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Clifton Collins Jr. (Actor, Pacific Rim (2013))
Christopher Collins (XLIV) (Actor, Star Blazers (1979))
Tony Collins (II) (Actor, Soccer Dog: European Cup (2004))
Collin Sutton (I) (Actor, The Front Runner )
Collins Tuohy (I) (Self, Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy (2013))
Tony Collins (I) (Actor, Sweet Sixteen (2002))
Collin Stark (Actor, Speed Demon (2003))
Collin Story (Actress, Cage in Box Elder (2000))
Collins Touhy (Self, Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy (2013))
Tony Collins (IV) (Editor, The Story of Football (2002))
Tony Collins (XV) (Self, World War One at Home (2014))
Tony Collins (VIII) (Cinematographer, Take Two (2010))
Tony Collins (XIX) (Self, BBC North West Tonight (1984))
Tony Collins (XII)
Tony M. Collins (Cinematographer, Fantasma (2017))
Tony Collins (VII) (Self, Super Bowl XX (1986))
Tony Collins (IX) (Cinematographer, Take Two (2010))
Tony Collins (XI)
Tony Collins (XVIII) (Music Department, Legal Deceit (1997))
Tony Collins (III) (Actor, Mannigan's Force (1988))
Tony Collins (XIII) (Make Up Department, The Face (2013))
Tony Collins (XIV)
Tony Collins (VI) (Actor, The Bill (1984))
Tony Collins (X) (Actor, A Beary Scary Movie (2012))
Tony Collins (XVI) (Actor, Blackout (2016))
Tony J Collins
Antonietta Collins (II) (Self, SportsCenter (1979))
Christopher Collins (V) (Actor, Fractured (2017))
Anthony Collins (XV) (Actor, Hidden Figures (2016))
Hylton Collins (Actor, Best Little Whorehouse in Rochdale (2011))
María Antonieta Collins (Self, Aquí y ahora (2001))
Collin Stiner (Art Department, The Simpsons Game (2007))
Christopher Collins (IV) (Producer, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (2005))
Veronica Collins Rooney (Casting Director, Once Upon a Time (2011))
Collins Tuohy (II) (Actor, Night of the Loup Garou (2010))
Collin St. Dic
Collin Enstad (IV) (Cinematographer, Hitlist (2016))
Collin Enstad (III) (Actor, Hitlist (2016))
Collin Enstad (I) (Cinematographer, Escape (2015))
Collin Stroup (Writer, Amateur Hour: The Making of a Film (2016))
Collins Troy
Collin Stucki (Set Decorator, The Pick Up (2018))
Collin Stutz (Miscellaneous, The Gothic World of Daphne du Maurier (2008))
Dioni Michelle Collins (Actress, BioShock Infinite (2013))
Gaston Collin (I) (Cinematographer, Pacific Challenge (1975))
Collin Poston (Editor, Empty Calories (2011))
Gaston Collin (II) (Self, Timewatch (1982))
Benton Collinsworth (Miscellaneous, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014))
Tony Collins Fogarty (Actor, Boarding Pass (2016))
Roston Collins (Editor, Happy Hour with Taryn Southern (2015))
Colin Stone (IV)
Colin Stone (VI) (Producer, Adjust Your Tracking (2013))
Colin Stone (V) (Editorial Department, The Ganzfeld Haunting (2014))
Colin Stone (XI) (Music Department, Rebel of the Keys (2016))
Colin Stone (II) (Director, Britain's Flashiest Families (2015))
Colin Stone (X) (Self, The Riverside Show (2015))
Colin Stone (IX) (Self, VHS Forever? Psychotronic People (2014))
Colin Stone (VIII) (Director, 50 Golden Years of Sport on BBC Two (2014))
Colin Stone (III) (Actor, Neutral (2007))
Colin Stone (I) (Transportation Department, Hot Fuzz (2007))
Sonia Collins (Stunts, Xuxa Requebra (1999))
Storm Collins
Ton Collins (Sound Department, The Universe (2007))
Collin Sutton (III) (Set Decorator, Fight for Your Right Revisited (2011))
Collin Sutton (IV)
Collin Sutton (II) (Camera Department, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008))
Christopher Collins (X) (Miscellaneous, Rocky III (1982))
Collin Stoffels (Self, Siyaya: Come Wild with Us (2015))
Tony Rollins (Sound Department, Duck Quacks Don't Echo (2014))
Tony Collingwood (Director, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (2010))
Burton Collins (Actor, Prince of the City (1981))
Winston Rollins (Actor, Genius (2016))
Antonio Collins (Actor, 17 and Under (1998))
Antonia Collins (Actress, Escape of the Wild Thing (2003))
Antonietta Collins (I) (Actress, Elena of Avalor (2016))
Preston Collins (I) (Producer, Living Venus (1961))
Preston Collins (II) (Director, Music City U.S.A. (1966))
Preston Collins (III) (Production Manager, Slaves (1969))
Elston Collins (Transportation Department, Now You See Me (2013))
Anthony Collins (XVI) (Camera Department, Black Fruit Juice (2018))
Jasmine Antonia Collins (Make Up Department, Happily Ever After? )
Clayton Collins (III) (Camera Department, August (2011))
Anthony Collins (I) (Music Department, Sunny (1941))
Collin McKinstrie (Actor, Twilight of the Dogs (1995))
Christopher Collins (XIII) (Self, Project Runway (2004))
Olivia Collins Tipton
Collins Takamoto (Transportation Department, A Pig's Ear (2008))
Collin Stevens (Producer, I Am the Devil (2017))
Collin Stephens (II) (Actor, Blur (2017))
Cassy Collinster (Producer, Mad City Chickens (2008))
Collin Stanback (Music Department, The Engagement Party (2006))
Collin Stewart (II) (Actor, The Street Story (2018))
John Stanley Collins (Assistant Director, In Search of Liberty (2017))
Collin Stephens (I) (Actor, America's History in the Making (2008))
Collin Stewart (I)
Constance Colline (Writer, C'est arrivé à Aden... (1956))
Constance Collins (Actress, The Afflicted (2011))
Collin Stauffer (Actor, Taking 5 (2007))
Mary Collins Treacy (Assistant Director, The Adjuncts (2016))
Collin Stansbury (Actor, 1110 (2015))
Tony 'Merlin' Colliver
Clint Weston Collier (Actor, Borland (2007))
Collin Livingston (Miscellaneous, Flight of the Phoenix (2004))
Collin Oglestone (Special Effects, Screamers: The Hunting (2009))
Christopher Collins (VIII) (Actor, Zhan lang (2015))
Winston Rollins Big Band (Self, BBC Proms (2015))
Colin Winston-Fletcher (Composer, Balamory (2002))
J. Lawton Collins (Self, The World at War (1973))
Seimphonie Collins (Actress, Too Much Coffee (2017))
Anthony Russ Collins (Miscellaneous, The Force (1994))
Onysha D. Collins (Self, Looking for Love (2015))
Domonic Collins (Actor, Getting Rid of Lue (2008))
Harmony Collins (II)
Anthony Collins (VI) (Actor, Freedom Riders (2009))
Anthony Collins (XI)
Anthony Collins (X) (Sound Department, The Graveyard Feeder (2012))
Anthony Collins (XIII) (Self, Valdenses (2015))
Donyea Collins (Self, Unsung (2008))
Anthony Collins (XVII) (Cinematographer, Dance Gypsy Dance (2017))
Anthony Collins (IX) (Miscellaneous, Great Rift - Der große Graben (2009))
Anthony Collins (VII) (Actor, My Local Gym (Super Short) (2010))
Monica Hyde Collins (Actress, Aurelius (2016))
Anthony Collins (IV) (Director, Nythyhel: Files of the Occult (1986))
Anthony Collins (XIV) (Make Up Department, Swagless in the City (2015))
Anthony Collins (II) (Art Department, Courageous (2011))
Leonie Collins (Actress, Prisoner (1979))
Anthony Collins (VIII) (Self, Jane's Journey (2010))
Anthony Collins (XII) (Director, Come on Eileen (2014))
Onysha Collins (Director, Wings (2014))
Anthony Collins (V) (Sound Department, Tales from the Darkside (1983))
Mahogony Collins (Actress, See My Dreams Come True (2016))
Anthony Collins (III) (Director, Bendum: In the Heart of Mindanao Philippines (2001))
Harmony Collins (I) (Actress, Blue Heelers (1994))
Anthony Collins (XIX)
Collins Onyango (Transportation Department, Zawadi (2015))
Christopher Collins (XXXII)
Christopher Collins (XXI) (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
Christopher Collins (XXVIII) (Director, Between the Flags (2014))
Christopher Collins (XXVII) (Director, UK/DK: A Film About Punks and Skinheads (1983))
Christopher Collins (XXX) (Miscellaneous, Under the Skin (2013))
Christopher Collins (XLII)
Christopher Collins (XLV)
Christopher Collins (XXIII)
Christopher Collins (I) (Miscellaneous, House of Mouse (2001))
Christopher Collins (XLIII)
Christopher Collins (XXIX) (Cinematographer, Kolmanskop (1983))
Christopher Collins (XVIII) (Camera Department, John/Simon (2011))
Christopher Collins (XXXIX)
Christopher Collins (XXXI) (Miscellaneous, Do Over (2016))
Christopher Collins (XXXIII) (Producer, Belle (2013))
Kristopher Collins (Art Department, The Taste (2013))
Christopher Collins (II) (Production Manager, Sally (2000))
Christopher Collins (XVI) (Producer, Cold Jazz (1994))
Cristofer Collins (Actor, Hanging Millstone (2016))
Christopher Collins (XXXVI)
Christopher Collins (XLI)
Christopher Collins (XXVI)
Christopher Collins (VI) (Miscellaneous, Horrid Henry: The Movie (2011))
Christopher Collins (XIV)
Christopher Collins (XI) (Transportation Department, Whirlygirl (2006))
Christopher Collins (IX) (Miscellaneous, Sixth Happiness (1997))
Christopher Collins (XXXVIII) (Actor, No 46 (2016))
Christopher Collins (XX) (Actor, Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook (2011))
Christopher Collins (XXXV) (Camera Department, Hooks (2014))
Christopher Collins (XXXIV) (Producer, Light Years (2015))
Christopher Collins (XII) (Actor, Lawson: White Heat (2009))
Christopher Collins (VII) (Producer, Dog (2001))
Christopher Collins (XXII) (Cinematographer, 300 Spartans: The Real Story (2015))
Christopher Collins (XL)
Christopher Collins (XIX) (Actor, Curious Soul (2012))
Christopher Collins (XVII) (Producer, Blues in B Flat (2000))
Christopher Collins (XXIV) (Actor, Our Church of Sexual Purity (2013))
Christopher Collins (XXV) (Camera Department, Placed Into Abyss (2013))
Christopher Collins (XXXVII) (Camera Department, Doktor (2015))
Christopher Collins (XV) (Actor, Burning Blue (2013))
Clayton Collins (II) (Miscellaneous, Beautiful Man in the Buff (2008))
Fulton Collins (Producer, Song of the Open Road (2016))
Clayton Collins (IV)
Clayton Collins (I) (Sound Department, Aladdin (1992))
Brighton Collins (Assistant Director, The Casey Chronicles (2014))
Collins Hilton (Actor, Uncle Martino (1960))
Paxton Collins (Actor, The Rise of the Robots (2015))
Clinton J. Collins (Miscellaneous, Secretary (2002))
Halton McCollin Sr.
Ashton Collins (Actor, The Last Descent (2016))
Peyton Collins (Miscellaneous, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017))
Kolton Collins
Hilton Collins (Actor, Fight 4 Your Life (2017))
Winston Willingham (Actor, Red Dead Redemption (2010))
Tony Rollinson (Self, The Spider-Man Story (2002))
Mark Christopher Collins (Actor, Rapid Intervention (2013))
Antonin Romeuf Collin (Director, Je suis marcel (2013))
Mark Anthony Collins Jr. (Actor, Replicant (2014))
Onyinyechi Sunny Collins (Producer, Love Wins (2006))
Thomas Anthony Collins (Actor, Echelon 8 (2009))
Christopher Collins Lee (Actor, She-Devil (1989))
Christopher G. Collins (Producer, The Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today! (2016))
Collins Christopher Udo. (Actor, Spade: The Last Assignment (2009))
Christopher R. Collins (Producer, Paramedics (1998))