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Jim Cummings (I) (Actor, The Princess and the Frog (2009))
Erin Cummings (I) (Actress, Bitch Slap (2009))
Jim Cummings (V) (Director, Thunder Road (2016))
Whitney Cummings (Actress, Made of Honor (2008))
Ashleigh Cummings (Actress, Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010))
Richard Cummings Jr. (Actor, Northern Exposure (1990))
Robert Cummings (I) (Actor, Dial M for Murder (1954))
Susan Cummings (I) (Actress, Swamp Women (1956))
Jim Cummings (VII) (Actor, Warlocks Rising (2013))
Seth Cummings (Producer, The Lone Wolf (2009))
Tony Cummings (I) (Actor, Remington Steele (1982))
Quinn Cummings (Actress, The Goodbye Girl (1977))
Sari Cummings (Actress, Girls Gone Gangsta (2009))
Tim Cummings (Actor, Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018))
Dale Cummings (I) (Actor, Samurai Cop (1991))
Joe Cummings (II) (Actor, Raptor Hunter: Winter Edition (2011))
Dave Cummings (I) (Writer, Harry Enfield and Chums (1994))
Anne Marie Cummings (Writer, Conversations in L.A. (2016))
Constance Cummings (I) (Actress, Blithe Spirit (1945))
Jeff Cummings (III) (Editorial Department, Colossal (2016))
Michael Cummings (I) (Actor, A Leading Man (2013))
Bob Cummings Jr. (Actor, The Bob Cummings Show (1955))
Brian Cummings (I) (Actor, G.I. Joe (1985))
Irving Cummings Jr. (Writer, Deadline for Murder (1946))
Joe Cummings (I) (Music Department, The Attic (2017))
Robert Cummings Jr. (Actor, The Bob Cummings Show (1955))
Todd Cummings (I) (Actor, Epic (2013))
Jim Cummings (XII)
Jim Cummings (XXI)
Jim Cummings (XVIII) (Actor, The Mummy (2001))
Jim Cummings (XIV)
Jim Cummings (XIII)
Jim Cummings (XVII)
Jim Cummings (IV) (Visual Effects, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II (2004))
Jim Cummings (II) (Assistant Director, Fish Mich (2009))
Jim Cummings (XXII)
Jim Cummings (VIII) (Actor, Wade (2009))
Jim Cummings (XI) (Self, The Indestructibles (2011))
Jim Cummings (X) (Sound Department, The Flamingo (2012))
Jim Cummings (IX) (Camera Department, Too Perfect (2011))
Jim Cummings (XIX)
Jim Cummings (VI) (Self, Impact: Stories of Survival (2002))
Jim Cummings (XXIV)
Jim Cummings (III) (Producer, One Direction: All for One (2012))
Jim Cummings (XV) (Producer, Cigar Box Banjo (2015))
Jimm Cummings (Actor, Raunch and Roll )
Jim Cummings (XXIII) (Actor, Looney Tunes: All Stars Volume 2 (2003))
Jim Cummings (XX) (Actor, The Show About the Show (2017))
Jim Cummings (XXV)
Jack Cummings (I) (Producer, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954))
Katie Cummings (III) (Actress, Lost Angels United (2016))
Sean Cummings (VI) (Miscellaneous, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014))
Bill Cummings (I) (Director, Bad Attitude (1993))
Laurie Cummings (Actress, Home with a View of the Monster (2018))
Candy Cummings (II) (Actress, Palace of Stains (2007))
Jimmie Cummings (Actor, Killerman (2018))
Kip Cummings (Actor, The Mist (2007))
Brad Cummings (III) (Producer, The Shack (2017))
e.e. cummings (Writer, Tru Calling (2003))
E. Cummings (Self, Here with Pride (2005))
Z. Cummings (Sound Department, Oh, You Beautiful Doll (1949))
J. Cummings (Actor, Under the Top (1919))
Ben Cummings (Director, Pacific Standard Time (2016))
Phil Cummings (Animation Department, Adventure Time (2010))
Alan Cummings (III) (Self, Fashion News Live (2004))
Kate Cummings (I) (Actress, From the Valley of the Missing (1915))
Lee Cummings (VIII) (Director, Star Light (2018))
Burton Cummings (I) (Actor, Melanie (1982))
Bob K. Cummings (Stunts, They Live (1988))
James Michael Cummings (Producer, Southie (1998))
Kay Cummings (Actress, Goodbye, Columbus (1969))
Lee Cummings (II) (Actor, Ali (2001))
Ann Cummings (I) (Set Decorator, Harsh Times (2005))
Jo B. Cummings (Actress, Back to the Future Part III (1990))
Don Cummings (I) (Writer, Box (2013))
Daniel Cummings (III) (Actor, General Hospital (1963))
Kim Cummings (I) (Director, In Montauk (2012))
Amy Cummings (I) (Art Department, Delivering the Goods (2012))
Irving Cummings (Director, Curly Top (1935))
Ray Cummings (I) (Miscellaneous, Legend (2015))
James W. Cummings Jr. (Actor, Transformation (2016))
Bernard Cummings Jr. (Actor, Inbetween (2015))
Kimball Cummings Jr. (Actor, Protos (2013))
Bobby Cummings Jr. (Sound Department, White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild (1995))
Ty Cummings (II) (Actor, Ape Town (2010))
Bart Cummings (Self, The Ernie Sigley Show (1974))
Mark Cummings (V) (Actor, Damaged Goods (2013))
Dan Cummings (I) (Actor, Spider-Man 3 (2007))
Gary Cummings (Sound Department, Age of Heroes (2011))
Courtney Lauren Cummings (Actress, The Vampire Diaries (2009))
Audrey Cummings (Director, Darken (2017))
Erin Cummings (II) (Editorial Department, Finding Dawn (2006))
Catherine Cummings (II) (Actress, The Judge (2014))
Howard Cummings (I) (Art Director, I Am Legend (2007))
Ryan Cummings (IV) (Miscellaneous, Man Up (2011))
Jessica Cummings (III) (Actress, Astraea (2015))
Rob Cummings (Actor, Hound (2017))
Trisha Cummings (Actress, Welcome to My World (2016))
Ron Cummings (Actor, The Rundown (2003))
Ryan Cummings (I) (Director, Blind Date (1999))
Jeff Cummings (V) (Actor, Becoming Red (2013))
Alec Cummings (Visual Effects, Ray (2004))
Katie Cummings (I) (Writer, Alive from Off Center (1984))
Alan Cummings (IV) (Self, Dateline NBC (1992))
Dean Cummings (Actor, Relics of the Madré Véna (2017))
Dave Cummings (V) (Actor, Just Asking for It (2004))
Perri Cummings (Writer, Trench (2017))
Paul Cummings (I) (Actor, Battlestar Galactica (2004))
Dexton Cummings (Stunts, Bare Knuckle Brawler (2018))
Peg Cummings (Set Decorator, Deep Impact (1998))
Drew Cummings (I) (Director, GamePro Minutes (2000))
Scott Cummings (III) (Editor, Buffalo Juggalos (2014))
Sara Cummings (IV) (Actor, Ariel Pink: Dayzed Inn Daydreams (2015))
Sean Cummings (I) (Miscellaneous, Blade: Trinity (2004))
Don Cummings (II) (Producer, The Story Behind (2010))
Sue C. Cummings (Writer, A Prelude to Parklawn (2012))
Marc Cummings (II) (Actor, The Very Best of Everything (2004))
Krysten Cummings (Actress, The Descent: Part 2 (2009))
Dana Cummings (III) (Self, Atomic Soldier (2014))
Jim Cumming (Miscellaneous, Avengers: Infinity War (2018))
Tommy Cummings (Actor, Grey Lady (2017))
Bob Cummings (I) (Producer, Ripped to Shreds (in development))
Hugh Cummings (II) (Art Department, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011))
Alan Cummings (I) (Self, MGM's March on in 1934-35 with Metro Goldwyn Mayer: Convention of the Century (1934))
Stephanie Cummings (Actress, Becoming the Reaper (2015))
Marc Cummings (III) (Actor, Bloodmare (2014))
Nancy Cummings (Make Up Department, Thor: Ragnarok (2017))
Hugh Cummings (I) (Writer, The Big Race (1934))
Lori Cummings (Actress, 5 Guns West (2002))
A.B. Cummings (Cinematographer, Typhoon Treasure (1938))
Greg Cummings (I) (Camera Department, Untamed Heart (1993))
Bri Cummings
Iona Cummings (Actress, Dood eind (2006))
John Cummings (VII) (Actor, The Chilling (1989))
Kim Cummings (III) (Actress, Used to Temporary Happiness (2013))
Paul Cummings (X)
Lee Cummings (III) (Producer, Bully (2006))
Ted R. Cummings (Set Decorator, Jungle Jim (1955))
Mike Cummings (III) (Actor, Minghags (2009))
Mike Cummings (I) (Actor, Law & Order (1978))
Milo Cummings (Actor, Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne (2009))
Adam Cummings (III)
Sara Cummings (I) (Actress, Final Witness (2012))
Jared Cummings (II) (Self, Flying Wild Alaska (2011))
Sam Cummings (III) (Self, Network First (1994))
Ann Cummings (II) (Animation Department, The Swan Princess (1994))
Mick Cummings (Art Department, Punch-Drunk Love (2002))
Ian Cummings (III) (Art Department, Have a Little Faith (2011))
Lee Cummings (XI) (Cinematographer, Alex Honnold's Urban Ascents (2014))
Ed Cummings (Actor, Transpose (2010))
Jess Cummings (Actress, The Black Prince (2017))
Jack Cummings (III)
Jean Cummings (Miscellaneous, Cirque du Soleil: Solstrom (2003))
Cory Cummings (III) (Actor, Zombie: The Musical (2014))
Ryan Cummings (V) (Self, The Adonis Factor (2010))
Josh Cummings (III) (Sound Department, Saber (2009))
West Cummings (Actor, Grilling Bobby Hicks (2009))
Drew Cummings (II) (Actor, Timothy and the Great Robotic Invaders from Outer Space (2008))
Jeff Cummings (VII)
John Cummings (XII) (Producer, Baby's Breath (2012))
Zion Cummings (Actor, Ballers (2015))
Ruth Cummings (II) (Costume Department, The Winter Guest (1997))
Karen Cummings (II) (Actress, Fillbilly (2008))
Sean Cummings (III)
Dave Cummings (IX) (Camera Department, Yellow Day (2015))
Jack Cummings (X) (Actor, Spotlight (2017))
Eryl Cummings (Self, Noah's Ark and the Genesis Flood (1977))
Bill Cummings (II) (Miscellaneous, From a Whisper to a Scream (1987))
Josh Cummings (I) (Miscellaneous, The Khyber Kilim (2010))
Nick Cummings (III) (Actor, Stay Tooned (2017))
Jon Cummings (II) (Actor, Siege (2012))
Andie Cummings (Costume Department, The $100,000 Pyramid (2016))
Jeff Cummings (I) (Cinematographer, Travel Scams & Rip-Offs Revealed (2002))
J.P. Cummings (II) (Actor, Shockwave Darkside (2014))
Ryan Cummings (VI) (Self, TakePart Live (2013))
John Cummings (VI) (Producer, City. Park City. (2006))
Abbi Cummings (Miscellaneous, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Randy Cummings (II) (Actor, The Grave Caller (2017))
Alex Cummings (I)
Jack Cummings (VI) (Cinematographer, The Songpoet )
Sara Cummings (III) (Actress, Berlin: Animal (2014))
Lisa Cummings
Ran Cummings (II) (Actor, Counting to 1000 (2016))
Ryan Cummings (III) (Self, The X Factor (2004))
Mark Cummings (IV) (Self, Kickpics All Stars 2012 (2012))
Troy Cummings (Camera Department, Hide Your Fires (2017))
Ken Cummings (II) (Soundtrack, Pokémon (1997))
Cady Cummings (Actress, A Necklace for Julia (2006))
Amy Cummings (III) (Animation Department, The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991))
Noel Cummings (I)
Joe Cummings (III) (Actor, Bhakti Boy (2015))
Dee Cummings (Make Up Department, The Thing (2011))
Ruth Cummings (IV) (Producer, The Wing (1981))
Rich Cummings (Animation Department, Sly Fox & Birdie (1992))
Rory Cummings (Composer, Night Friend (1988))
Val Cummings (Visual Effects, Rupert (1991))
Doug Cummings (Editorial Department, Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (2015))
Eli Cummings (Stunts, Silent Rage (1982))
Brad Cummings (IV) (Actor, The District (2000))
Randy Cummings (I) (Casting Department, Cattle Call (2006))