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Corey Allen (I) (Director, Capitol (1982))
Corey Allen (XI) (Actor, Manhattan (2014))
Corey Allen (XVII) (Visual Effects, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015))
Corey Allen Kotler (Actor, Suburbicon (2017))
Corey Allen Jackson (Music Department, Spider-Man 2 (2004))
Corey Frizzell (Actor, Children of the Corn (1984))
Corey W. Allen (Actor, True Dreams (2002))
Corey Allen (II) (Miscellaneous, Miriam (2007))
Corey Allen (VII) (Miscellaneous, Identification (2015))
Corey Allen (X)
Corey Allen (XII) (Self, Lockup (2005))
Corey Allen (VI) (Director, Eric Durham: Florida's Confidence Man (2010))
Corey Allen (XIII) (Actor, Egg Kill (2014))
Corey Allen (VIII)
Corey Allen (XVIII)
Corey Allen (V) (Composer, The Powder & the Glory (2007))
Corey Allen (IV) (Sound Department, Angels (2009))
Corey Allen (XIV) (Music Department, The Mop and Lucky Files (2012))
Corey Allen (XV) (Actor, Bowling Might Have Been a Good Idea (2016))
Corey Allen (IX)
Corey Allen (III)
Jeffrey Allen (IV) (Self, The Car Chasers (2013))
Trey Allen (Art Department, Stoker (2013))
Torey Allen (Miscellaneous, Halo: Nightfall (2014))
Lorey Allen (Actress, Around the World in Eighty Days (1956))
Jeffrey Allen (I) (Actor, Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964))
Audrey Allen (IV) (Actress, Shameless (2011))
Audrey Allen (I) (Actress, Das Tal der tanzenden Witwen (1975))
Corey Allen Freeman (Art Department, West Lake Dream (2015))
Corey Allen Lamb
Jeffrey Allen (II) (Actor, InspireWire (2012))
Corey Allaway
Corey Allred (II) (Actor, Roux (2014))
Corey Allred (III) (Cinematographer, River of Fear (2015))
Corey Allred (I) (Producer, Thinking Out Loud (2014))
Corey Allison (Composer, 5th World (2005))
Corey Allan (Actor, High Tide (1994))
Jeffrey Allen (XVI) (Producer, Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued (2014))
Jeffrey Allen (VIII) (Animation Department, Johnny Test (2005))
Jeffrey Allen (III) (Special Effects, Kook's Tour (1970))
Jeffrey Allen (XX) (Director, 8 Steps to Rye (2017))
Gibrey Allen (Producer, Preservation (2012))
Jeffrey Allen (XI) (Music Department, Safe Men (1998))
Jeffrey Allen (IX) (Actor, Dakota's Decision (2011))
Jeffrey Allen (XIII)
Jeffrey Allen (X) (Camera Department, Plane Sexy (2011))
Jeffrey Allen (V) (Visual Effects, Coraline (2009))
Jeffrey Allen (XVII)
Jeffrey Allen (VI) (Actor, Alien Game (2007))
Audrey Allen (III) (Producer, Frequency (2011))
Jeffrey Allen (VII)
Jeffrey Allen (XV) (Music Department, InspireWire (2012))
Jeffrey Allen (XIX) (Production Manager, Nothing Left to Lose (2016))
Laurey Allen (Actor, Cheeseballs (2014))
Jeffrey Allen (XIV) (Art Department, Rocket from the Grave (2013))
Jeffrey Allen (XII) (Miscellaneous, The Sandbox (2015))
Jeffrey Allen (XVIII) (Writer, Sex Drive (2015))
Jeffrey Allen Sorenson (Actor, Beat of Creation (2016))
Corey Allan Martin (Producer, Exploring Space: The Quest for Life (2006))
Rey Allen Aderes (Actor, Karera (2009))
Jeffrey Allen Stine (Actor, Bad Fellaz (2015))
Jeffrey Allen Butt (Actor, Process of Elimination (2012))
DeAubrey Allen
Jeffrey Allen Hearn (Music Department, Josie and the Pussycats (2001))
Jeffrey Allen Rydell (Camera Department, By Bogdanovich (2011))
Jeffrey Allen Russel (Writer, Grace (in development))
Jeffrey Allen Shoe Sr. (Art Department, Banshee (2013))
Jeffrey Allen Queen (Actor, Blast! (2000))
Matthew Frey Allen (Actor, Action Movie 3: The Sequel (2014))
Jeffrey Allen O'Den (Actor, Wolf (1994))
Geoffrey Allen (I) (Actor, Murdoch's Other Eye (2008))
Jeffrey Allen Scott (Composer, Pearl: A Fashion Film by Brandon Jameson (2017))
Jeffrey Allen Warf (Actor, Damnation of Souls (2006))
Geoffrey Allen (II) (Camera Department, Barbra: The Concert (1995))
Corey Wallenfang (Actor, Paper Cut (2012))
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Burkhart (I)
Jeffrey Allen Burkhart (II) (Actor, The Mugging (2013))
Corey Pavin (Actor, Tin Cup (1996))