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Bob Clendenin (Actor, Cougar Town (2009))
Curt Clendenin (Miscellaneous, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006))
Joy Clendenin (Actress, Edge of Honor (1991))
Peg Clendenin (Miscellaneous, Mi Familia Es Tu Familia (Ant Dip) (2013))
Rashida Clendening (I) (Actress, The Pursuit of Happyness (2006))
Anna Clendening (Self, America's Got Talent (2006))
Blake Clendenin (Actor, Serenity (2017))
Scott Clendenin (Actor, Take Home Chef (2005))
Gabriella Clendenin (Actress, The Lost Journals of Huey Williams (2014))
Shawn Clendening (Music Department, Sauratown (2010))
Brian Clendenin (Actor, Double Obsession (1992))
Callan Clendenin (I) (Composer, Baby Steps (2011))
Callan Clendenin (II) (Music Department, Baby Steps (2011))
Sara Clendening (Art Department, One-Eyed Monster (2008))
Anne Clendening (Actress, Angels of the City (1989))
Carol Clendening (Producer, Rat Nest (2011))
Robyn Clendenin (Actress, Two Naked Men Making a Sandwich (2010))
Josh Clendenin (Actor, Starro Surprise: A Superhero Horror Picture (2014))
Myles Clendenin (Actor, The Rules of Runford (2011))
Jenny Clendenin (Miscellaneous, Mi Familia Es Tu Familia (Ant Dip) (2013))
Peter Clendening (Actor, Background Check (2009))
Gladys Clendenin
Derek Clendening
John Clendenin (II) (Actor, Dog Days of Winter (2015))
Heather Clendenin (Actor, Go Barefoot (2006))
Will Clendening (Actor, The Tulip Grower (2005))
Kiyomi Clendenin (Actress, Gentleman Jack (2008))
Jessyca Clendenin (Make Up Department, In Your Eyes (2014))
Rashida Clendening (II)
Ross Clendening (Actor, Fargo (2014))
Terri Clendenin (Miscellaneous, Mi Familia Es Tu Familia (Ant Dip) (2013))
Eric Clendening
Monica Clendenin (Costume Department, Mi Familia Es Tu Familia (Ant Dip) (2013))
Lori Clendenin (Actress, F My C (2011))
Harold Clendening (Costume Department, The Great Dan Patch (1949))
Pete Clendening (Actor, Young Again (2013))
Clint Clendenin (Actor, Clowns Verses Monsters (Invisible Songs of Choices) (2013))
Matt Clendenin (Actor, L.A. Noire (2011))
Chuck Clendenin (Actor, Bloody Bobby (2016))
John Clendenin (I) (Make Up Department, One Last Sunset (2010))
Monica Lanni Clendenin (Actress, Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid (2010))
Charles Eldon Clendenin