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Nicholas Colasanto (Actor, Cheers (1982))
Nicholas Antonini (Actor, Road Game (2016))
Nicholas Anthony (II) (Writer, Breakables (2007))
Nicholas Anthony Reid (Actor, Dear White People (2017))
Nicholas Anton (Actor, Dead Rising 4 (2016))
Nicholas Colantonio (Actor, The Adventures of Pasty White Boy (2016))
Nicolas Anton (Producer, Ecoute (2011))
Nicholas Anthony (I) (Actor, Lucky Luke (1991))
Nicholas Antonio Nelson (Actor, Felon (2008))
Nicholas Anthony (VI) (Writer, Damascus (2017))
Nicholas Anthony (VII) (Miscellaneous, Hidden Light (2018))
Nicholas Anthony (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Tone Control (2012))
Nicholas Anthony (III) (Actor, Grimm (2011))
Nicholas Anthony (IV) (Actor, Sing a Little Song with Me (2013))
Nicholas Anthony (V) (Cinematographer, Dumped (2015))
Nicolas Antonio Diaz (Actor, Nochebuena (2016))
Nicolas Antoniazzi (Miscellaneous, Rabbids Go Home (2009))
Nicholas Bellantoni (Self, Monsterquest (2007))
Nicholas Malantonio
Nicholas Santos (I) (Writer, Holiday Fear (2017))
Nicholas Anton Lerner
Nicholas Anthony Masciangelo (Actor, Hawaii Five-0 (2010))
Nicholas Andronicou (I) (Actor, Sunburn (1999))
Nicholas Andronicou (II) (Actor, What's on Robinson's Mind (2015))
Nicholas Anthopulos (Actor, Someday You'll Be My Wife (2016))
Nicholas Antwis (Actor, Jack Be Nimble (1993))
Nicholas Pleasant (Art Department, Price of Ambition (2012))
Nicholas Antunovic (Special Effects, Avatar (2009))
Nicholas Antsos (Actor, Reflection Day (2013))
Nicholas Antworth (Actor, Anonymous Zombie (2018))
Nicholas Assante (Costume Department, A Goldfish of the Flame (2010))
Nicholas Kusanto (Actor, It Takes One... (2006))
Nicholas Santos (III)
Nicholas Di Santo
Nicholas Santos (II) (Actor, The Whisper (2012))
Nicholas Desanto (Director, IDC Final Project (2005))
Nicholas J. Santoro (Producer, Trials & Tribulations (2016))
Nicholas Swanton (Director, I, a Child of God (2016))
Nicholas Blanton (Actor, Leave (2007))
Nicholas Stanton (Actor, Open Road (2004))
Nicholaus Antone Ex (Camera Department, Far Out Man (1990))
Nicholas Anthony Costa (Composer, Tea Party (2015))
Nicholas Anthony Fowler (Actor, Mamochka: A Russian Folktale (2004))
Nicolas Antonio Castillo (Music Department, The Light Beyond the Storm (2017))
Anthony Nicholas Antonacci (Actor, Dinner at Fred's (1997))
Nicholas Antonio Rodriguez Martin (Actor, Vitiligo (2017))
Antonio Manuel Nicholas (Actor, Boychoir (2014))
Antigone Antonis Nicholas (Self, Antigone (2017))
Antonio Nicholas Manuel
Nicholas Louis Santoro
Nicholas Anthony Zarrillo (Actor, Blood Brothers (2014))
Nicholas Anthony Lee-Robinson
Nicholas Anthony Ethan Lim (Production Manager, Utter 2016: One Hour To Daylight (2016))
Nicolas Antonio Frontiera (Miscellaneous, Ringwood Forest (2009))
Santos Alejandros Nicholas (Self, Operation Footprint: The Steps to a New Life (2006))