffiths (Writer, Fearless Fagan (1952))
Andrew Griffiths (XVI) (Producer, Wave of Compassion (2005))
Andrew Griffiths (I) (Sound Department, Shaun of the Dead (2004))
Andrew Griffiths (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Scott and Sid (2017))
Donna J.W. Griffiths
Andrew Griffith (III) (Art Department, Transformers: Combiner Wars (2016))
Andrew Griffith (II) (Sound Department, Secret History (1991))
Mark Andrew Griffith (Actor, Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba (2004))
Jason W. Griffith (Actor, Guernica Still Burning (2008))
Matthew Griffiths (II) (Actor, Children's Ward (1989))
Matthew Griffiths (VI) (Self, You Are Invited To (2016))
Matthew Griffiths (IV)
Drew Griffiths (I) (Music Department, Snow Cake (2006))
Hugh W. Griffith III (Art Department, The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000))
Abdrew Griffith (Producer, Just Friends (2005))
Andrew Griffith (I) (Actor, Yikes (2015))
Dennison W. Griffith (Thanks, Dennison W. Griffith: Another World (2016))
John W. Griffiths (Editor, Week Night Stands (2014))
Matthew Griffiths (V) (Editor, Need for Speed 3: In Hot Pursuit (1998))
Matthew Griffith (II) (Cinematographer, Finding Fortune (2016))
Matthew Griffith (I) (Cinematographer, Phoenix Song (2013))
Andrew Griffith (V) (Actor, Mars & Venus: Operation Equilibrium (2016))
Matthew Griffiths (VII) (Costume Department, The Perfect Soulmate (2017))
Andrew Griffiths (V) (Camera Department, Sherlock Holmes (2010))
Matthew Griffiths (I) (Writer, The Conversationalist (2012))
Andrew Griffiths (VI) (Actor, Sherlock Holmes (2010))
Andrew Griffith (IV)
Andrew Griffiths (II) (Composer, Penrhys Pilgrims (2008))
Andrew Griffiths (VIII) (Sound Department, First: The Official Film of the London 2012 Olympic Games (2012))
Andrew Griffiths (X)
Callder Griffith (Actor, Little Fockers (2010))
Sue Griffiths (II) (Self, Benefits Street (2014))
Tim Griffith (Camera Department, The Untouchables (1987))
Lia Griffith (Self, Today (1952))
Melonie Griffiths (Self, Stand Up, Fight Back (2010))
James Griffiths (X) (Music Department, The Etruscan Smile (2017))
Terry Griffiths (II) (Self, World Championship Snooker (1973))
Michael Griffiths (II) (Actor, Living in Oblivion (1995))
John Griffith (VIII) (Director, Haunted Case Files (2016))
Aaron Griffith (I) (Casting Director, StartUp (2016))
Julian Griffiths (III) (Editorial Department, My Kitchen Rules (2010))
Amy Griffith (II) (Art Director, Pink Palace (2015))
Nona Griffith (Actress, The Unseen (1945))
Jade Griffiths (Actor, Super 8 (2011))
Jeff Griffith (I) (Actor, The 13th Mission (1992))
Raymond Griffith (I) (Actor, His Foothill Folly (1917))
Khan Griffith (Camera Department, Titanic (1997))
Joe Griffith (I) (Art Department, The Truman Show (1998))
David Griffiths (III) (Writer, Collateral Damage (2002))
Dave Griffith (I) (Writer, Hard Core Logo 2 (2010))
Andy Griffiths (I) (Writer, What's with Andy? (2000))
Janice Griffiths (Producer, Avalon (2016))
Grant Griffith
Josh Griffith (I) (Writer, The Young and the Restless (1973))
Stan Griffith (II) (Self, Ghost Mine (2013))
Rebecca Griffiths (I) (Actress, Fish Tank (2009))
Molly Griffith (I) (Actress, Interview (2007))