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Collin Sam (Miscellaneous, Power Rangers Megaforce (2013))
Amy Collin (I) (Actress, Monsieur Personne (1936))
Amy Collins (II) (Editorial Department, Zoo Days (2007))
Amy Collins (IX) (Composer, Aspire (2015))
Amy Collins (VI) (Transportation Department, Profile of a Killer (2012))
Amy Collins (VIII)
Amy Collins (VII) (Actress, Five Bullets, Five Names (2015))
Amy Collins (III) (Assistant Director, Days and Nights in Nirvana (2010))
Amy Collin (II) (Miscellaneous, Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets (2014))
Amy Collins (IV) (Miscellaneous, Amanda (2009))
Amy Collins (V) (Make Up Department, Rahab (2011))
Amy Collins (I) (Producer, American Icarus (2002))
Amy Fine-Collins (Self, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's (2013))
Sam Collins (VII) (Actor, Trouble with the Curve (2012))
Collin Sawyer (Actor, Point of No Return (2009))
Collins Mensa (Producer, Gem of the Rainforest (2013))
Collins Ave
Collin Sapp (Writer, Hide 'N Seek (2017))
Collins Aki (Miscellaneous, The Pantsless Detective (2013))
Collin Sapera (Miscellaneous, Unsealed: Conspiracy Files (2012))
Sam Collins (XI) (Producer, Death of a Gentleman (2015))
Sam Collins (V) (Camera Department, Ravenswood (2017))
Sam Collins (VI) (Soundtrack, I Am Not Your Negro (2016))
Sam Collins (XII) (Producer, Exposure (2011))
Sam Collins (IV) (Sound Department, The Lotus Flowers (2005))
Sam Collins (XVI) (Actor, Cain Hill (2017))
Sam Collins (II) (Camera Department, A Gurls Wurld (2010))
Collins Sampa
Sam Collins (XVIII)
Sam Collins (VIII) (Editor, DeTour (2010))
Sam Collins (III) (Transportation Department, The Thin Red Line (1998))
Sam Collins (XV) (Director, Ambergris (2016))
Sam Collins (XVII) (Writer, The Moths (2017))
Sam Collins (XIII) (Cinematographer, Spaghetti (2015))
Sam Collins (XIX)
Sam Collins (I) (Actor, A Motor-Boat Party (1913))
Sam Collins (X)
Sam Collines (Cinematographer, The Great Australian Bake Off (2013))
Sam Collins (XIV) (Miscellaneous, Panorama (1953))
Sam Collins (IX) (Miscellaneous, The Line (2014))
Sam T. Collins (Self, American Experience (1988))
Jamie Collins (I) (Actor, Primary Love (2003))
Jamie Collins (VII) (Actress, Super Knocked Up (2012))
Jamie Collins (III) (Actor, Here Comes Dr. Tran (2008))
Jamie Collins (VIII) (Actor, The Gap (2001))
Cami Collins (Self, American Portrait (2017))
Jamie Collins (II) (Actress, The Alice (2005))
Jamie Collins (VI) (Self, Disappeared (2009))
Jamie Collins (V) (Writer, The Perils of E. Minors (2010))
Jamie Collins (X) (Miscellaneous, Play by Play (2017))
Jamie Collins (IX)
Lisa Marie Collins (Actress, Star Wars: Precious Cargo (2015))
Samantha Collins (I) (Writer, You Can Tutu (2016))
Amy Sarah Collins (II) (Costume Department, Rastamouse (2011))
Amy Sarah Collins (I) (Costume Department, Rastamouse (2011))
Damien Collins (Actor, 200 M.P.H. (2011))
Jamie Hendrix Collins (Actress, Crystal River (2008))
Samuel Collins Anderson (Actor, Difficult People (2015))
Jack Collins and Family
Amy Fine Collins (Writer, The God of Driving: How I Overcame Fear and Put Myself in the Driver's Seat (in development))
Collins Abbott White (Producer, Sleep (2016))
Ada Collins Anderson (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Collins Adolphus (Sound Department, Queen Aziza (2016))
Collins Archie-Pearce (Actor, Broken Crosss (2014))
Mary Collins Agency
Collins Athanasius (Set Decorator, The Ascent (1994))
Samson Collins (Costume Designer, Exedia Nation 3D (2012))
Samantha Collins (V)
Lisa Murphy Collins
Samantha Collins (II) (Actress, Crush (2009))
Samara Collins (Actress, Momentum (2015))
Samantha Collins (VI) (Actress, Twisted (2016))
Samuel Collins (I) (Sound Department, The Queen's Sister (2005))
Samantha Collins (III) (Production Designer, Making the Cut (2014))
Samantha Collins (IV) (Actress, Another Movie Musical (2012))
Samuel Collins (III) (Actor, Fremont Mysteriously Appears (2001))
Lisa Murphy Collins (Actor, Divia (2016))
Sammie Collins (Director, On Time (2013))
Collin Mace Amie (Sound Department, Blood Beat (1983))
Joshua Michael Collins (Actor, What If I Didn't (2016))
Valeria Migliassi Collins (Miscellaneous, Magnolia (1999))
Benjamin Collins (III) (Self, Red Eye w/Tom Shillue (2007))
Camila Collins
A. Yamina Collins (Actor, Couch (2010))
Jamie Collinson (Cinematographer, John of Gaunt (2015))
Benjamin Collins (I) (Director, Screenplay (2006))
The Collins Family
Damion Ryan Collins
Damian Collins (I) (Costume Designer, Shank (2010))
Benjamin Collins (II) (Writer, A Head Full of Ghosts (2018))
Camilla Collins (Make Up Department, Blowing Dandelions (2012))
Damian Collins (II) (Actor, Graffiti on My Heart (2016))
Benjamin Collins (V) (Editor, In Your Arms: At Christmas )
Damian Collins (III) (Self, Breakfast (2000))
Tamika Collins (II)
Tamika Collins (I) (Actress, Off the Air )
Benjamin Collins (IV)
Benjamin Collins Jr. (Miscellaneous, Raiding MLK (2014))
Tami Hammond-Collins (Assistant Director, Sleepless (2015))
Camille Collins (II) (Actress, Adolescence (2017))
Camille Collins (I) (Miscellaneous, Diamond Jim (1935))
Collins Agyemang Sarpong (Actor, Run Baby Run (2007))
Collins Archie Pierce (Writer, Broken Crosss (2014))
Samantha Anne Collins (Make Up Department, Companion (2008))
Anateresa Mendes-Collins (Actress, Last Call (2014))
Benjamin Ryan Collins (IV)
Benjamin Ryan Collins (II)
Benjamin Ryan Collins (I) (Writer, Dark Lord: The Musical (2018))
Benjamin Ryan Collins (III) (Writer, Dark Lord: The Musical (2018))
Taylor Hamilton Collins (Actor, My Christmas Soldier (2006))
Felicia Michele Collins (Music Department, Late Show with David Letterman (1993))
Akilia Yamina Collins (Miscellaneous, Malcolm X (1992))
Jennifer Hamilton Collins (Actor, Earthrise (2014))
Bill Collins and his Orchestra (Self, Come Dancing (1949))
Brian Collins Atomic Pictures
Tessa Meborough-Collinson (Producer, The Last Date (1998))
Alexander Clive Benjamin Collins (Actor, Satin (2011))